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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Helene in Between

Time to hook up with two of my favorite ladies in blogland for a little total social-ness and a post about a favorite thing or two of yours truly... moi.

So when Sarah and Helene said we could link up anything in the whole wide world that we would consider a favorite my mind semi-exploded with the possibilities. I mean I am typically not hard to please, ba dum tss... it's really true. I have tons of favorite things... wine, lipgloss, tennis, creme soda, pumpkin pie, jeeps with no doors, beards... the list goes on and on. But for the purposes of this post I thought I would go with two... an all time and a current favorite of mine. So I give you...

Grilled Cheese and Tattoos 

These are without a doubt 2 of my favorite things and here's why. Grilled cheese  and I go way back and I can always count on grilled cheese to be there for me when I really need it. You can find grilled cheese pretty much anywhere you go in some form or fashion. The possibilities for creating one are endless in fact... I like endless possibility foods. It is the ultimate comfort food which is also my favorite food group. I am one hundred percent positive that I could live on cheese and bread and wine alone and be a very happy person. In fact there have been periods of my life when I actually have and I am not ashamed to say it. Like pretty much last summer, post divorce, give or take some risotto and mac and cheese. Grilled cheese can be made with any combo of bread and cheese, a little butter and a frying pan. It's hot, crispy, ooey, gooey, cheesy buttery deliciousness and my favorite food on the planet. One of them anyway.  

Tattoos and I have a budding romance but so far they have not let me down either.  In writing this post I actually see that they have a lot of similarities with my other favorite thing, grilled cheese. Although we don't have as much history (I have 3 vs. hundreds of grilled cheese under my belt... literally) they too have endless possibilities. I am one of those lucky people who feel a little euphoric and high when I am getting inked. Now I don't have any huge tattoos and I have never had to sit for more than about 45 minutes but still, I dig the way it feels. Kind of like comfort food makes you feel. Now,as I said, I only have 3 but I am 100% positive that I am getting more. You can get a tattoo in pretty much any city on the planet and with any type of design that makes your little heart skip a beat. They are creative, beautiful, artistic, maybe colorful, tell a story, whimsical and meaningful to the wearer. I love the ones I have and they give me pleasure everytime I look at them. Definitely one of my current favorite things. The hard part for me is always deciding what to get next, hmmmm.... and then I stumbled upon this....

There is actually a chain of bar/restaurants in OH called The Melt Bar and Grilled that specializes in , you guessed it, Grilled Cheese. They also have a loyal cult following and if you get one of 3 approved Melt logos tattooed on your body you become an official member of the family and receive 25% off for life. This sounds like my kind of place... adding it to the bucket list. 

Tattoo #2 - Bill Freley, Artist: Matt Simmons, Classic Tattoo in North Olmsted

Cheers to Favorites!

11 comments on "#FavTotalSocial with Sarah & Helene"
  1. Grilled cheese is like a solid old friend.

    I'm tapped out at two tattoos. I do like them a lot but won't get more.

    1. Me too! I just got my second, and while I'm happy with both, I just feel satisfied with what I have already.

  2. At my first job (in a restaurant), the first food item they ever let me make was a grilled cheese with tomato and onion. I was beyond excited, and insisted that they let me make my own food whenever I got a meal there and it wasn't busy.

  3. Grilled cheese is the best now I wish I wasnt clean eating and could make them for dinner! I have 3 tatts to but want so many more.

  4. Grilled cheese is my fave! I don't want any more tattoos myself but love them on other people.

  5. Grilled cheese never disappoints

  6. grilled cheese! perfect comfort food. i love putting tomato on mine too :)

  7. At first I forgot whos blog I was reading and then it all made perfect sense!

  8. I have 4 tattoos and I really want to get one of them updated later this year, it needs a refresh and overhaul- any tips?!

    1. Hi Jamie! How fun! Find someone who is has examples of good cover up work in their portfolio and pick something you really love!! And send me a pic!! Good luck!

  9. Grilled cheese is the best! I'm not sure I'd be able to get a tattoo in honor of it, but I do sure love me some cheese ;)


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