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Happy Halloween Hookers!

Thursday, October 31, 2013
This is going to be short and sweet cause it's that day of year again when my office gets a lil whack-a -doo and people start dressin up and wearin makeup and I just don't get on that level... at work. But all of the nerds I work with here do. You see I work at a structural engineering firm and by that I mean a place where guys/girls who play xbox design buildings and shit that won't fall down on your head. They also really dig Halloween, which I do not as I think I have already mentioned. This is how they roll...
Sorry the thing would not rotate...
Halloween to me is just another night to be annoyed that I have something I have to do rather than sit on my deck/couch and drink wine and watch Bravo. But alas, I have kids that demand over priced costumes and pillowcases full of candy from our neighbors. So I go along for the ride. As a matter of fact this year I will be riding  in a golf cart with my BF following our seven yr. olds around the hood for a couple of hours... drankin. Should be off the chain!

I did my duty and carved the obligatory pumpkin with the little girl last night. I actually like that part of Halloween the most... the decorating and the carving cause I used to do that with my Dad every year so it's a tradition. The smell of the inside of a pumpkin makes me feel like a little girl again watching my Dad scoop out pumpkin seeds... and then of course we toast them up and eat em!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy night:)


Someday I will... Link-up with The Daily Tay

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
The Daily Tay

Linking up with Miss Taylor today for some not so serious but worthwhile goal this....
Someday I will ....

Do some Bikram yoga, you know the really hot one... And then invite the whole class out for icy cold beers afterward.

Have a 3 martini lunch.

Ski Aspen, Vail  or Whistler for Christmas instead of staying home.

Go back to Lake Michigan... Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Petoskey... with my kids.

Run a Turkey Trot in a Big City.

Serve my kids dessert for dinner... cake, pie, ice cream, maybe a candy bar or two.

Face paint for an FSU football game, Chief Osceola style.

Buy a Jeep.

Dye a chunk of my hair a crazy color.

Get that damn tattoo or 3 that I want... baby tats though.

Go to the Lions game on Thanksgiving Day.

Go to the US Open for my birthday on Center Court.

Spend a month at the beach or in the mountains during the off season.

Get my blog posts organized and done early.

Start painting again.

Buy a DSLR camera and photograph every damn thing.

Tell my ex-mother in law to eff off.

Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru.

Have a very small intimate wedding on the beach (assuming I ever lose my mind and remarry).

Get my financial house in order.

Be doing every day the things that I love the most for my career. Design, writing, art, fashion, food, wine.

I could go on and on and on with this one but I think that is a great note to end it on. And I do think that simply by verbalizing and/or putting these things into your stream of thought you bring them closer to being
Thanks Taylor!

Time for Some Goals...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Party of One

Crap... I hate setting goals right now. I hate that I always have to be the responsible one, but such is the life of a single parent with an ex who is essentially a non-contributing member of society. As I have mentioned recently I have been putting some things on the back burner. Important things that I need to be working on, maybe not daily but weekly would probably be a decent place to start. Soooo.... I am going to Link Up with my home girl Jenn at Party of One and get to work on a thing or 5 that I have been totally being an ass hat about and not doing.  Now before I lay out my list here I am going to say these are probably going to be weird goals for the average person but they are just things that I have a hard time doing (for various reasons I'll try to explain a little) or hate with a passion or possibly both. Now.... I think I am going to work on these goals for the whole month of November which we are about to dive into... cause I am just not one to get shit done overnight.

