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October Wallet Watch - I Got This....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
So if you come here with any regularity whatsoever you know that I am always Brokey McBrokerson. I am stuck in a house that I cannot afford  because of some legal issues with my ex-bag of doucheliciousness.  I don't think I should get into it here because someday soon we will be back in court. Having said that I am the epitome of house poor and kid poor... they pretty much suck all of the money right out of me. But there are some things that I could be doing better on financially and I freely admit that. I often sometimes very occasionally feel sorry for myself and my #singlemomproblems and spend money on things just to make myself feel good and/or not poor. Which I am really not,well sort of,  I just need to adjust my living sitch and downsize... like way, way down. And possibly definitely get a better paying job that I don't hate but that's another post. 

I have been thinking about jumping on this October Wallet Watch bandwagon with Steph and well, it's time to put my money where my mouth is. Quite literally actually because my focus for my personal wallet watch is going to be food and drink/eating out. The way I see it is that most of my living expenses are fixed or at least somewhat controlled. The grocery bill and eating out is something that is totally within my control. But it is also very easy to let it get out of control when you don't have a plan. I think if I work a little harder on this it will leave more extra money for the fun stuff. 

So here is my plan. My 5 rules:

1. No shopping without a list and/or veering off said list. I am famous for stopping at the grocery after work for a gallon of milk for the next days breakfast and walking out with some oreos, fancy cheese, a baguette, some protein bars, wine.... you get the picture. To keep myself honest I am going to commit to posting some side by side list/receipt pics periodically. 

2. Make 3 double duty meals at home a week. That means leftovers from meal 1 can be another meal. This could be anything really. Pancakes and waffles are great for this. Super cheap to begin with and if I make a double batch on Sunday morning I have leftovers for weekday breakfast. Saves time too, 

3. Before making a list check the sale flyer online. Don't blindly plan meals, plan around the local store specials. If chicken is on sale we are eating chicken. If pork roast is on sale... same. If money is really tight and pasta is BOGO we go meatless!

4. Alcohol. No weekday drinking/purchasing alcohol. Weekend purchases limited to one bottle of wine or beer purchase within reason (not a 36 pack). This means if my lush face chugs all the wine on Friday night I'm out, cheers to the freakin dry weekend. No liquor period. Bye bye cute tiny bottles of Fireball. Think ahead to how much more I will enjoy Pumpkin Pie Martini's in November. 

5. No eating out and/or takeout that costs more than $20 (for the fam.). Believe it or not this can be done if you look for BOGO coupons, places where kids eat free, don't order alcohol, shop online deals, eat at QuikTrip, etc. We don't eat out much but we do love our pizza and sushi... maybe some Dunkin Donuts once a month. 

I am going to save all of my receipts for the month because I honestly have no idea how much it really costs to feed my family. So this is kind of a first step toward getting on a budget for me and know where my money is going.

*** If anyone invites me out to eat or drink on their dime I'm getting drunk and ordering a big fat steak cause then the rules don't apply.*** 

Do you have any other tips for me on how you save money on your grocery bill?

Life According to Steph

Wish me luck!

Weekending.... Fireball, Bacon & Puppies

Monday, September 29, 2014
I don't even know where this weekend went! It was quick and dirty as they say. Not really but quick anyway. Again it was rather uneventful because, no money. There was no apple picking cause the weather was hit or miss and the last thing I was craving was apple picking in the rain with 3 kids. . Plus the temps range from pleasantly cool to scorchingly hot as balls. I got sunburned at Ava's game on Saturday when it was cloudy and drizzling when we got there. Hello schizo GA weather.

I was a horrible blogger too as in I only took a handful of pictures. None too exciting either. Mostly dogs, food and alcohol & sports. Sorry, but that about sums it up right there.

Oh except for one thing.... I won my tennis match and broke my 5 or 6 match loser streak!!! Yee haw and hell yeah!!! The tennis Gods were shining down on me and it felt glorious.... ahhhhhhhhhh.

And last night to celebrate I made the most delish plate of deviled eggs, one of my most favorites, with horseradish and bacon and a few pickles.

Ava and I finally decided to erase our summer chalkboard in favor of a quote that seems to just fit for us right now. Because we are perfectly imperfect in our house and that's the way we like it.

And to round out the weekend there was fireball and bacon and puppies. And the stupidest duckface I could muster to cheer up a friend in a far away land. And there you would have it. The weekend. Ba dum tsssss.

