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Biker Weekending....

Monday, June 30, 2014
Do you ever look back over your weekend and think damn I missed so many photo ops to be a good blogger? Well that's what I'm thinking today because if you look at my photos you can hardly tell that I spent Friday night cooking up a storm and Saturday night with several thousand bikers. I missed some really good photo ops but in all honesty it was so hot at the biker thing and I was so sweaty that every time I picked up my phone it was in danger of slipping from my hand. 

But getting back to my weekend... Friday night I did something I never do. I went straight to the gym, or in this case the barre, from work. I brought my clothes, changed at the office and was in a class by 5:30 on Friday night. Out by 6:30, to the grocery store to shop for tennis catering food, and home with wine by 8:00. My poor doggie was wondering if I fell off the face of the earth I'm sure, but he happily took his perch on the couch and stared at me for the rest of the night. 

Oh and another thing that happened  over the weekend... I keep noticing my shoulders looking a little different and my arms a little bit too at certain angles. I never wear sleeves in the summer when I am not working, I can't stand anything on my arms when it's hot. Lately I catch myself in the mirror and every once in awhile I feel like a see a difference.  Now, I don't have the best arms but I really don't care, I'd rather be comfortable and sleeveless anyway. But I think they are starting to look better, just a little. Sorry for the cleavage shot... 

So yes, I had another really busy weekend and if you follow me on IG or we are snap chat friends you may or may not know that. I spent half the day on Saturday at the Thunder on the Parkway Music Festival and Motorcycle Rally here at Lake Lanier. I saw a lot of really interesting folks and had a blast. My ex-sister in law and I went together... yes we are still friends and always will be... and laughed and drank beer all day. Bikers really are a pretty cool crowd. The concert was general admission and although there was a lot of drinking and partying going on the crowd was great. Very low key and everyone just having fun! No fighting or drama.
Got to see some really great bands too. The Psycho Devilles were awesome if you like Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Honkytonk.  Anyone that sets their instruments on fire and keeps playing makes for a good live show.

The Micheal Allman Band  was also really good. He is the eldest son of Greg Allman and honestly I thought he was one of the brothers... he looked pretty "seasoned" but he sounded great... like his Daddy who I actually saw last summer.

But the big event for the night was definitely Blackberry Smoke. They rocked our faces off and no one left till the last note was sung and the lights came up. They definitely have a huge cult following and if you like the southern rock genre you must go see them when they are near you!!! You will not be disappointed. My goal was to get there one way or another because they will be touring the US and Europe for the rest of the year and this was their last stop at home in Georgia! Go check em out and give them a listen. I highly recommend "Good One Comin On", "Six Ways to Sunday" and "Leave a Scar" to add to your summer jam play list.

Just trust me... it's good stuff. And yes, I really was that close and it was awesome! Fangirl here.

Sunday just brought more rain but I did manage to get a little tennis in, in between storms and squeegee-ing the courts. Better rain at tennis than on the biker music fest... that would have been no bueno!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday Faves

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday is upon us once again and I for one am excited about having a good week and an even better weekend. I don't really feel like I need to recap it all for ya but let's just talk some favorites and funny stuff.... my award winning gifs... you know you are dying to start scrolling. Just wait...

First up ... favorite piece of advice... given while sipping Pink Panty Pull-downs waist deep in the pool last weekend:
"Just take a break and focus on you for a change"

So this week I did just that. And it was glorious. The advice was sort of given generally but also specifically about the whole dating/not dating thing. All my free evenings this week were scheduled barre classes, tennis or home with kids. I didn't go out at all and I didn't feel bad for saying no. I really, really wonder if I am just not a relationship person lol... I really like me time:)

I got an offer to try this wonderful little subscription box for healthy snacks from ... Love with Food. This will be my first in the food category.  I am excited! Even better it is healthy and organic and with every box you buy a meal is donated to a hungry child in the U.S.  I love companies that give back to children right here at home. I am also excited to be able to offer a little promo to you guys if you want to try it too.

Sign up now at to get a first month free trial AND contribute to DOUBLE the meals donated for the month of July! 

Snack Smart. Do Good. Discover new, organic or all-natural snacks, delivered to your door for $10/month. Learn more…

And favorite jam of the week is "Good One Comin On" by Blackberry Smoke cause I am going to see them here at Lake Lanier on Saturday so pray it doesn't rain. Amy doesn't do outdoor biker music festivals on the lake in the rain... 

And because it's late on Thursday and I am tired lets get along to my favorite funny stuff of the week...

I just don't get the big hubbub over the world cup. They don't even tackle each other or wear tight pants.

