So What Wednesday

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
I am kind of at a loss today so I am hijacking some one else's post pretty much because I am in a so what kind of mood. So here goes nothing.

So what if Miley Cyrus is all acting a fool all over the VMA's. First of all who watches these videos? I thought VH1 only showed Mob Wives and Basketball Wives? Celebrity Rehab maybe? Do they show video's anymore cause I go to you tube for that. And B. Miss Jr. Gene Simmons can do whatever the hay she wants, she's not a role model for my girls. I am their role model... Me... their Mom. Shocking I know. But whatever Miley does or does not do....

So what if it's a holiday weekend and I have no plans. Why does everyone want to know my plans? make your own plans.  My plans are to drink beer/wine, watch college football, eat nachos (cause my Dietbet w/ Skinny Meg starts on Tuesday), maybe go for a run/walk/run... and that's all I got for Saturday. Oh and sleep and laundry always. The rest of the weekend is a crap shoot! And....

So what if lately I have been blowing off more important stuff to indulge in the things that make me happy. The things that make me feel a little more settled inside. The bills will get paid eventually, the house will get clean too. Am I right??? Because honestly....

So what if I am going to take my time and not rush into a new relationship with the first person to come along. If he's really wonderful he will understand my hesitation. And if it is meant to be, it will be. He's probably just as effed up as the rest of them and and I need the time to find out in advance. Because I'm really starting to wonder if the mob wives are onto something and...

And here is my biggest so what of the day...So what if your life is not perfect or exactly the way you want it to be. I am so tired of listening to people around me be depressed and complain about their situations when they are not really willing to do anything to change them. Or maybe they have tried and it's just not working. Whatever it is, most of the people I know don't have it that bad. So you're broke, your ex is a douche, your car breaks down, your job sucks, you have no job, your spouse is a pain, your kids wear you out... so what is your point? I bet you a lot of folks have it alot worse than you... for real. Maybe we all just need a little perspective sometimes. Take for example this chick, she's got it bad...

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