Cheers! How was your weekend?


Linking up with the beautiful Biana:)

Oh Hey Friday! First Fall Weekend Official

Friday, September 26, 2014
Well, well, well.... here we are again. The end of another glorious September week and the end of September pretty much too. Is it just me or are the weeks just completely flying by lately? I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that we are nearing the end of the year... and I made it.... or am at least muddling thru somehow.

And since it's Friday I am going to link up with Amy & Karli and pick my 5 for the week. So hey guess what? It's apple season so I am thinking it's about time to hit one of the 5000 farms in N. GA and go pick some with my little farmhands. Cause apparently it's the thing to do right now, and they all sell pies,and caramel apples and fritters and butters so... farm fresh food. Maybe I could even meet myself a farmer!! Fingers crossed!

FSU takes on unranked NC State this weekend and I just pray there is no Shame-Us Jameis drama and not a repeat of the last time we met on their home field when we blew a 16-0 lead only to lose and 17-16 destroy our season. May the Gods of football be with us. Amen.

Florida State vs. NC State: Complete Game Preview

Maybe I am the only one who has not seen this yet but I about peed my pants watching it. I love prank videos and this is so stupid it's brilliant. And I love seeing people get the shit scared out of them. Please take 3 minutes and watch this....

And last but not least someone tagged me in this on IG and it's just so perfect. At least to me, for me, right now. Words to live by for sure.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Yours truly, flawed and fabulous, 

A Bird in the Bush.... or some shit

Thursday, September 25, 2014

You know that old stupid saying? "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Well I hate that saying because I am stubborn and I want all the birds. But in the case of money I'll take whatever I can get. Apparently the people I owe don't feel that way and I just don't get it!

In the past few weeks I have gotten 3, yes THREE checks in the mail from companies I OWE money to. Yes, you read that right. Now you all know my sitch over here, broke single Mom, blah, blah, blah. I will freely and do often admit that I am behind on my shit and until I can make some rather large life changes that will likely be the case. But... and I think it's a big BUT.... I am trying. I am trying desperately to pay my bills and at least not get further behind than I already am.

So sometimes when I can't pay the full amount I owe I do something really, insane. It's so off the wall ridiculous I can't even believe I'm going to admit it here on the interwebz but....

(please click here for full effect)


There I said it. Go ahead and click that sound effect again. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Well as it turns out lots of companies don't want to take my money unless I can make my payments in full. Apparently my measly couple hundreds bucks here and there creates an accounting nightmare for someone. Really?? How about applying it to the balance on what I owe you.  Cause if someone owes me money and they say they can pay me half, even a dumb Po-lock like me is gonna take the cash! Cause guess what? If I don't I have nothing in my hand or my bush. Wait... what? You know what I mean. 

So I guess I have to call these companies before I make partial payments and tell them that I am making said payment and to please apply it to my account. Because they can't figure it out when I only have one account and the account number is included with the payment. I'm not even kidding. Who in the hell makes phone calls? Can I at least email you??? Huh??? I think it's shitty considering the number of people that straight up just bail on bills that any company wouldn't try to work with someone who is honestly going thru a rough time but making an effort. 

So I am sending out a big FU to all of you companies that keep sending me my money back. And to the companies that will work with me, hey guess what?  I have a little extra for you this month!

And the real moral of the story here is that apparently someone still wants what they think might be in my bush. So.... Yay Me!!!!

It's Humpday!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Confessional time with Kathy....

I haven't spoken to my ex in over a week. We had a huge fight and I decided to take a page out of his playbook and go dark. As in he texts me, I don't respond. At all. Nothing. He's been doing this to me for years. This week has been ah-mazing. Why didn't I think of this sooner? #onceyougoblack

And on a related note....

