Friday Favorites

Friday, July 18, 2014

I am so behind schedule today folks so I am hjust gonna bust a few things out here right quick so I don't break my linking streak with Miss Amanda cause that would be tragic!!! On it's just not Friday without some favorite things!! 

Favorite Recipe to try over the weekend... 
Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken in my inbox today from Seriously folks I haven't cooked in like 2 weeks and I can't wait to plug in my crock pot tomorrow and make this! 5 ingredients?? Done and done. 

Favorite People... these 3 goofballs. I picked them up last night and we were all so excited to see each other... and starving. We hit the house to check out our new floors (which are freaking awesome) drop off some stuff and headed back to the hotel for dinner and a swim. Turns out Thursday night dinner was ice cream sundaes. Nobody hated it!

yes that is my wine

Favorite New Things.... Remember that Kate Spade giftbag I got the other night that I posted on IG? Well this was what was in it. My new favorite little crossbody bag aptly named the Amy in chili red. Also it was from one of my other favorite people:)

My New Floors... I am beyond thrilled with the way they turned out and I can't believe that for once in my life something bad happened and it actually turned out to have a good ending. That usually is not the case for me!!!

My New Planner ... Yes I bit the bullet and bought one... an Erin Condren with a discount code!!! I have so many days with multiple activities for kids, work, personal it is really hard to see it all in my phone. Gonna try it old school for awhile. I just loved the mermaid, she reminded me of me a little. 

And last but certainly not least some funny stuff....

I know this is really bad but the last little bit gets me every time... 

Every summer someone effs this up... good one Mariah. You suck!

More "Haters Gonna Hate" ...

This is just plain awesome...

She looks so surprised but ya kinda knew where this was going....

Rock on...


And some epic catwalk fails...

Hope y'all have a great weekend. See ya on the flipside!

1 comment on "Friday Favorites"
  1. The crock pot is a lifesaver~ That woman whooped some ass!


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