1. Opening the Mail

Now I am sure you are saying "what the fuck is she talking about? Doesn't everyone open their mail every day?". No, the answer is no... they do not. I hate opening the mail. For many many years the mail has pretty much only brought me bad news, one thing... bills. Bills I can't pay. If I give you a little back story on this it began during my marriage when every thing started to go south financially for us and in pretty much every other way too. I could write an entire post or twenty on this and maybe I should. But the long and short of it is at some point years ago I decided to just ignore the things I couldn't deal with. It was sort of my equivalent to xanax if you will.  Now I have gotten much better at this and it's not like I'm not paying the bills. Most of them are all online anyway, at least the important stuff like utilities, insurance, mortgage, etc. But all the miscellaneous stuff like medical bills, late fees, debt collectors (thank you ex douche canoe cause those just keep on comin) those little love notes arrive daily. And I let them pile up because I am weak and I am scared and I have to face it all alone... boo hoo. Suck it up buttercup. So my goal for this month is to open the mail on a regular basis and face that shit. With a big glass of wine in hand.

2. Laundry

Now this is something that I just hate, putting away the laundry. And I know every  normal woman hates it but I think for me it has bigger implications. It's just another thing in my life that is chaotic. No body in my house ever knows where their clothes are and it's my fault for not having a system in place and delegating some chores to the littles. In order for this to work I have to start with getting rid of the clothes that don't fit that their drawers are stuffed full of and stop being a hoarder. I need money but I don't have time for eBay, garage sales, consignment shops are any other such stuff... which is my excuse for holding onto all of this old stuff. I'm going to sell it and make boat loads of money!!! Ummm... no I'm not. Or at least I can't figure out how to squeeze that into the daily grind. So unless someone can clue me in I am going to Goodwill it and starting putting clothes away... in drawers where they belong and not in piles baskets  on the floor. 

3. Fitness

I need to do something other than play tennis. My ass is seriously pushing maximum density and  my jeans are slicing off my muffin top a wee bit uncomfortable. I cannot go thru the entire winter wearing yoga pants every day. Not to mention I am never going to snag a man looking like this. So 2 things I can do... run/walk/run cause it's free, and we all know running murders fat and I would also love to find a Pilate's class. I bought a groupon for that last year and I loved it. It was hard as shit but it works every freaking muscle in my your fluffy physique. Plus I have this cute little tab on my blog that is very sad and empty. 

4. Growing My Blog

This one I have actually been doing pretty good with I think. I have been blogging M-F and it's been good for me and I seem to be getting positive feedback from my woefully few lovely followers... I puffy heart you all:))) But I want to keep going with it and really see where I can take it so I am participating in the Bigs and Littles with Jenn from Party of One and a bunch of other really cool ladies... check out the button on my side bar. I also signed up for a sponsor spot on my gal pal Holly's blog and I am super excited for that shiny new experience too. Go Crazy!!! Yay Mee!!! Sorry... I have to be my own cheerleader.

5. Creating a Budget

You know what? That was my first thought. on second thought here is my number 5.

5. Meet More Hot Men and Date More

This will give me way more good material for the blog cause I know ya'll would much rather read about old crazy-pants sexcapades than my shitstorm of a budget. Right? Plus goals are boring and often a pain in the badonky to achieve... shouldn't we make more goals pertaining to having more schnick schnack fun?
I say yes!

Weekend Shenanigans Holy Halloween Hangover Edition...

Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm alive. And this creepy sweet little cookie about sums up my weekend. My co-worker who bakes made tombstones for everyone in the office over the weekend....(insert uncomfortable silence here)... I am not sure how to take that but I am pretty sure she is psychic cause I about died this weekend from eating too many gummi bears. How is this possible you ask? Well let me esplain it to ya... soak doze damn bears in vodka for 24 hours then eat em' like candy that's how. And this was my brilliant idea so I take full responsibility for my Whipped Cream Smirnoff induced coma Sunday morning. I am fairly certain that by the time I awoke at noon-thirty there was maybe about an ounce or so left of any kind of liquid/fluid in my body. It was a wonder that I made it to the kitchen without collapsing from dehydration. I am pretty sure I saw a mirage.... a giant inflatable pool full of diet coke waiting for me to jump in. My back hurts too for some inexplicable reason, I think it's my kidney's crying over all of the shit I forced them to filter this weekend. The good news is I did manage to stay upright the whole night which is more than I can say for my best friend who fell over (not tripped mind you but just fell over) twice. Damn, I'm good with the alcoholic candy concoctions. Yeah... uh huh... never again.

