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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Vodka and Soda

Well looka here,  it's Wednesday again. Does anyone else feel like a hamster on a fucking wheel lately besides me? It's the weirdest thing because my routine is all out of sorts (summer) which should make me feel the opposite right? I think my point is I just feel like I'm going and going and going right now and not making a damn bit of progress. And I'm really not, to the point that it is laughable because of the fact that I really am trying. As opposed to a lot of other times where I give zero fucks and just pretend to be trying. I am feeling decidedly angry lately too which I hate. Pissy that things are not progressing according to my grand plan. And yes I have a grand plan, I just veer off course on the reg. So enough of that, time to adjust the sails that's all. The destination is the same, course may just be a little different for now.

As for the confessing... here goes nothin...

I confess that I met a friend of a friend at a tennis match this past weekend who was really "not my cup of tea". Our mutual friend has been trying to get us together for some time. I really could not stand this individual. So much so that I semi-agreed to meet them for drinks and a quick bite to eat afterward and instead just went home. And I don't care.

People that don't return calls or respond to texts for days really fucking piss me off. And if I ever do it I am sorry. I try really hard not to. Because it's rude. Unless you're dead or dying all it says is the only person that matters to you is you. Oh,  and also that you're an  asshole. My ex-husband invented this category of people, it's a shame that so many people fall into it.

This is a horrible confession... you know how there is all sorts of bad stuff happening in Iraq right now? Insurgents capturing towns and such? Ok... I wouldn't normally know that much about it either but I have my one friend who works over there so I pay attention (aka he tells me). He just went back like 2 weeks ago and was supposed to be there until October. Well... he just got evacuated to Dubai and will be likely heading back to GA for a bit. I am sorry Iraq, but this does not suck for Amy:)

I confess I am still doing The Shred even though it's been way longer than 30 days. I just like it and I don't make have time to do it for 30 days consecutively cause I'm a loser so I just keep going with it. The part 3 workout seriously makes me want to cry because I just can't do some of the moves. Like sit ups, full blown sit ups... I can't fucking do them. I don't know if it's my back or my stomach or my ginormous head... can't do it. But I can do plank rows, plank jacks, walk out push ups... yeah... so Fuck You sit ups. I hate you.

Sorry for the rant, I feel better now:)

Happy Humpday!

17 comments on "Humpday Confessions and Stuff"
  1. I'm so impressed you are still doing The Shred! It must be a good one!

  2. I completely agree with the texts/phone calls! It drives me bat shit crazy.

  3. Hey Amy!!! I'm telling you its that darn moon!! It has everything backwards and tempers flaring!! Glad your friend is getting to come back to GA for a bit too!! ;)


  4. hahaha that sit up gif though... thats totally me!

  5. Freaking hilarious - love the gifs!

  6. I love the gifs and I agree with ya on the texting and calling thing. shit pisses me off when you know the person has their phone right beside them. i mean, really?

  7. hahaha---this made me laugh! That poor girl--wonder what she thought! And I'm a little annoyed when people don't respond, I keep checking my phone constantly until they do! Rude.

  8. Oooo what's "The Shred?" I need a new way to kick my ass haha. And that's hilarious about that hook-up your mutual friend tried to do. I know whether or not I'll get along with a person probably within that first meeting. I'm huge on first impressions so moral of the story, don't fuck it up the first time around hahaha.

  9. LOL! #byefelicia to the friend. Funny shiz. And I'm super happy soldier boy will be coming back into town for a spell . . . yay you! And the highest of fives for keeping up with the Shred . . . at home workouts make me bored. And then I get lazy. And then I just don't. Boo.

  10. People who dont text back or text back hours later really really annoy me!

  11. Why waste your time with someone you don't like? #byefelicia

    I'm glad your soldier friend will be returning!

  12. It's always awkward when you don't like a friend of a friend, but there are just some people you won't eve like. I think its hilarious you ditched them. :)

  13. I can't stand when it takes people forever to respond to calls. I say 24 hours is a good rule when it comes to work stuff... you gotta look shit up and whatnot. I try to call back the same day whenever possible though... mostly b/c I don't want people fucking blowing my phone up so I like to nip it in the bud, haha!

  14. I also hate when people don't return calls or texts - and then when they do it's like I should understand that they have stuff happening in their lives and all I'm thinking is "Whatever, you've moved to the bottom of my friend list" lol

  15. I'm a hamster on a wheel too this week!! yuck, sucks! I hate when people dont' return texts or calls but I just remember that shit for next time and make them wait.

  16. for situps, start with using your arms to propel you. lay back, arms stretched out behind your head and as you come up, bring both arms forward and towards your feet. keep doing this and you'll get stronger to a point that you don't need your arms anymore.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  17. You're not a loser if you're still doing it. 30 consecutive days or not, that shit is difficult! Kudos to you for keeping on it!


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