Wed Hump Confeshhhhh

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time for some spilling of the guts.... with Kathy so what are we waiting for???

I started a 30 day fitness challenge on Monday with Adie from Four Fit Sisters Blog and a group of ladies called the Summer Shredder. I am pretty sure I am already annoying the crap out of everyone around me and on Instagram by talking and posting about it. Aaaaand IDGAF. I am in my fitness Jesus mode so suck it. 

And by the way allof these plank type things are so hard but they just make you feel like such a badass. And no way in hell can I do that first one. Yet.

Guy from months ago... couch soldier.... texting me again and I am perplexed. I confess that I am only entertaining the idea of him because I think he'd be a cool friend to have. Like we have the same general views and attitude about things but I feel bad cause there is really no spark there. Hmmm but I may be able to get a nice restaurant dinner out if it.

Captain Hot Wings has his schedule for June and I confess I am pretty excited that he is only working 8 days next month. Maybe we finally get to spend some time together since he won't be in the cockpit. I just like saying cockpit...More on that later....

I confess this is my day, every damn day!!!

13 comments on "Wed Hump Confeshhhhh"
  1. work up to those planks girl. i love and hate them but mostly love them. keep posting your updates/progress; those who don't like it can look away!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. oh my gosh girl i cant even do the second gif, let alone the first. i need to try them, you've got me pumped! and yes to your updates and progress, eff the irl peeps who dont care ;) we care!

  3. Do you push publish once you schedule it?

  4. Bahahaha @ "couch soldier." He was weird. I say ignore him.

  5. Hey Amy!! Omg those plank exercises are so bad ass -I cannot wait to try them! And there ain't no shame in a free dinner so you don't have to cook!! I say go for it lol! And a little Virgo symbol would be adorable!! :D P.S. I just put your button up bc I feel like an idiot and didnt know I was on your side bar still, loll!! Have a great day Amy and talk soon! :) XOXO


  6. I am taking Friday off too to make it an extra long weekend. I wish I had a boat though- that photo looks awesome.

  7. YOLO get the FREE tattoo I totally would!

  8. SO awesome about the free tattoo!!! Especially if it's something more simple and not too complex. And I SO need to get back on the fitness wagon...I fell off at Wine Dr. and Cupcake Lane....

  9. damn at the lake pic. woah...

  10. planks are legit! Umm sign me up for a free tattoo, I've been seriously contemplating a small cupcake for a while now!

  11. I'm sooooo out of shape. People are just getting crazy fit all around me. Ugh. Yea, get the little tattoo. And if it's bad, at least it's small and easier to cover up. But I'm sure he's good.

  12. Oh shoot that first plank thing looks super hard and not gonna lie I not wanna try it (and will probably fail miserably at it shhh) Bring on the 3 day weekend!!

  13. Tell me more about the captain!

    That last pic is so true. Why can't time fly at work and move backwards when I'm trying to get a few more minutes of sleep?


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