So here's a little pic collage of all the other stuff that went on in my corner of the universe this weekend. As usual there was food and makeup and glitter mixed in with football and friends. My first Birchbox, some new shoes and the discovery of a new pizza place with real authentic Chicago deep dish pie... the ultimate way to nurse a gummi bear hangova in case you were wondering. And it was Bowden Day at Doak Campbell Stadium and Bobby threw down the spear and we kicked NC States ass. And Peyton is still winning!!!
See how hungover I look ....

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Sami's Shenanigans

Halloween Party Weekend Fail Forecast

Friday, October 25, 2013
So I may be jumping the gun  a little here and projecting but if history is any indication my Halloween party success skills will likely disappoint.  I have a party to go to tomorrow night that I have known about for weeks. Now I did have some pretty good ideas about what i was going to wear and what I was going to bring. Have I done anything towards either one to prepare? No, of course not. Cause everyone knows the best Halloween costumes are the ones you throw together at the very last second. Right??? No not right, last minute costumes generally suck, but alas I am not a costume person. But... this year I did have an idea that I thought would be cute and relatively easy to pull off. My daughter and I are Hunger Games freaks so of course I was thinking Katniss Everdeen... cause who wouldn't want to be a badass like her??? This looks pretty simple right?
I have the correct hair so no wig necessary... bonus! I actually have the pants, the tee, a similar jacket. Need the boots, the back pack, the bow and arrow and the mocking jay pin/necklace. I can do this!!! Because here's my theory on Halloween costumes. I want to look cute. Maybe sexy might be ok, I am too old for slutty to even be appropriate. But I don't want to look old, wrinkled, dirty, scary, ugly, bloody or dead. I get it but I don't want to intentionally make myself up to look that way. Sorry, it's not my thing. So wish me luck, hopefully the odds will be in my favor and I can be a fabulous 40 something mom version of Katniss. 
My second attempt at failure for the weekend is the food that I volunteered to bring to the party... something scary with an adult theme. A couple of years ago I made these and they turned out great.

They also took way more time than I  expected and I was up till 2 in the a.m. painting fake blood on cookie dough. And on top of that they were really good and gone before I could get one. So my brilliant idea this year is more alcohol related so it can't be gobbled up by tiny Halloween hellions. Vodka soaked gummy worms or bears. Too bad I didn't read the directions to see you need to soak them for like 3 days. Dammit! Oh well I'm making them anyway and hopefully they will turn out like this.. in 24 hours instead of 72.

And it's Friday so time to once again #backthatazzup with Whit... who I totally get... Even though she doesn't know what the French is going on with Taylor Swift:) 

And here's Taylor from the Hunger Games soundtrack... see what I did there?

Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars on Grooveshark

Happy Weekend Hookers:)

I wore yoga pants

Here's What I'm Obsessed With....

Thursday, October 24, 2013
As you all know I am a single Mom and broker than a 3 legged dog but that doesn't stop me from making poor choices and buying cute completely unnecessary things for myself like every other women on the planet. Now I try not to do this all the time but maybe every other paycheck or maybe every third. Bahahaha.... I just wanted to see what it would feel like to type that... I'm totally kidding I do it all the time. I am the most irresponsible hooker you ever met when it comes to treating my little old self to stuff. I think I am making up for all the years ex-dumb dumb didn't do shit for me for any special occasion whatsoever. He wasn't always like that but funny how things change. Anyway right now I am working my ass of to support 3 young-uns on my own and as far as I can tell I have some job sah-curr-ity so I feel pretty comfy saying that when it comes to spending the dolla dolla bills... I'll make more.  So on that note....

Here's what I am obsessed with. 