I drove my daughter to Justice at 8:00 last night to buy her something to wear for picture day. She had a complete melt down and before you judge, hear me out. This kid never complains, at least not much. She is also daughter #2 and kid #3 so although she has a lot of clothes it's mostly hand me downs. I get tons of stuff from friends/neighbors for her. Since my budget is so tight there is not much room for new stuff. I am not sure what happened but she just lost it, there were tears, hiccuppy ugly crying curled up on my lap. Very out of character and my gut feeling was it was not about picture day. Sometimes their stress comes out in weird ways too, just like us grown ups. So we went shopping and she got a new, sparkly "cool kid" shirt to wear for pics today and I got to be the coolest Mom in the world... after my heart almost broke in half when my 8 year old cried about her complicated life! And she wasn't being a brat... it's really been a little complicated. Don't ever think your kids don't know what's really going on, they do! #itscomplicated

I didn't even send in the order form for picture day. Ooops. It's not really about that anyway. Clearly. #momoftheyear

The guy who sits next to me and does nothing all day is in Spain this week with one of the partners for business. God only knows why, cause he's a moron. Seriously considering turning his desk drawers upside down. At the very least there will be scotch tape on the mouthpiece of his phone and the optical receiver on his mouse. He's so dumb that should keep him busy for awhile. Hey, I watched a lot of the office. #ihatelookingatyourfaceiwanttosmashit

I've had grilled cheese for dinner a lot more than any other food lately. #onceithitsyourlipsitssogood

I'm thinking I need to do another 30 day challenge with one of my favorite Fitspo's over at Four Fit Sisters. #grilledcheeseisnotmyfriend

Vodka and Soda

Who's ready for wine?


See My City - Link Up

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey Y'all... I am linking up & co-hosting with Jess today at Livin' on Sweet Tea and Natalie at Natalie Blair for another installment of the See My City Link Up fall edition. If you would like to join us just post about 5 things to do in your town or area during the fall, or some native fall decor, or fall traditions... anything fall really! You pick.... cause who doesn't love fall??? The link up will be open all week!

So I am going to just let you know about a few cool things to do in the Atlanta area during the fall. Some of these you could actually go see anytime but fall just happens to be the best in my opinion.  

The Historic Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta, GA

Ok so you might think this is a weird one but I love history and architecture and old stuff in general. Boom... this place is a triple threat for me and it's right downtown. You can take tours here year round but only during the month of October do the gates stay open after dark for Halloween tours. Some of Atlanta's famous and legendary folks and founding fathers are permanent residents here, most of which you would not know unless you live here. Margaret Mitchell is probably one of the most well known. There are also nearly 3000 unknown Confederate soldiers buried here, some since the civil war, others were moved from battlefields after the war was over. Lots of history and an absolutely hauntingly beautiful place.

The Cumming Country Fair and Festival - Cumming, GA

I am sure that every little town in America has some sort of fall festival and mine is no different. We actually have a really really good one and it lasts for about 10 days in October. It's your typical fair with the big trucks that come rolling in and all the carny people along with them, set up the rides, food trucks, freak shows and the like. I love that shit and my kids are finally old enough to really get into the big rides. I won't lie, it's usually my one funnel cake for the year and maybe those spiral sliced potatoes too. Mostly it just feels like fall and it's the best people watching possibly for the entire year. The fair brings out all kinds!!!

This is my favorite things to ride, the chairlift... because wimp.

It really does look like this where I live... I love it here!

Oktoberfest - Helen, GA

This is about an hour north of Atlanta or so, a little less for me but they have a tiny Alpine looking village in the North GA mountains that really looks like Germany. I think, at least what Southerners think Germany looks like. Every weekend in October people flock here from all over to see the changing leaves, walk the streets, drink beer and eat sauerkraut. I have downed a few pitchers there myself a time or two. It's always a good time and also just smacks of fall in the Atlanta area.

Oh yeah, there is a river running thru the town that you can tube down too. And then drink more beer.

Burt's Farm - Dawsonville, GA

Also a must see just a little north of Atlanta. Burt's is a tradition for us. Back in the day we used to get a giant pumpkin but I just can't see $40 on a pumpkin anymore so now we just get your basic carving pumpkin and maybe a few gourds and a treat or two. We really just go cause it's fun to see hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins all in one place. They have every variety there is too... white, green, Cinderella, covered with warts... you name it. Makes for some great photo ops too. If you go make sure you get the pumpkin butter and take the hay ride.

It looks like this only with about 500 more people!

The Cheesecake Factory - Atlanta, GA

And.... I know this is not really an Atlanta thing but I look forward to it every year. Pumpkin pecan cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. I love all things pumpkin, and all things cheesecake I don't hate either. And did I mention it's cheesecake on top of pecan pie? Yeah... don't hate that either!

What goes on in your neck of the woods for fall?