NFL player would keep on truckin...

When someone who doesn't pay my phone bill asks me "who you texting?"


If you could hear what the pompous ass driving was saying....

Hmmmm who can I send this too.... thinking thinking... it's a done deal. Must share.

Oh to weigh like 30 pounds again... I believe I could fly.... watch the sippy cup.

Work it, work it!!!! Wait...Where are her pants??? Doh!

And who keeps putting stairs in pageants and fashion shows??? This is a recipe for disaster. She recovers nicely on one shoe though. Don't cha think?

Happy Friday y'all now go link yourself up with the fabulous Amanda!!

Influenster Spring Vox Box Review....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

****I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. ****

So this was my first Vox Box from Influenster and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. All of the products I received I have used and really liked. And let's face it you can't beat getting good stuff for free!! So here's what I got and a little recap of my thoughts:

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance - Ya'll know I play a lot of tennis so I am always traveling with lady supplies in my bag cause ya never know!!! These were great! Did the job and they have a really nice clean fragrance that is not over powering or perfumey. Overall a winner on the courts!!

Rimmell London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara - I love a good dramatic eye and this also really did the job. I have no lashes and I got length and volume without clumping or sticking together. Also if you mess up it was easy to just swipe away... bonus... nothing worse than being left with a shadow of mascara!

Kiss Everlasting French Nails - Ok, I let my 15 year old daughter try these cause I am just not really a long nails person. Her friends had used these for a recent prom and she wanted to try them out for the Luke Bryan concert. She loved them, they stayed put and looked natural and pretty!

Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer - This one I really liked a lot. I have always been a big fan of Nivea products so no big surprise. It's light weight  and has a very neutral scent, I think my skin looks more firm because I have been working my ass off but maybe the lotion is helping too!

Softlips Cube - This was my favorite thing! I am a lip product junkie. This smells great in the pomegranate berry. It's smoothing and moisturizing and it has SPF which is a must for me because my lips are kind of big and they tend to burn to a crisp if I don't have anything on them. I LOVE this stuff and the packaging is cute too. I can find it in my bag because it is square... genius!!!

So I'm a fan of Influenster!! They sent me really good stuff that I have enjoyed using and some of which I will actually purchase. I have done a few Twitter Parties too which were a neat experience. I am looking forward to getting my next box so .... Bring it Influenster!!!

Happy Thursday!

Linking up with my pal Ashley today for some Little Friday Fun!!

The Grits Blog

Humpday Confessional

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Vodka and Soda

Happy Humpday party people!! I am having a great week so far and I feel like it's just going to get better. I don't know why but I do. Do you ever get that feeling? Like good things are coming??

Ok, so I googled before and after results for Pure Barre cause I'm a Virgo and I need tangible evidence that shit works. This is one of the before and afters I got.... Really???? I get that she's trying to show how fast she bounced back but...
A. This is stooopid and a bit misleading
B. We're happy for you but come on... you didn't gain any weight except for the baby... womp womp... talk to me when you have to wear your husbands slippers cause your feet resemble loaves of wonder bread. 

This one is what I was looking for... Damn....I'll take it!

I confess....I've been eating sandwiches for breakfast. Small ones but real sandwiches with bread... from the bakery section, the good stuff. Mmmmm bread, but just once a day. I overbought at Costco and my kids are not eating enough, can't throw good shit away so...  and I miss bread. 

Best reaction to the World Cup biting incident... Love you Snickers!!!

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I'm really proud of myself for sticking to my fitness goals. I just looked at the calendar and I started back on this path on Monday, April 7th and I have stuck with it. I have worked out at least 3 times, usually more, every week for the last 11 weeks!!! That is flippin huge for me!!! Really you guys, it is for me. It's more and more feeling like a habit now and part of my regular scheduling when I sit down with my calendar and do my planning. This makes me so happy and I will say it again... proud of myself. 

Oh yeah and I officially had to move my hamper out of my closet due to "hamper stank" from sweaty workout clothes. You know you're working out on the reg when you can smell it from another room. 

Barre class number 2 was awesome!! I liked the instructor a lot better than the first one. I can see this fast becoming an addiction. It is an insanely good workout. I'm hooked. I might go broke though. 

I got the nicest, and most out of the blue message last night via FB. When I stepped out of Barre class and checked my phone this is what I found. 

That was from one of my ex-husband's former best guy friends. They are not friends anymore because well, the ex doesn't have many friends left. Pitfalls of being extremely selfish. This guy has been a friend to us for almost 20 years but as in all divorces people sometimes pick sides and I got some flack from the guy friends for doing what I did. And taking what was mine. I did what I had to do, but it is nice to hear from someone when they think you are doing a great job, and they understand... just wow... 