Bracelets (particularly Alex and Ani)
If you follow me on IG then you know I have a bracelet problemo. 
I tried to resist the trend for as long as I could but I just broke down and bought my first two to start a little sports theme. Ugh... now I want like 10 ...or 30. But they are not that expensive, really. They're not!

Camouflage... yes still... this week it's these boots by Nine West. Hello Lover. 

And they don't even have them in my size so my next paycheck is safe. Whew. That would be a tough one to explain when the electricity cuts off and I'm heading out in my calf hair camo over the thigh boots. Sorry kids... looks like you get cereal for dinner again! Totally kidding. Maybe.

Headbands... don't ask me why. Likely because it's like a bracelet... only for your head. And as I already eluded to... me and the arm-candy, we got issues.  This cute little number is currently on it's way to me now via Etsy

And that leads me right into the last of my current obsessions. Any and all things FSU.  

And this just happens to be camo too so it's like an obsession double whammy. Aaaaannndd.... it's reversible so it's really like getting 2 hats for the price of one. Right?

And a score shirt...
Because our game last weekend was just so un-frigging believable I want to wear it on my body. And I haven't bought a score shirt in like 20 years since I was a student so I am way way overdue!!! 

As you can see I am most excellent at justifying any old thing in the world. And tomorrow is Pay Day and I am totes obsessed with that!!

What are you obsessed with right now??

What We Can Learn From Scary Movies - Halloween Link Up with Sarah & Helene!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If your dream house looks like it's a possessed four eyed bat at night, don't buy it.

If a mass murder occurred in your dream house don't buy it.

If your dream house was built on a cemetery or any type of human or animal burial site... DO. NOT. BUY. IT.

If you're kind of slutty looking the killer is coming for you first. Especially if you have big boobs. And you're alone.

Don't answer the phone when you are babysitting.

If you are in the dark and you hear heavy breathing don't get all excited and think it's your boyfriend.

Grown women should not wear pig tails. Ever.

For God's sake don't trip over things.

The television should not talk back to you.

Get out of the haunted house... just go already!!!

Asking the killer not to kill you rarely works, even if you say please.

If you hear a strange noise don't go investigate alone Nancy Drew.

Don't ever take a shower or try to hide in the bathroom. There is no way out of there you fool!

When travelling in the woods or the desert, don't take shortcuts. Or stop at abandoned buildings.

Don't go canoeing alone.

When the power goes out don't hide in the basement.

If your kid starts speaking Latin, be worried, be very worried.

If it's overly foggy or misty, don't go out.

If a beam of light comes out of the sky don't get out of the truck.

And last but not least aliens, chainsaws, meat hooks, mummies, werewolves, ghosts, shape shifters, cornfields and flesh eating zombies are all signs of bad things to come.


Happy Halloween to all the slutty cheerleaders/cops/witches/french maids/nurses and pirates out there:)

Venus Trapped in Mars

Anxiety Meds, Blind Faith or Head in the Sand???

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A lot of things in my life are kind of broken, a mess, a beautiful disaster of wine and puffy hearts, stacks of bracelets and the occasional unicorn flying by.  I have perspective though. I am not going to sit here and cry and whine and say it's overwhelming and I just can't face it. I did that for a long time and it landed me smack in the hospital having horrendous anxiety which literally could have killed me.  And I know people that have truly dire things to deal with, none of this is gonna kill me. But I keep thinking something more wine is coming, I keep waiting patiently for it. And I have given up the worrying about the mess for the most part Xanax. But.... I'm not doing anything to prepare for the opposite lack of wine either. Which is bad, and I can't seem to get my still relatively fabulous ass in gear and start doing at least some of those things. Fixing some of the broken shit, cause I can, it's just going to be hard and uncomfortable sober... and I don't wanna. Do I sound twelve? Lol... I don't know if it's the Xanax, my Faith that everything will be ok or am I just choosing to be Scarlett  and think about it tomorrow? 

