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Girls Who Wear Glasses...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Well hey there! I missed a couple of days here this week due to  thee ole day of turkey and family and friends and holidays and all of that. So I thought it would be fun to try a Saturday post and a product review.... dun dun dunnnnn. I never do these but here lately I have been getting lucky not like that and some nice folks want to give me free shit. Which I will gladly take.  So when Firmoo contacted me about a free pair of glasses I said "Hellz Yeah" cause glasses can make you look smart and hot and sexy.  I actually don't wear glasses anymore cause I got the Lasik awhile ago but it's starting to wear off and I might need some in the future cause... granny blogger here. So I decided to go ahead and take Firmoo up on their offer and get me some new sexy glasses. Oh and of course review them for you... and they are saweeeeet!!!!

So I went to their website and tried the Virtual Look Viewer. You can upload your picture there and virtually "try on" a whole bunch of different styles to see what suits you. Which I did and here is what I ended up with... the F1007.

I LOVE them!!! You get a beautiful case, a pouch and a cleaning cloth. They might just be my new favorite accessory:)   And here is the very best part. You can try them out too. Please  follow this link and get you some for free! Or enter the code FREEFIRMOO at checkout and get your free pair! Really....

Thanks Firmoo... I feel like a smart, nerdy sexy old lady. And that's a good thing!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just a moment today to jot down a few thoughts on all the things I am thankful for right now in this moment....

Kids - No one can ever truly prepare you for how profoundly they will change you. If you're lucky.

Family - I have a really, really good one. For all of my jokes about how the universe hates me, the universe hooked me up from day one in this category.

Health - I have had brief experiences of my own with scary health situations. Don't fuck with it. 

Food - Basic necessities can not be overlooked. Many don't even have these.

Home - Not just a house but a home, full of love, memories and hope.

Freedom - People die for this. Die... 

Brains - For all of the mistakes I make I can usually figure out a way to check myself before...

And for that I am truly thankful!

What are you thankful for?

Favorite Urban Dictionary Words - T-Day Edition

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Since I had such an overwhelming response to my homage to Burt... here you go. You're welcome.

Moving On....

I have not done an UD post in awhile even though I refer to it and read it for pleasure all the time. It cracks me up actually. It's stupid and funny and in my attempt to stay somewhat current in spite of my crypt keeper status, it is helpful. So please let me share with you some of my current faves...

1. I luh me sum beard.... I am down with this but am really more inclined for the full on Duck Dynasty hillbilly style beard. And some tatts too... please. But still, a useful word.  
A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.
George Michael is a total lumbersexual.
Yeah man, so is Don Johnson.

2. If you have not done this ... A. Liar... or B. We can't be friends. Say it with me now....

The use of the tongue to find the opening in the top of a beverage can, when it's too dark to see.
While driving 80mph down the 87 freeway, Steve deftly applied cannilingus to drain the remaining contents of his Schlitz.

3. This is a new one to me. But I see many opportunities as a single gal to be using this extremely inappropriately with my cougar bait suitors. Mee-owww. 
the things I would do to you
wow you are so hot. Ttiwdty

4. I had to include this one... obvi. I mean, I have always secretly thought about this... I know it's not funny but... fuck it... it's funny. Like laughing at a funeral funny, yes I know it's inappropriate. I can't help myself!!!!

a day we commemorate taking advantage of the "indians" by stealing their land, food, and lifestyles in exchange for cheap trinkets.
Ahh thanksgiving, lets give thanks to those indians for letting us screw them wholeheartedly.

5. And in honor of the massive eating holiday upon us 'Muricans, I had to include this one. There are 2 of you I am looking at cause I know you will love this one....

Another word for taking a dump
After lunch I enjoy a healthy food press.

Happy Tuesday Hookers!!!