Livin' On Sweet Tea

Get Up for Gameday in Tallahassee

Friday, September 19, 2014

Doing something a little different this Friday and linking up with Sarah cause I am pretty much all football all the time right now. As in Noles, Falcons, Lions, Spartans, my Fantasy Team... yeah all of those guys. It's a big day for FSU tomorrow as we take on Clemson in what is always a big rivalry match up. If you happen to be heading to Tally lucky you, say Hi to all of my friends... womp womp... cause I'll be in Atlanta watching from my couch.

If you are in Tally make sure you hit the Friday Night Block Party aka The Downtown Get Down. It's food, music, the marching band, the cheerleaders... basically like going to the game without going to the game. And there's beer.

Oh and ESPN will be there broadcasting live for Gameday so it's gonna  look a lil something like this on Saturday morning, so make sure you stop by for that.

So you can see Mr. Lee Corso, FSU alum, pick the Seminoles once again....

If you are not sure what to wear, have no fear, we like glitter in Tally so feel free to cover yourself in it or at least find these guys for a photo op. They are slightly famous, the Glitter Guys.

But if you want to see this doofus you will have to wait until the second half because his azzz will be riding the bench until then.... ya heard!!!!

So looks like tomorrow this guy gets the start of his career. Make me proud Sean. I won't mind looking at him for 2 quarters at all.

Everybody have a great weekend and GO NOLES!!!!!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Perspective & Insanity

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Perspective is a beautiful thing. It gives us the opportunity to stand back and look at things from a distance. I have mentioned before that I feel like I am stuck  in the same place, like I'm on the treadmill for the last few years. And the crazy thing is, is that I have perspective. I can see what I am doing wrong, why I am stuck, but taking the steps to change it is terrifying me. It all really hinges on fear, fear of the unknown. What if I step off  or lose my footing and become like one of those hilarious treadmill gifs... pants pulled down, shoes flying across the room? The thought of this gives me major anxiety, the thought of failing miserably that is. So, I shove it back in, pretend it's not happening, have a glass of wine, go see my doc and get something for the anxiousness that is crippling. And then I can function. Mostly function anyway. Cause I just stay on the treadmill doing the same thing but hoping for a different outcome.

I think this may in fact be the textbook definition of insanity. Lol... honestly I am starting to feel a little crazy. More than usual anyway. But I am working on it....

On a lighter note, at least any stupid idiotic think I might do will not end up making national news... thank God! Here is someone else who should also have some perspective, our beloved Heisman winning quarterback at FSU, Jameis Winston. What in the hell is wrong with this kid??  Will he never learn? He's suspended for the first half of the Clemson game this Saturday for standing on a table in the student union yelling out this little nugget....

Really Jameis? What in the hell are you thinking man? Maybe he's insane. 

Go Noles!

Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh lawd lots I could be confessin up in here this week. Like if I could pick a theme song for myself right now it would def be Shake it Off. I love this song, never thought I would say that about a T-Swift tune.

This week, I wish you were over already. But I must say, one day with no phone calls from you know who and I am already feeling much better.

FU people who keep butting into my business. And just because you say "I'm just trying to help or mediate" doesn't make it ok. It's not your business.

I had 892 page views yesterday as opposed to my normal 300 or so. Does anyone know why this happens every once in awhile? I can't figure it out but it happens periodically. Weird. 

I got something in the mail yesterday that was a total GOOD surprise. I open the mail with dread in my soul every day because it's usually a bill of some sort or a debt related correspondence thanks ex-douchebag. And since my bday has passed I wasn't expecting any gifts but I think what I got may be a blessing in disguise. I don't want to jinx it. But it involves $$$$$$$. Woohoo!!!!

All the men in my life that I am not related to by blood can go suck a bag of dicks. Each and every one of you is pissing me the fuck off. So... yeah... ugh. 

My teenager is so wise beyond her years, I just can't believe I made her. I was upset and teary on Monday and she was comforting ME, which seems wrong I know but it was so sweet. We were talking about moving and I said "what if we have to live somewhere awful?" and she plainly looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said "then we'll make it great... we'll make it fun". I have the most amazing kids, truly. 

Of course I am linking up with Kathy today as always.... so hump this Ian. 

Vodka and Soda

Oh and hey guess what??? If you don't have anything else going on please join me on Monday Sept. 22 for the See My City Link up with Jess and Natalie to talk about 5 things in your city that go on during the most glorious of seasons... Fall. You can click on this and get all the deets!!

Livin' On Sweet Tea

Happy Humpday... and thanks for all the love yesterday:)

I Miss Having A Husband

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
There. I said it. 