Is it just me or does anyone else start taking stock of their year about this time every year? Start thinking about those resolutions made over champs and fireball about 10 months ago? Right at this very second I can't remember what I did on New Year's Eve last year... faaaack.... that is pretty damn depressing. Oh... I remember now... I went to see a Bon Jovi Tribute Band "Slippery When Wet" at a local bar with 2 single hoes girlfriends and 1 slutbag who is no longer worthy. It was one of those reserve a table, hors d'oerves bar, bottle of champs kinda deals. It was fun, sorta. I hate New Years Eve. Hate. Hate. Hate. It's a couples holiday if you ask me on account a the midnight suckface rigmarole you gotta go thru errr damn time. When you ain't got no hunkfest midnight = loserville awkwardness standing around wanting to sink into the floor. Wait... that is not where I was going with this...

We have just 10 weeks and a few odd days to wrap up anything we had planned for our fabulous selves for 2013 and put a friggin bow on it. That's 40+ rounds of 24 to make some serious changes big or small. If you think about it a lot can happen in that amount of time. When I look back on this year I am thinking there are a lot of things I did not accomplish but there are a few things I did... big things too. 

Such as... well I will just start with the big shee-aattt;

 I got my divorce... all by myself... no attorney. Just me. This was big. 

 I quit smoking. If you don't know, you don't know... this also huge!!!!

I paid off my car. Never done that before. Holla

I managed to take my kids on Spring Break... despite being broker than broke. I made it happen, it wasn't fancy but they will always remember their first trip to Savannah and getting shit on by seagulls on Tybee Island. 

I didn't lose my house. I came very close but I temporarily came up with a solution and it worked. 

And some little things...

I bought a dog.

I Mrs. Robinson'ed dated some younger guys.  

I discovered I kinda sorta don't dig older guys, unless they are really looooaaaadddded. We aren't the only ones affected by gravity ladies. True that. 

I went on another great girls weekend. No arrests. No tattoos. 

I took my kids to Tallahassee for a football game.  

Those are my biggies and some smallsies that were just as meaningful to me... but I fell short on some other things that were/are really important to me. And that blows but the year is not over. So rather than say what the hell and just wait til NYE and start all over I am going to keep drinking wine plugging along until then and wait for unicorns to fly by see what else I can check off the list this year. 

What do you still want to accomplish this year? You have 71 days!!! Come on now!!! Let's duck some shit up ... teamwork.

Weekend Shenanigan's - Best. Game. Ever.

Monday, October 21, 2013
Noles No. 2 in the NATION!!!! Ya Heard!!!!!

I really didn't do much of anything exciting this weekend but hunker down and watch football... and Oh what a weekend for football it was. That is in between shuttling kids around on Sat, and playing the three and a half hour death match at tennis on Sunday. It was a fabulous fall weekend sprinkled with  a little rain on Saturday but only during the hours that I needed to be outside at football games. I drank way too much some wine with my bestie and her Mom who is in town visiting on Friday night. Which caused me to sleep thru my alarm at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday and show up late to football with my daughter for cheer leading. Attention.... Mom of the Year award is in serious jeopardy here. The boy child also had a game in the afternoon and he scored a touchdown which I do not have a photo of because I was too busy chatting with another Mom. He thinks I saw it which is all that matters, that and the fact that I was the parent that was there of course. I played tennis on Sunday against the last place team in our division that has like zero points and some how it took me 3.5 hours, 3 sets and 3 tie-breakers to win. If you know anything about tennis this is called winning the hardest possible way. But none the less... a win to end my streak in loserville.