Weekending With My Michigan Fam

Monday, November 24, 2014

This weekend officially kicked off the holiday season for me with the arrival of my brother and his wife and kids to spend the week with us. We love having family come down to stay with us and it doesn't happen but once a year so it's extra special. They rolled in on Saturday and we basically hung out, watched football, ate and drank all day. The kids played outside, dug holes in my yard looking for treasures they buried in years past, and spent remarkably little time with their gadgets. The cousins miss each other just as much as the adults do. We plan to do a few touristy things this week but mostly just spend time together and enjoy each other. It's the best thing in the world... just hanging. Sunday was more eating, more football,  and a trip to Home Depot. My wonderful brother bought me tools and about 10 different kinds of light bulbs and changed out every burnt out bulb (there were multiple) in my house. Oh how nice to have a man around. In my defense, I have high ceilings, recessed lights, etc... changing light bulbs means ladders, step stools, poles with attachments and expensive bulbs. I hate that shit. But now it's done:)

In other news... my Noles won again!!! That makes 27 straight victories for FSU yet somehow we still can't get to the number one spot in the polls even though everyone else has a loss. Hmmmm... this makes no sense to me at all and sorry if I'm beating a dead horse but... I am a little passioante about my football. My brother and his oldest son were straight up laughing at how excited I get play by play watching the game. Laughing... as in "boy Aunt Amy sure does get into Florida State football". Yes. Yes she does because ... UNCONQUERED!!!!!

Photo: Senior Editor, Tim Linafelt, walks through how the Florida State Seminoles Football made it to 27 straight wins.


And in case you missed it like I did cause the network blew over it... Burt Reynolds threw the spear before the game. He's 78, one of our most famous football players and alumni and much loved in Tally. But damn, he looks old and over worked.... Go Burt!!

Found a few fun things to make for Thanksgiving since I volunteered for appetizer and desserts. 

How cute is this cheese and cracker creation??? I think the kids will love...

(click for link)

And something new for dessert this year because... new things are good... No-Bake Layered Pumpkin Pie... This cannot be bad...

(click for link)

More snaps from the weekend...

We are off to the World of Coke today! Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Linking up with the beautiful Biana....

Friday Favorites....

Friday, November 21, 2014
Hey oh!!! Guess who had a really great and productive and positive week??? This girl right here:) I did.

The last 2 weeks have been a complete roller coaster and I felt like it started with a plummet to the bottom and the car going off the tracks, crashing and burning. It has taken a full two weeks but I honestly feel like I am now flying a little thru the loops or Janice laughing at the fat kid who is freaking out. And if you don't know this reference just go here to see the whole thing.

Seriously, like 180 degrees thanks to all the love and support for one, an hugely to perspective. I really think this was a gift from the universe, this lay off. I had my first interview yesterday and although I don't think it's the job for me it was interesting. It was for more of a commissioned type position but it got me thinking... I can do whatever I want now. Anything. When I got divorced people used to always say "I'm so sorry" and I get that reaction. But the beauty of any big life change is you get to start over. Re-invent yourself on your terms and by your own design. Now, some people don't ever get the chance to do this, they stay in whatever place they are in. Some are happy, some not... I am happy. In fact all this week I have been thinking I am actually one lucky bitch. I really truly am, I have been so close to complete ruin so many times... I hate admitting that but it's true. I have made horrible decisions, decisions I fully committed to and saw thru to their horrible ends cause I ain't no quitter. If I am going to fuck something up I am going to fuck it up all the way. But somehow I manage to check myself or get checked and figure out how to start fixing it. So here I go again, on to the business of repairing and more importantly improving.

I have the best, best people in my life. My family... I can't say enough how they are always my biggest cheer leaders. They never let me down.  And they never make me feel like I let them down even when I feel like I do. And my friends... girls, guys, real friends, blog friends... even IG friends...  have been so wonderful. They all have been checking on me and cheering me on. They have given me resumes, critiqued my resume, bought me meals, groceries, wine, printed things, scanned things (cause my home office is shit), lifted my spirits and made me laugh. I love you all so, so much!!!

So on to some favorites...

Song... i by Kendrick Lamar because yes... I Love Myself.

Favorite fall/winter outfits...

This is pretty much my go to fall outfit and I just bought very similar boots right before I got the boot from my old job. Thank God. I live in skinny jeans, slouchy sweaters and scarves. The best part of this outfit is you can find the makings for it at any price point... even Wal-mart, and still look chic and pulled together.


My other all time favorite fall/winter accessory is the poncho. I have several and along with the wrap it is generally the first thing I reach for when it gets a little chilly. Living in Atlanta it does get cold but I'm not much of a coat person cause lugging coats around when you get to your destination just sucks. So ponchos... I love this whole look!

I want this poncho

Thanksgiving Food....

Did I mention that my brother and his family are coming on Saturday and they will be here for the whole Thanksgiving week??? I am super psyched. Also I love T-Day food such as but not limited to...

