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Monday, March 31, 2014
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Hey there party people! How was every body's weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful which was fine by me. I can't go out every weekend or I will spend all the monies I have because I have no will power. So I figure, buy big bottle or box O' wine on Friday night , rent a couple of red box movies and call it a weekend. Maybe throw in a grilled cheese here and there for sustenance. BOOM! Perfect weekend! See...

But this is not my food pic for my weekly Picture Practice link up with Kelli. That was a little more thoughtful. Since this weeks subject matter was food I figured I would post a little snap of  the most perfect crock pot creation I made this week thanks to a big sale at Kroger. On Thursday I had  a Boston Butt in the crock pot for about 10 hours in a lime chipotle bbq pool of goodness. Really this recipe is fool proof and if anyone wants it I will share it in a separate post (to avoid linking to a picture of my hair by mistake this time).
So it turned out really good and I will be eating off of it for days I am sure but that's ok. I really had two favorite food pics this weekend so this was hard to choose from but I'll start with how I "re-purposed" my roast for lunch on Saturday... as a baked potato topping and it was deelicious! And I snapped this pic and it really looks like i had a food stylist in my kitchen... I think anyway.

And it pretty much tasted as good as it looked. Like I almost licked the plate clean good. 

But I snapped this pic too when I was shredding up the meat and I just thought it looked cool. Just one perfect little bite on a fork. 

These last two are no filters and just with my Galaxy S4 Camera phone but I seriously love this phone. It takes great pics!!!

So that's it for me today. Please join me for my first I Don't Give a F*** Link Up tomorrow. We shall see if I did it all correctly and let's just hope it works. 

The Rules are no rules. It's gonna be a  first of the month thing and I think this is a good time to just say IDGAF about whatever you want. So Link Up tomorrow and give me a shout! Grab the button! Tell me what you really do not give two f**** about:)

The Crazy Wise Woman

7 comments on "Weekend Update & A Link UP"
  1. The third picture here is beautiful and delicious, I want to eat all the BBQ!!! I wouldn't mind a little grilled cheese either. :)

  2. You did a fantastic job with the pics, as well as making me hungry. :)

  3. I think I might link up later this week- I'll be late because IDGAF and I already have something else scheduled :)

    PS Grilled cheese, movie rentals and wine? Yes, please!

  4. Weekends filled with wine, grilled cheese and movies is my kind of weekend!! :D I definitely overdid it with those empty cals this weekend. Haha

  5. the S4 takes awesome pics. great job with the pics :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. That grilled cheese. Mmmmm! "Just get on my level." Bahahahahaahaaaaaaaa!!!! I may link up later in the week! If not this time then next time for sure!!!


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