Anyway let's get to the big shee-bang this weekend... FSU kicked Clemson's ass to the curb in the most stunning victory I have seen in a very long time. Jameis Winston, our Heisman candidate, ok I'm projecting... was on fire and appeared to be playing in some sort of bubble. He was unstoppable connecting for a 51-14 beatdown over one of our most rivaled opponents. I had a football date with my son, we made chili cheese fries and sat on the couch and cheered together. It was super fun!! Here's a few of the very few I snapped this weekend... bad blogger!!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Fan Friday: The Tigers & FSU vs. Clemson

Friday, October 18, 2013

I love Friday for all of the obvi reasons but most of all my 2 fave link ups with Whit and Sarah. Cause I can always talk about sports, hot athletes I'd like to knock boots with, and music for the soundtrack to my C-Razy life. So let's talk sports first. I am tired today... I stayed up late (for me) on a school night watchin my Tigers shit the bed to the bearded Sox to take it back to game 6 in Bean town. Daaaaammmmmittttt! The only upside to this is that Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander are next in line to pitch. Two hottie pa-totties I would not kick out for eatin crackers in bed. Looka looka looka....

And yes he does have different color eyes....

 A little freaky... but I'd hit that.

And I will be wearing my dirty old visor to see if I can reverse the mojo tomorrow afternoon. I think I effed it up yesterday by putting it on in the 8th inning. See....

Moving on to possibly likely the biggest game of the season for FSU and Famous Jameis Wiston vs. ... the dreaded Clemson Tigers and Taj Boyd. Fuck me sideways I am scared to death of this game. We have to win... cause I got a lotta Clemson fan friends who need a serious trip back to shutty uppy town.

 If we win there will be some serial drinkin goin on in da house. Well... pretty much anyway you slice it I'm gettin liquored up for all the festivities tomorrow.

And now for the #backthatazzup Friday portion of this post... I bit the bullitt and downloaded Bangerz this week and I must say... I LOVE IT!!!! Too many good songs. I love this one cause it could be my theme song for the last few years. Good one Miles... crazy ain't so bad!

Maybe You're Right by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

Venus Trapped in Mars  I wore yoga pants

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!

You Want Me to Sleep Where???

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Someone recently told me that she likes my blog because my life seems a little like a soap opera. Ummmm yeah.... I have been saying that for years. I really couldn't make this shiz dip up!! Soooo... As the world turns, there's this guy (and if you're new here which most of you are you know posts that start this way are generally entertaining if nothing else). He has tickets to the AL vs. LSU football game. Not just tickets but sideline access, as in on da freaking field wit the #1 in the nation Alabama Crimson Tide football team. That means me hangin with Nick Saban and the boys.... don't I look all cute up in dere?

His nephew is a trainer and is on the field for every game so that means we can get on the field too. How cool is that??? Not to mention that the AL/LSU game is a ginormous rivalry and is always a redneck cousins/Cajun lovin freakfest party to end all parties. Just look at these two jackholes... I wanna touch see that in person.

Now Tuscaloosa is just a hop skip from Atlanta so we can just drive down for the day and avoid all the chaos in the town. Cause you know homeboy, being a guy, did not think this thru and book himself us a hotel room last year when all the other Crimson kissin cousins booked theirs. So post game we can just roll tide on 22's in my big SUV on back to the A-town... right? Wrong.
(Cause this is how I roll and dis bitch is paid fo.... in case I ever have to live in hurr)

Problema Numero 1- Game time 8:00 p.m. That means it won't be over till like 11:00. That's a really crappy time for a road trip back to Atlanta. I am old and this old lady don't like draggin ass anywhere at 11 p.m. that doesn't involve fireball shots and/or soft sheets and a fluffy pillow. And maybe something hard... or maybe not. But maybe.

