Humpday Confessionzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Vodka and Soda

I just can't let Wednesday get by me without a little confessional with Kathy!!

To all the General Contractors who email me asking me questions about what's included in the proposal I just sent you... read the fucking proposal I just sent you!!! I itemize it line by line so it is clear to the average moron like yourself. Stop huffing...

My ex and I have been getting along really well lately but his lack of paying child support is the main cause of all... ALL... of my anxiety. It makes me so angry when I let myself think about it and being angry all the time sucks major balls. I said ugly things about it last night in front of my kids and I feel like a real piece of shit. But... oh well.

I haven't cut my hair in a little over a year and I made an appointment yesterday with my girl for next week. I am super psyched to cut some off and freshen it up a little. I already also feel guilty about spending the money on myself. But I am really starting to feel like this all of the time...

The last 10 men I have met/gone out with have or are boring me to tears. What is wrong with you people??? I mean it seems that personality is really hard to come by these days. Plus I think I am just too preoccupied with my life which makes me flat out ignore the boring ones.

And a side note to that one... single men my age don't really ask women out on dates anymore... at all. They just say stupid shit like "when am I going to meet you"? I think they think that since we are older we should just skip right ahead to the other stuff.  Remember the pilot? He's still asking me that via the occasional random text. Younger single men however, do ask women out on dates. Tough break old farts....

I bought mulch last night ... 3 bags... and made my kids do some gardening. They need to do more work around the house I have decided. Unfortunately for them that means about another 10 bags of mulch to go. But it sure does look pretty!

I got some free clothing from a really cool website and I need to write a blog post review... complete with pics of me in the clothes. Eeeek!! I am no fashion blogger and this is really stressing me out. I actually have to ask some one to take pics of me too... shit's gettin real. But FREE cute new outfit so YAY!!!!

And last but not least I am irrationally over excited that they are building a brand new Taco Bell  a mile from my house, next to my QuikTrip and my favorite Grocery store and across the street from my favorite liquor store. I guess Karma's only a bitch if you are:)

13 comments on "Humpday Confessionzzzzzzzzzzzz"
  1. I feel super weird reviewing clothes as I am so clearly not a fashionista. LOL.

    People who do not pay child support really really really chap my ass. I'm raging for you.

  2. The no child support thing is really freaking frustrating. I have a hard time biting my tongue sometimes! My ex likes to tell me hes made a payment through DHR but they are "losing" his payments...I smell BS!

  3. I have to finally do a fashion post as well and I'm freaking out about it! I like that you made your kids do some yard work. Shows them people need to work for nice things and they arent just given to them.

  4. haha to the first one - oh my gosh what about the people who you email and then they call immediately to ask a question, like does your reply button not work? oh free clothing, you awesome thing you! which shop? everyone is getting free clothes lately, boo i want some!

  5. I can't wait for your fashion post! So jealous about your free clothes! I love how you had your kids do yard work too. Genius. Lol.

  6. THAT INTERVENTION EPISODE IS MY FAVORITE!!! Free clothes? Can't waaitt!

  7. Totally feel you on the child support thing my daughter is 20 and my ex still owes a ton from not paying when she was little.

  8. um, if places sent me clothes, i'll pretend to be a fashion blogger. YOU HEAR ME FASHION COMPANIES? SEND ME FREE SHIT PLEASE AND THANKS.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  9. Love that you're telling it like it is, Some people are just too difficult to work with. They make you wanna scream at them! I mean- Look at the freaking piece of paper that I just gave you!! Spend a little money on yourself, you deserve it!

    1. Thanks!!! I try to keep it real up in hurrrr!!!

  10. Yay for haircuts - I too am in need of one and don't feel guilty about spending a little on yourself!! I hate when people don't read through their emails...please let me explain it to you AGAIN!!

  11. Ohhh I don't know if I could fashion blog! I am so not fashionable but wish I was!

  12. I hate cutting my hair because I feel like they always cut too much off and I have separation anxiety lol


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