Southern Cornbread Dressing... this looks like the one I make. Pecans, bacon and leeks... food porn.

Green Bean Casserole... I'm sorry. I have to have it. Onions from a can... yummmmmm

And my favorite... Pumpkin Pie & Pumpkin Pie Martinis.....

Cause holidays are for dranking.....

Linking up with Amanda because ... duh Amanda

Sorry this is so short but I got to hustle. Next week I will be loving on my family so I may or may not be around these parts.

Cheers. Love to all and happy, happy weekend:)

Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Well it is Wednesday and I have not humped it with Kathy in awhile. I know we are kinda sorta not doing that anymore or are we? I can't remember what the deal was but I feel like spilling some guts so lucky yoo-hoo-hoo... pull up a chair!

In case you have not heard Avon and Glamour Magazine are teaming up with reader and survivor of domestic violence, Charli Bailey, to bring awareness to the subject via social media. I confess, I did not do the ice bucket challenge... maybe this is my chance to make up for it. Because you all know I'm a selfie whore so this challenge was made for moi. Charli has challenged us to break the #wallofsilence just by taking a #shhhselfie and bringing awareness to domestic violence. It will be a wall of selfies instead of silence, so to speak. This one is close to my heart. Thankfully there was no element of physical abuse in my marriage but I do understand very well the element of silence. The need to reach out but the embarrassment that keeps women silent. The shame and the fear are very real and until you have been in it you just can't know. Some of these brave women never get out. So do me a solid and go take a selfie and hashtag it #wallofsilence... on IG, Face Book, Twitter... whatever you like. Avon is donating money for every selfie taken! Oh and tag me so I can see your beautiful faces... @amyrose716 on IG, crazywisewoman on Twitter. No more shhhhhh...... 

And on a lighter note. 

This about sums up my general disposition as of late. Wen I saw it I literally laughed out loud. That's some ghet-to mac and cheese.

But seriously, it seems that whether I freak out or stay calm things go the way they are gonna go so...

This song.... cause lately I do feel it's always darkest before the dawn. No mellow drama here I swear.

But at least I'm not Meg. Looks like no one wants to share a Coke with her.

I have taken a liking to the show Slednecks on Mtv. A reality show about twenty-somethings in Alaska. It's good stupid fun. Don't watch it cause if you are simple like me you'll get hooked! Cause naked ice swimming...

I have a job interview on Thursday. I don't think it's what I am looking for but I haven't had an interview in four years so I am going for the practice. Plus it's a short drive and I can hit Costco on the way back. Priorities...  and large quantities of my favorite things like cheese and Nutella.

I have been on a few pretty fun dates lately. I have been a little more open minded and lax on some of my requirements.  And by that I mean I am trying to strictly go on the actual connection and worry less about the physical stuff and it seems to be working well. I am not saying I am dating the ugly guys at all... the last couple have been really cute... and younger. I can't help it. They are fun. And I won't even get into the beard. I know it may not be your thing, but it's definitely mine!

Other random things I have noticed since being unemployed...

I prefer to have Pandora or the radio on all day while I'm home but if I do turn on the TV here is whats on 24 fucking 7... 19 Kids and Counting. Whose counting anymore??? I stopped counting at 3. TLC runs this bitch all the live long day and I can't figure out why. WHY?????

Gas is really cheap right now especially when you don't go anywhere. 

I am not hating wearing uber comfy clothes all day long... and by that I mean yoga pants and leggings. I am showering and getting myself looking good every day now. The first few days not so much. But really, I don't feel human without a little makeup and hair every day. 

I think I would not hate working at home again. I did it while kids were young and couldn't wait to get back to an office. I am now so officially over Idiots  people that a work at home job would be welcome. 

Looking for a job is a fucking full time job. I am busy all damn day with emails, applications, phone calls, etc. Just think,  if I put this much effort into finding a sugar daddy I could fill my days with shopping, yoga classes, lunch, tennis.... sigh.... maybe in another lifetime:)

I think that is all the confessing I have to for today!

Weekending - It Wasn't So Bad....

Monday, November 17, 2014
Hush Y'all..... that means you Miami Hurricanes.

