Humpday Confessional

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Vodka and Soda

It's Wednesday... Faaaacckkkk!!! Normally I jump for joy as the day of humping with Kathy is upon us but I am starting to feel the panic set in as I prepare for my weekend of catering 2 events for about 75 hungry pieholes. I started shopping last night so I could get it all done in a calm and organized fashion... like Jared Leto only I won't drive the cart because it's too damn slow. 


I will likely look more like this chick but a lot less perky...


Why is she so happy about winning groceries anyway?  If I ever go on a game show I confess I want to win boats and cars and diamonds and shit like on the Price is Right. Like this B who won a car...


I confess sometimes I think about how funny it would be to go out in public and do something completely outrageous in a really mundane place like the grocery store like this... apparently it's a thing.

I confess my trash company keeps threatening to pick up my trash cans permanently  cause I occasionally pay my bill late. Maybe you should get with the new millennium Tony Soprano and offer online bill pay and this won't be a problem. Paying a bill with anymore than a mouse click is simply unacceptable. Plus you're getting my $5 late fee every quarter so what in the hell is your problem??? I know it's really my problem but still!!!

So as you all know I am always strapped for cash and I have to stretch every food dollar I spend. So I get a major culinary boner when I can think of a way not to waste food by making something new and/or unexpected and healthy. I freeze any and all fruit that is nearing the end of it's life span for smoothies but apples just don't freeze well. (Bananas are excellent by the way... don't ever throw them away. Peel and throw them in the freezer!) So ex-dumb dumb dropped of the kids last week with  a bag of golden delicious apples that none of us like. They sat there for a week getting soft and I was about to chunk them all last night when I thought what can I do with this rather than cause my Grandma to roll over in her grave as I dump perfectly good food into the trash or chuck it into the woods behind my house for the deer? Duh... cinnamon apples... and they are the fucking bomb diggety. I even put a big pile of them on my salad they were so good. I love using and not wasting, this was a winner!

Sorry folks... I got food and cooking and food shopping on the brain. Likely all week.

So I' think I'll leave you with that, 

15 comments on "Humpday Confessional "
  1. Good luck with the catering! Love that woman shopping gif, if only I were that happy grocery shopping!

  2. You are going to rock that catering gig! So very exciting!!

  3. wait, you have to pay the trash company to pick up your garbage? isn't that paid through your taxes?

    also, those peeps on price is right are hilarious when they win or get picked to go up. sometimes they freak out so hard when they get picked they trip all over themselves and fall down on their way up and that's always the best!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. good luck with the catering!! i'm sure you'll be awesome sauce. omg that gif where he throws the milk (?) down and falls, hilarious. i love the price and right people who fall down the stairs when their name is called. thats horrible, but i love it.

  5. ex dumb dumb bahahahahaha love it!
    My water company doesnt do online bill pay and they dont have a debit machine like seriously no one writes checks anymore!

  6. Hey Amy!! Oh those GIFS are tooo effin funny! And I LOVE people do random 'ish in the middle of public places, its just awesome lol!! Good luck with all that shopping! 75 People is a lot of people to feed lol! Yesterday I saw on Rachel Ray a challenge for 2 families to swap food budgets. It was $60 vs. $600! Its amaaazing what happens when 2 diff. worlds swap. Have a great day Amy and talk soon! ;D XO


  7. And now I'm hungry. :) The bad thing about winning on the Price is Right is having to pay taxes on your winnings. You have to pay it before you can pick it up and if you don't win money you can be totally screwed. I say what you win should be tax free!

  8. Yes to online bill pay! My dentist doesn't have online bill pay and I was like "wait, you want me to write a check and mail it to you?!". I was almost late on that bill too. People need to get with the times!

  9. Oo cinnamon apples, those sound delish! I've used golden delicious apples for tiny apple crumbles as well when I want something sweet.

  10. Nice work with the cinnamon apples. I am obsessed with the ones at Cracker Barrel.

  11. Those cinnamon apples sound amazing! We freeze bananas alllll the time. Love the texture they make when you throw them in a smoothie!

  12. Can't wait to hear all about the catering gig and I totes am going to make those apples :) I made them once I topped some pork chops with them and some gorgonzola, AMAZING!!

  13. Weehoo!! Just found you and now following! Good luck with your catering gig! you'll do great! Those cinnamon apples look delicious!!! YUM

  14. Cinnamon apples? This is genius! *I'm lookin' at you, Red Delicious, sittin' in my basket.*

  15. I don't think I've ever tasted cinnamon apples although it does sound heavenly :)


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