For all of my anti-marriage, ex-husband bashing, love stinks ranting and raving.... I miss having a husband. A spouse. A person to share some percentage of the daily burdens and work and decision making. A person to look at and say "I just can't do this can you please handle this one?". God I miss that. 

I have been spending a lot of too much time lately wondering if I've made the right decisions. Wondering what my life would be like right now, this very second, if I had stayed married. How would it be different? Should I have tried harder, stayed longer, stuck it out because I'm Catholic and we don't divorce? Spending too much time talking to my ex conjures all of this stuff up in my brain. You see, he blames me for giving up,  for walking away... and he is still so angry. In an attempt to avoid going back to court we have been trying to talk some things out. Which is not good as we will likely never see eye to eye on matters related to the divorce. Never. I am pretty sure if I had stayed my life now would be some sort of worse version of what it was years ago when I decided to end my marriage. 

Rationally I know that when I make a big decision I have to commit to it and not look back. The reality is I am horrible at this. I don't want to make big decisions alone. I want to do it with someone, or better yet have someone just tell me what to do. And try as I might I can't get anyone to tell me what to do but sure as shit I can find a hundred people who will say "I can't tell you what to do". Except for my ex of course, he loves to tell me what to do. Because according to him what I do and the way I think makes absolutely no sense and is completely selfish. He's right about that part but if I don't look out for me who else is going to??? I have made all of my big decisions based on what's best for me and my kids. Not him. And I'm sorry, I feel horrible but I just can't anymore. 

I don't even know what this post is about other than me complaining about how hard shit is and whining about having to be a grown up. So I say I miss having a husband because in theory he is supposed to alleviate some of the stress of the big stuff in life. In reality mine made me want to bash my head against the wall repeatedly in frustration. But still, there were the times when just knowing someone else was there made things easier. Even if that someone was horribly flawed and mostly completely certifiable, there is still some comfort in not being totally alone. Which I am not in that I have family and friends but you know what I mean.

That's it for my pity party today. Now I am going to go make a list, on the advice of one of my wise girlfriends, of 5 things... just 5 that I need to do that will get me moving in the direction that I need to go. Wish me luck!

Weekending: Feels Like Fall

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey hey... it's Monday again people! Linking up with Biana again....I was in a great mood until I got to work and people started annoying me. Immediately. It's how you know when you just generally hate your job. But that is not something I need to think about today. So how about a little, as in very little weekend re-cap? I am afraid that in my effort to never spend unnecessary money, eat and drink less, my life has become exceedingly boring. But I am actually doing better with the budgeting and bill paying so apparently boring has it's benefits.

The kids and I went out for sushi Friday night since one of our favorite local spots had rolls 50% off. Seriously, that just makes me want 2 of everything but it was delish!

We followed that up with lazin around and just hanging out at home together. Saturday was football and shopping followed by more football. Olivia and I checked out the new Costco for catering supplies for my tennis match on Sunday. It's been open for two whole weeks but it was still a zoo. But dang it I love that place. I even scored a super cute packable (as in squishes down to nothing) down jacket for $39.99. These are easily over $100 anywhere else I've seen them. Perfect for GA winters and it comes with a little nylon bag so I can throw the whole thing in my tote.

Andrew Marc Ladies’ Packable Down Jacket-Gray

Saturday night I became an official fan of one of the coaches I have never really liked. Mr. Steve Spurrier. Did anyone see the Gamecocks whoop ass on the Bulldogs Saturday night??? Holy balls that was a good game. Now you might think because I live in GA I am a big Dawg fan but, not so much. I always love a game where an underdog comes out and kicks ass, even though it was painful for a lot of my friends. Props to Spurrier... it was good coaching and smart playing!

Sunday it was unseasonably cool here and by that I mean like 30 degrees cooler than the sweat fest we had on Saturday. I had a tennis match that took 3 hours and resulted in a giant "L" for loser. My feet are effing killing me today from all of the running, jumping, stopping and starting. I definitely burned off Saturday's beers! But it was good to get out there and play a competitive match, especially in the cooler temps. See, I don't even look mad.

Sunday evening I came home to a big crock pot full of chicken-y goodness. The first cool fall day warrants a warm meal in the crock pot and my eldest begged for chicken and dumplings and who am I to say no to a simple, easy, comfort food meal? Never.

Did anyone else get a taste of fall weather this weekend?