Well haters gonna keep on hating but... my Noles.... still undefeated!!! Do we play perfect football? No. Do we only show up in the second half pretty much all season long? Yes. Are we lucky? Maybe. Are we still the only team that still has no losses? Hmmmm.... I think so. That means we deserve to be number one. Anyone who disagrees can suck it because this is football. Yes, it matters how you play the game but only in so much as you are winning. I said winning. As in we are still winning every damn game. Does it make it any less if it was sloppy and maybe not executed perfectly? No. A win is a win is a win. See ya in Dallas bitches.

And in other news, I had a pretty nice kid free weekend. My Friday night plans changed and I didn't get that yummy meal I was thinking bout all week but... shit happens. Saturday made up for it quite nicely.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Amy time which consisted of grilled cheese, fire ball, fire snuggling, football, laundry, wine, a little cooking, a very cute beard, sushi and some super yummy craft beer. Who knew there was beer that tasted like pumpkin pie and tootsie rolls... there is I swear! Unfortunately some of these things were not able to be photographed to protect the identities of the innocent. And sometimes when you are out with non-blogger types they like to just eat and drink freely with out someone me taking a thousand pics.

Oh yeah.... I took a nice trip to the GA Dept. of Labor on Friday and I should be getting some unemployment doll hairs real soon. Not much but something is better than nothing. Got my resume mostly finished at least enough to start sending out while I tweak it after I have some awesome friends give me their expert opinions. Anyone else with that skill please let me know and I will send it to you too! So many other things to do related to being unemployed... it's kind of depressing. But on the plus side I am seeing a lot of good jobs out there on the big sites. That is the good news, now to get one!

Cheers to a fabulous and productive week!!


Friday Favorites & My Oh Hey 5!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

I think I will round off the week with a few things I am looking forward to this weekend. It was a fairly productive week all things considered. I did get all of the most important stuff done and managed to almost finish a new resume too. My old one is shit so I am scrapping it and starting over. I just want it to be simple and straightforward. Not too much bullshit.

I am amazed at how fast the days go by for me being at home. I turn around and it's 5:00 and I feel like all I did was sit in front of the computer and/or do laundry. It's kind of just like working this looking for a job thing, only I wasn't able to get any laundry done at work. I find myself thinking a little about my old job. Like what are they doing, are people calling for me, what is going on and did anyone else get laid off yet. I do know that one of my peers got let go after I did the same day. He was there even longer than I was. It is hard not to think about when you spent every day for 3 years plus with a group of people at a small company. I am really struggling with feeling bitter and angry at the owners and specifically my boss. I just can't believe that you would let go of someone in my situation before the holidays. Even if he would have cut my hours it would have been so much more bearable. And I hate saying "my situation" but they all know... single Mom, 3 kids, no child support... I mean what kind of people fuck over that employee first??? What gets me is some of the others left don't do much... at all. But not gonna beat a dead horse. It's done and I am moving on. I might beat it a few more times... sue me... fair warning.

The more I think about it I am seeing that it's just time for me to do something different. Get on a new path to something better. I am excited about that. I was in such a different place last time I was looking for a job... just miserable in my marriage and personal life and desperate for work. Things are so different now. Better and getting better even with the constant struggles and road blocks.

Thank you all for you support. You can not know how much your words, messages, prayers and such have meant to me. I know we may have never have met physically but I feel like I know a lot of you and am honored to call you friends... not "blog friends".... just friends:)

And with that, here is what I am looking forward to my soon to be favorites of the weekend....

Undefeated FSU (9-0) takes on unranked Miami (6-3) Sat. at 8:00. It's an old rivalry so always a little dicey. I might be snuggled up on the couch with a fire, a glass of wine and a beard for game watching. Shhhh....

Got a sweet invite out for another pity party dinner tonight. And pick the restaurant. Don't mind if I do....  Steak Au Poivre and Mashed Potatoes is whats for dinner. Don't think I'll be able to sneak a photo cause... non blogging friends think it's weird but I'll try. Just in case this is what will be in muh belly tonight!!! Hello lover.....

North GA is one of the most beautiful places on earth in the fall and this is what it looks like right outside my back door. Only I don't live that close to the lake... maybe soon though, who knows. Things change....

Although a lot of you live in far colder places it's gonna be really cold here this weekend. Like 25 degrees tonight so I will be planted in front of my roaring fire all weekend long and I can't wait. And since I am still a little angry I think this is what I will be drinking, or possibly Ginger Balls... that's Fireball and Ginger Ale you hoes. Trust me, it's good stuff.

