Humpday Confessions - Things I Don't Get

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's humpday up in here and I am pondering a few things in my tiny  brain  as usual. Things that I come across on the  daily out in the real world, in my hood, on the gram, Brag Face Book, that just straight up confuse me as in just why? Whyyyyyyyy???

Wraps.... these things are all over my ever lovin Instagram feed because I get tricked into accepting followers only to find out no, they are not regular people like you and me they are Wrappers. Selling this wrap or that wrap and promising if I wrap myself up like some sort of chubby mummy I will emerge a thinner and more beautiful version of myself. Possibly with better boobs and a man, who knows. Seriously, who is buying this stuff? Apparently a lot of people because if I join someone's team I can make $500-$2000 a month selling them. Wait, why do I need a job again? Oh yeah and don't work out or eat healthy, just Wrap It!

Ear gauges.... I am all about doing whatever you want to your body to make it how you want it but... I don't get this AT ALL. Why? It looks so odd and the results are well, pretty horrific when you take the gauges out. I once worked with a girl who had small ones and I asked her this very question. "why do you want to do this?" Her answer was "it's a personal commitment I made to myself". Huh?? Stretching your earlobes out so you have to turn around and get them surgically put back the way God gave them to you? Don't get it. All y'all are gonna regret this one.

The Blow By Blow FB Account - I thought FB was over. Is it not? When I get on it which is rare, why am I still seeing people that need to comment on their daily happenings moment by moment? I don't care if a deer ran across the road on your way to work this morning, you bruised your big toe, you are in the doc's waiting room with your kid or someone forgot to refill the coffee pot at work.  I don't get you.

Vine - How can an hour pass by in mere seconds when I get on this app and start watching stupid funny vines. Swear to God. Worse than Pinterest. Click the volume. And watch green shirt lady. And don't hate me.

Instagram Contests - I must get 10 DM's a day asking for me to vote for people in this contest or that. Most likes win! What are you people doing that you have time for this and why do you care? Stop it.

Half Shaved Head - Must be a bitch to grow out. Nuff said.

Leave it to Madonna‘s daughter to try a bold new look! Lourdes 'Lola' Leon

Socks & Sandals - What did I miss because I saw this pin the other day and I am mystified. I'm gonna call my Grampa and get some pointers on this like yesterday.


That is all. 

18 comments on "Humpday Confessions - Things I Don't Get"
  1. no one over the age of 3 should wear socks and sandals. same goes for jumpers. however, crocs and socks are ok, right?? LOL

  2. My brother has the ear gauges. I stopped trying to figure out why. As long as he is happy!

  3. Socks and Sandals - no just NO!!! The ear gauges look like they hurt more than anything else!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. SOCKS AND SANDALS!?!?! No way. The world has gone topsy turvy.

  5. I am DYING laughing over green shirt lady. We are both going to Hell.

  6. Wait! Socks with sandals is an actual thing? I thought that was just something southerners pick on northerners for!!

  7. All of these things are things that shouldn't exist anymore.
    Also, I only wear sock with flip flops, not sandals, because I like the camel toe effect.

    1. HAHA! Tia!? 'camel toe'

      best laugh this week!

  8. No socks and sandals of any kind, ever.

    I still like FB.

  9. Oh gosh.. no socks and sandals. It is a thing now?? The horror.

  10. RIGHT?!?!!? Wrappers are taking over the world.. and social media. I don't get it.

    Anyhoo, I stumbled upon your page through a fellow blogger, and thought I would stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! <3 -

    1. It's so annoying! Thanks for stopping by! You are a "no-reply blogger" otherwise I would have emailed you back directly. Email me and I can help you fix that! Have a great day!

  11. my brother has those ear thingys. ew.
    i like FB because its the best way to stay in contact with my overseas peeps. but the annoying people.. yeah i just deleted like 200 people off my FB so no more annoying people!

  12. Hate socks and sandals. I mean who does that? My hubby and I have ear guages. Nothing like that picture. Mine are just small. His are bigger, but to me it's just another way to make myself feel unique. Most people have no idea but it's like my little secret. lol.

  13. Those wrap things are ALL OVER INSTAGRAM and it's driving me crazy. I don't get how they even work or why I'd want to strap that around my body for long periods of time. I also agree with both the ear gauge and shaved head thing. Why? WHY? I hate when people claim "personal expression" or some BS like that, because really, your "personal expression" is to look like a dumbass? And good luck ever getting a job. Just how I feel about it...

  14. No to socks and sandals. Just no no no. Those wrap things ... such a fad. I will admit Im tempted but won't give in because i know its bullocks. I even bought one of these stomach trainer thingies that all over the place as well but haven't worn it. Meh.

  15. The shaved head thing I dont get. One chick who did my hair did it and it actually worked for her - she must be special. The socks and sandals are ONLY for athletes leaving practice and getting in a mini van. I am guilty of it though - when leaving gym practice.


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