It's Boozeday Tuesday & Here's what I'm obsessed with...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Well... I am always a little obsessed with wine drinking. Not in an alcoholic booze hound kind of way but more like in a I got thru (insert day here) Monday let's celebrate kinda way. Is that bad? I am not sure but I am sure that right this very second my give a shit is broken:)

Anyway I am slightly obsessed with giving my mudroom/command center a face lift and this is the general plan. Chalkboard a wall or two so we can communicate freely as we are all on different schedules, draw random pics, leave each other love notes and just generally freshen up a tired old room. Like this...

 Or maybe like this....

Not sure how many days it will take me to complete but I start tonight...

Also obsessed with these new Rock Star Skinny Jeans from Old Navy in the waxed finish and the glitter finish here....

The waxed jeans look like leather - sort of and really cool. I opted for Navy, but I am thinking I will eventually end up with Peacock, Wine and Black as well. The sparkle jeans are subtle enough for everyday and I went with black but they have grey too. 

And if you are a music junkie like me you must down load Lorde's new album that dropped ta-day!!! Heroine... and it is heroine for my commute. Get it. Ur welcome!

Cheers Hookers! Everyone have a glass of @LaCremaWines or @KJWines with me tonight. They both started following me on Twitter today... no idea why...vineyards following me.... hmmmmmm????

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