Problema Deux - Southern Fried Freakfest Day Drinking. Now we all know there is no alcohol for sale at college football games but I gay-raun-teeee yours truly and company will make sure we pound a few dozen Bud Lights prior to entering the hallowed walls of Bryant-Denny Stadium. This also makes a post game road trip sound like a one way ticket to an Alabama slammer. I don't care if orange is the new black. Not happening.
But no worries... man-friend has come up with a most excellent plan as to our accommodations for the night. Remember my big baller SUV I mentioned earlier??? Yeah... uh-huh... that's where he thinks we should crash for the night. My VEHICLE... in case you didn't get that the first time. Because you know... the seats all fold down and we can fit an air mattress in there, crash and high tail it outta there in the a.m. Srsly...As in SLEEP in my CAR!?!? Whoa... Wha???  I  mean I'm not a high maintenance girl but this is pushing it. The wine in the cup holder almost sells it though... but I will not have plaid sheets. I draw the line there.
 The only other option is crashing in his nephew's apartment with nephew's roommates... and nephew's parents (his brother and sis-in -law) in town. Bear in mind I have never met any of these peeps. So basically I'm the new hooker who gets drunk and sleeps in her car with their brother/uncle. But a nice car, it's not like a bang van kinda thing and I would get to experience the whole AL football dynasty like from the sidelines... with Nick Saban. Or I bag the whole thing and make him take me to the SEC Championship here at the dome in Atlanta in December... which he also has tickets to. And I can sleep in a bed, somewhere in this town. But where's the soap opera badassery in that? And lezbihonest, my FOMO will prolly get the best of me. What would you do?
It looks kinda cozy doesn't it?

Roll Tide! Geaux Tigers!

Hi! Can I Ignore You? Mmmmkay Thanks!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Can I bitch for a sec? Grassy-assssss!!!!

Ok... at the risk of sounding a little crazy pants I am irritated. It's no secret that I am a little bit of an etiquette freak. I am ... I actually have Emily Post on my bookshelf and I have been known to refer to it. But my edition is old and doesn't cover such modern things as etiquette for texting. Which brings me to my current dilemma... when to get pissed about being ignored... via text that is. And I am not just talking about by guys/boyfriends/potential lovers cause ya'll knows I have boatloads of those hanging on my every word.... but people in general. Let me lay it out for ya here....

Ok...I was upset and apparently I way over shared. 
Notice the response text came .... the next day... and just to be clear it wasn't a response. The content of my bitch txt about my boss was in fact completely ignored. No sympathy, no words of wisdom, no probing questions for more info... just ignored. Now that particular friend does that all the time. If you initiate the text, why do you stop when I am just getting started??? Ahem... I don't think you would likey so much if I did that to you in certain cir-cum-stances.... ya see what I'm gettin at???  And even more annoying, said friend will call later and act like no texts were ever exchanged, just catching up. Yesterday he actually sent me a FB message, to which I responded and then got ignored again. And so I called him on it this morning and this is what I got. He said he was stressed...

"I didn't even realize" ?? How can you not realize that you read my text and just didn't respond? I only do that to people who text me first that I don't want to talk to... like this. I just don't answer them. But I don't text them first!!!! Am I being unreasonable?? And this is not just a guy thing, I have girlfriends that do it too. 

What it boils down to for me is this, my time is precious. I don't like to waste it. If you are getting any of it consider yourself lucky. If you ask for it and I willing give it to you and you leave it out there drifting in the wind don't be surprised if I stop giving up so freely. I don't know if I am being to sensitive but this is a little red-flaggish  for me based on my relationship history. I tend to gravitate toward selfish, self absorbed men and in the past have allowed myself to be pretty low on their list of priorities. I don't want to make that mistake again but I don't want to sound like an annoying bitch either. 

Maybe it's like when you bump into someone and you say "How ya doin?". As if you really want a detailed explanation of how they are doing. You don't. It's just something we say. So is texting "hi" or "hey" or "what's up" just another way of being polite??? Does it warrant a response or is it ok if we just leave it at that? Am I weird for thinking that a "bye" should follow a "hi" at some point? But then a lot of exchanges would prolly go a lil sumthin like this...

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Maybe I need more Xanax. Maybe I should just be happy that someone sends me a text that starts with "Hello Beautiful". Yeah... shuttin up now.