And this song, old school Dwight Yoakam that I have loved for years cause "Baby Things Change" and just look at those pants....

Linking up with Amanda.... cause I love her:)

And Amy and Karli because I love them too and I came up with 5!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday Stream of Consciousness...

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Trying to break the internet with my new matte red lipstick from the dollar bin at Walgreens... and my big asset... LIPS.

I don't care of KKWest poses nude. Git it girl. Its a body, if you like it look at it, if you don't, look away. There are more important things to get irate and worked up about. It actually kind of makes me happy to see that she is not so thin that if she turnt sideways you'd miss her. She looks like she's having so much fun... she also looks like one of the pinheads on AHS Freakshow. Just my opinion.


So I am one week into my unemployment and I have to say... feeling much less like jumping off the nearest bridge. I haven't cried in a few days or felt overly sorry for myself. And I feel rested. It's funny, after having gone through this once before I feel like making this shift to the next phase is easier. I am still angry though...

And I have consumed way too much wine in the last week. 

Writing a new resume and shouting out all of your amazingness is awkward... I hate it. But my old one really blows so I'm scrapping it. Anyone good at reading/reviewing resumes???

My kids love me being here when they get home from school which makes me happy and a little sad too. My youngest never got to experience having a stay at home mom. A little gift for her:)

I don't know how I am going to craft a Christmas for these precious kiddoes of mine on the limited funds I have. This is stressing me out a little.

I made the best pot of chili yesterday. That's all.

I like big butts too... this from one of my beardy buddies on IG @beards_the_evolution_of_man ... you know you love it!!! Uh huh..... that's what I'm talkin bout...

My youngest has taken to making special afternoon snacks for us when she gets home from school I am not allowed in the kitchen during her process. Best one yet... Layered White Bread Nutella Cake with mini chocolate chips and a popcorn garnish... for crunch. How cute is she????


October Wallet Watch Results.... & Stuff

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So I hooked up with Steph last month for the Wallet watch and my task for myself was to get on the food wagon and stop spending unnecessarily. Not that I was making it rain at the grocery store or anything but... never hurts to tighten things up a bit and pay closer attention. Who would have thought that it would be coming in so handy now in light of my current situation.

So I added it up only by trips to and spending at the grocery store. The money part really didn't amount to huge savings. The difference between Sept. and October grocery expenses are as follows:

September - $467.66

October - $442.15

That's a difference of $25.51... not very much but it was accomplished in 5 less... yes 5 less... trips to the grocery store. That's a huge time saver. I also totalled up gas expenses and I was $50 less in gas for October as well. Now gas prices are falling but still. The real point is being mindful can shave money off in places or ways you may normally not think of. If I had the inclination to really drill down into this I would look at eating out and alcohol purchases as well as that was part of my mental/personal challenge.I kind of fell off the recording everything wagon as the month wore on and work just went a little haywire. Oh well, it was a good lesson. I know I cooked more multi-purpose meals rather than grab and go, one shot meals which means over all I am sure we ate more at home and less out. My pantry actually is starting to look a little bare which makes me feel good because I am using the things I purchase!

On another note, does that seem like a lot for groceries? It seems like a big number to me but it's really about $110.53 (October) a week to feed my family of four plus one dog. That's breakfast some lunches and dinner, snacks and a few treats here and there. I think I am actually better at this than I thought I was because I could take them out to eat and drop $75 on one meal with no problem at all. My weekly spending seems pretty damn on point but still... feeding those kiddoes is big. Sure would be nice to have an ex husband who helps, fuck you very much douchejuan.

Any way... huge progress yesterday and checking more off the list today. I filed for unemployment for the first time ever in my life... ugh... but also yay!!! Every little bit helps and if I can stick it to old Nutella face and make a little extra paper work for her so much the better. Suck it Moomoo:)

Anyone want some ad space over there on yee old bar of sides??? Come on it's super cheap and Steph's beautiful face looks so lonely over there!!! I am working on a fun giveaway for the end of the month/beginning of Dec. for all my wonderful sponsors. And you know I got nothin' better to do right now than to promote myself and you all the live long day cause hey.... RIF.... that's reduction in force or fucks given... depending on who you ask! Just click on my face right there....

I will love you long time.