Humpday Confessional

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Vodka and Soda

Happy Humpday party people!! I am having a great week so far and I feel like it's just going to get better. I don't know why but I do. Do you ever get that feeling? Like good things are coming??

Ok, so I googled before and after results for Pure Barre cause I'm a Virgo and I need tangible evidence that shit works. This is one of the before and afters I got.... Really???? I get that she's trying to show how fast she bounced back but...
A. This is stooopid and a bit misleading
B. We're happy for you but come on... you didn't gain any weight except for the baby... womp womp... talk to me when you have to wear your husbands slippers cause your feet resemble loaves of wonder bread. 

This one is what I was looking for... Damn....I'll take it!

I confess....I've been eating sandwiches for breakfast. Small ones but real sandwiches with bread... from the bakery section, the good stuff. Mmmmm bread, but just once a day. I overbought at Costco and my kids are not eating enough, can't throw good shit away so...  and I miss bread. 

Best reaction to the World Cup biting incident... Love you Snickers!!!

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I'm really proud of myself for sticking to my fitness goals. I just looked at the calendar and I started back on this path on Monday, April 7th and I have stuck with it. I have worked out at least 3 times, usually more, every week for the last 11 weeks!!! That is flippin huge for me!!! Really you guys, it is for me. It's more and more feeling like a habit now and part of my regular scheduling when I sit down with my calendar and do my planning. This makes me so happy and I will say it again... proud of myself. 

Oh yeah and I officially had to move my hamper out of my closet due to "hamper stank" from sweaty workout clothes. You know you're working out on the reg when you can smell it from another room. 

Barre class number 2 was awesome!! I liked the instructor a lot better than the first one. I can see this fast becoming an addiction. It is an insanely good workout. I'm hooked. I might go broke though. 

I got the nicest, and most out of the blue message last night via FB. When I stepped out of Barre class and checked my phone this is what I found. 

That was from one of my ex-husband's former best guy friends. They are not friends anymore because well, the ex doesn't have many friends left. Pitfalls of being extremely selfish. This guy has been a friend to us for almost 20 years but as in all divorces people sometimes pick sides and I got some flack from the guy friends for doing what I did. And taking what was mine. I did what I had to do, but it is nice to hear from someone when they think you are doing a great job, and they understand... just wow... 

I had to throw someone under the bus a bit at work yesterday for being  #4 & #5 on Kathy's list from yesterday and sucks to be you but, I'm not taking the heat for your incompetance and if you push me too far I will happily point out where you are falling short to my boss and offer to pick up your slack. Cause let's face it folks, there is always someone else who is willing to do your job... in place of you.  

I confess I am still addicted to The Peoples Couch and live tweeting with these boys and the rest of the cast every Tuesday night. I love it that they favorite and re-tweet my shiz. I feel like one of the special couch potatoes. If you are not watching this.. Whyyyyyy????? Serious, it's sooo funny!!!

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And big Atlanta music announcement yesterday and I am super excited. So many people I want to see at Music Midtown this year,  the biggest music festival here annually. Tickets on sale Sat. and you know who will be there... check it out....

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Eminem never tours... like never... so psyched to see him and pretty much all of these bands.
That's it for today chickadees

Happy Humpin!

15 comments on "Humpday Confessional"
  1. awesome list of folks singing. always finding great music in the big ATL.

  2. Never been to music midtown - totally contemplating getting tickets . . . seems like it will be crazy, but fun! Love that kind text . . . we all need to hear when we are doing something well - and good for that guy for recognizing it! And I'm still Twitter stupid. Gah.

  3. What an idiot using a pregnant belly as a before picture. Does not count! But keep rocking the barre and you'll be an after soon enough!

  4. haha i hate when google shows shit that isnt what i'm googling. did she actually say that though, or did it just come up in your search? you better take a before and after, and then when you get to your after, i'll start doing barre. haha. its just so expensive, my husband wont let me do it :( well not 'let me' but he's like wtf?! and now i want a snickers ;)

  5. I love Eminem. He's on my List.

    SERIOUSLY with the pregnant before photo?

    Kudos for your at least 3x/week workouts! You're rocking!

    How awesome to hear from your ex's good guy friend. It's validating in that even though you don't need it it's really nice to hear and really nice of him to reach out.

  6. The Peoples Couch is the best show on TV period - their reactions are so funny - especially the grandmothers! That second PB picture - looks like she got a tan to go along with her results haha!! Glad you're liking it thought!

  7. The pregnant before photo does not count! She gained no weight. Just a baby! Yay for sticking to your fitness goals. :) I had been doing pretty good until we had visitors. Then everything went out the window.

  8. That is a pretty awesome lineup. Although, I feel like Eminem doesn't fit with any of them. Haha

  9. Whoa girl slow it down with your awesome self!!! I've always wanted to try barre classes! But seriously like you said..that first before and after photo??? She was ALL baby. Gah, I just crave bread all day everyday. #carboholic

  10. Hey Amy!! I am so happy the barre class went well!! I think I may want to go to one now!! :) And that message your ex's friend left you is beyond sweet!! I wish there were move festivals around my area.. I mean sometimes there are in Manhattan, but I seriosuly dont want to schlep over there... Train rides in the Summer? No thanks lol! And Virgos are very meticulous and I totally see it, it in a good way!! ;) hagd Amy and talk soon!! XOXO


  11. That is definitely the best ad regarding Luis Suarez!! Haha

  12. Amy I am literally watching The People's Couch right now LOL, that show is the best. And I have heard SOO much about Pure Barre, I am dying to try it, but I'm with you on the first picture, I don't really think pregnancy should be used as before and after, I just don't. But the second picture? Nailed it.

    PS: I LOVEEE your blog look - the layout is awesome

  13. That Facebook message you got was so sweet! :)

  14. all of those artists are coming to your town? JEALOUS. also, i'll boot those #4 and 5 bitches in front of the bus in 2 seconds flat. ain't nobody got time fo' dat!!

    Vodka and Soda

  15. Okay the one with the pregnant girl is so bad. I mean where she's pregnant it still looks like her sides are all toned, obviously she just had the baby and there she was.


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