I had to throw someone under the bus a bit at work yesterday for being  #4 & #5 on Kathy's list from yesterday and sucks to be you but, I'm not taking the heat for your incompetance and if you push me too far I will happily point out where you are falling short to my boss and offer to pick up your slack. Cause let's face it folks, there is always someone else who is willing to do your job... in place of you.  

I confess I am still addicted to The Peoples Couch and live tweeting with these boys and the rest of the cast every Tuesday night. I love it that they favorite and re-tweet my shiz. I feel like one of the special couch potatoes. If you are not watching this.. Whyyyyyy????? Serious, it's sooo funny!!!

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And big Atlanta music announcement yesterday and I am super excited. So many people I want to see at Music Midtown this year,  the biggest music festival here annually. Tickets on sale Sat. and you know who will be there... check it out....

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Eminem never tours... like never... so psyched to see him and pretty much all of these bands.
That's it for today chickadees

Happy Humpin!

Pizza is Forever

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
So there is no topic today other than what I feel like talking about. Like what  is going on right now in my head, because I know you are dying to know the random crap that I am currently thinking. 

Went to my first Pure Barre class last night and let's just say "what in the actual fuck did I get myself into"? This is like the meth home made in the rural back woods of GA of workouts... hard as shit, bring you to your knees and know you want to go back for more. I really don't know anything about the meth... but the barre workout was awful but amazing at the same time. I was pouring sweat, my muscles were shaking like a peach orchard dog... that's southern for shaking real bad and you can guess why. I can see why this works and works fast. You are pretty much shocking your fat into submission and commanding your muscles to step up to the plate. I'm going back for more today.  I did not love the instructor, she led off by saying "you need to learn how to listen really well" as her way of telling us newbies  she wasn't going to be explaining a whole lot. And she didn't. FYI... I'm 43... you don't need to tell me to put my listening ears on honey. Seemed a little condescending to me but she did deliver a great workout so... we'll see. I am very excited to see where I am in 5 weeks!

Blogger... where the hell is my blog feed??? Please put it back where it belongs dumbshits, you are making me go elsewhere to read my favorite blog posts!!!

Speaking of the world... thanks to the bullshit in Iraq which, on the one hand could be beneficial to me, apparently could drive gas price up to $6.00 a gallon here this summer. What am I supposed to do with that?? I won't be able to leave my house, may be cost prohibitive for me to go to work. I need a new vehicle... ugh... but mine is paid for and if I bullet proof it I can maybe pimp it out and drive around some rappers or local celebs. 

My Fitness Pal .... Why do I have to eat all of these calories if I'm not hungry?? And I don't need the explanation on my body going into starvation mode... I get it.  If I eat below my calories during the week and a little over on the weekends shouldn't it balance out? I guess not, I'm in a stall of epic proportions. Maybe Barre will help... something new usually does the trick for me. Here's hopin!!

Girls that have to get permission from their husbands when they want to do something or can only talk via phone and not text (because someone reads their texts) that is not how it's supposed to work. I know I am not one to be giving advice as the happy divorcee but this is not the way it's supposed to be ladies. Not. Good. Are you 12? Is he your Dad?

Dress Yoga Pants for work... why did I not think of this? Genius or loserville? Or is this kind of like pajama jeans?

My daughter  heard me talking with a girlfriend last weekend about the tattoos I would still like to get. I rattled off a list of symbols and things that I like one of which is the infinity symbol (although this is very low on my list because it's pretty common). Her comment.... "Mom, please DO NOT get the infinity, everyone has one of those" said by my nice, sweet 15 yr. old. Always lookin out for my cool factor;) So then I found this on Pinterest this morning and I can't wait to show it to her. Wondering if she will think this is an acceptable twist on the original? 

Because let's face it... shit comes and goes in life... money, jobs, love.
But Pizza... pizza is forever... and you can take that to the bank. 

Am I right?


Monday, June 23, 2014
Well the weekend came and went and now it's back to work on Monday for all of us. I just have a few minutes to wrap up this blog post that I started last night and abandoned in favor of wine and couch snoozing due to overexposure to the blistering sun yesterday/all weekend long. 

It was pretty much the perfect summer weekend for me although not super productive and I didn't go shopping for anything fun. Other than that, perfect. I had kids all weekend although we were all so busy it felt like we didn't see much of each other. Tried a new place for sushi on Friday night and if you live in the North Atlanta area I would highly recommend the Volcano Asian Bistro. It's a new place and they are offering 50% off all sushi rolls this month so we just couldn't pass that up! Olivia shared the Filet Mignon Roll with King Crab, spicy mayo eel sauce and it was excellent. We also shared the Scorpion King Roll which was shrimp tempura and soft shell crab and some chef's special sauce that was awesome. This bitch was a $17.50 regular price roll with 16 pieces... hello $8.75 roll, you were delicious! They also had $2.50 drafts, I didn';t hate that. The littles loved their stuff too... CA Roll for Ava and Sesame Chicken for Spencer. Everybody was happily stuffed.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much the same day... tennis and pool time with a little grillin out on Sunday night. I lost both my matches this weekend... G*& F8$#ing D#$*-It... I hate losing. I played well on Saturday and lost in 3 sets. Then my team and I went to the bar to suck down some Blue Moons and I had the best Mesquite Grilled Chicken sandwich like ever... and I ate the pretzel bun too.  I played shitty on Sunday and lost in 3 sets. But on the upside it was hot as balls out there so I figure I burned a crap ton of calories playing a good four hours of mediocre loser tennis! Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent at the neighborhood pool with friends. Sunday I did finally make my big jug of Pink Panty Pull-Downs (aka beer punch) and my home girl Leigh and I sucked em down poolside with no problem at all, they were delicious. Sunday night the we enjoyed some deck time and grilled Tilapia Tacos ... again....  with Mexican Grilled Corn. If you have never made this, you must... it is to die for. And make sure you use real Cotija cheese... sooo good! So that was about it for me this weekend!

Taking my first Pure Barre class tonight and I can't wait... actually I have classes booked all week. So I have all of my workouts for the week planned out. Need to food prep tonight when I get home! Hope you all have a great Monday!!!
Linking up with Biana and Meghan for some weekending wrap up....

Cheers ladies!


Friday Faves & a lil Back That Azz Up....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Here we are again friends and lovers of Friday!!! I can't decide if this week went slow or fast, it was somewhere in the middle and relatively uneventful for me. But uneventful is never bad in my book. So let's get to what my favorites are this week. It's going to be kinda random again cause ya know... that's pretty much my style over here.

First up... the new Pure Barre studio opened 2 miles from my house yesterday and I am signing up for the 5 week deal today... $99.00 unlimited classes. I think I will love it, cause I am all about lifting, toning and burning my old cougar ass. I kinda had to put this one first because well, duh... our hostess with the mostess Amanda.

I feel like I have left you guys hanging on the online dating front for a hot minute with some funny profile pics. So in honor of some bathroom selfie talk around here this week I thought I would turn you on to a few other selfie trends... the "dirty messy bed" selfie, the "let me stick my tongue in yo face" selfie and the "now you don't see me" blurry selfie. Oh and last but not least the "just all sorts of wrong" selfie. The more you know.... ding dong diiiing!!!!

And I think I am going to make a big batch of Hop, Skip and Go Naked very soon... beer punch. This about sums that up. It's summer time. Just get on my level will ya?

And I found a plethora of funny gifs for y'all today so enough is enough... let's do this...

Who else absolutely loved Rick Astley??? I like this version better...

I used to go to a Pilates studio that had trampoline classes and I always thought the girls in those classes looked stupid. Apparently so did someone else...

I have done a lot of air travel with kids and I always feel like a pack mule and just ready to give up... much like this guy. 

Sometimes I wonder why women folk congregate in the ladies room.... and this is what I think as I am walkin out the door...

And it wouldn't be a Friday Favorites without chicks falling down... heels on ice??? She deserved that.

And in honor of the world cup... best bitch slap and award winning post slap reaction.

And it's so funny how we humans freak out over smaller creatures bahahaha...

I can see the police coming to try and figure out what caused this chick to go flying thru a window... robbery, fire, held up at gunpoint? Nope, she tripped.

I love nerds, work with them all day and their sense of humor is really fucking stupid... like this.

And yes, I am one of those mean Mom's that sometimes laughs when her kids do something klutzy and get hurt. It's funny I swear... look. And you know this kid is pissed because she just got in trouble, and then she's like fuck you Mom, just don't even look at me!!!

Sometimes I think maybe i should skip a Friday Favorites cause there can't be anymore funny gifs out there ....

And I predict this song is going to be white hot this summer. If not I plan to just walk around saying "I Luh Ya Papi" a lot. Either way, J Lo is my woman crush, and we are the same age... damn. I swear ladies, women just get better as we get happier and more comfortable in our own skin. Look at her!!!!


So #backthatazzup to some J Lo with me .

Have an amazing weekend hookers!