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Tuesday, January 6, 2015
My kids officially went back to school today so I am off vacation... Booo! I took Monday off and pretended it was Sunday because effectively for me it was. It feels like New years Eve was already a long time ago for some reason. I have the mental shift that this is a new year and that was last year firmly in place already. And that's a very good thing for me because it needed to happen. But to briefly recap my NYE I'll just hit the highlights... I didn't take a ton of pics cause I was really just wanting the night sans phone in hand!

I spent the evening with good friends and neighbors that I have known for a long ass time. Old friends, booze and food. Perfect New Years Eve. Oh yeah and my neighbors son and all his friends home from college and I played beer pong all night... Mrs. Robinson not hating it.

New Years Day was lazy at home recovering from a baby champagne hangover... not a bad one... and watching football. And that's all I have to say about that.

Friday I embarked on my 30 Day Detox/Whole30 journey so today marks 5 days of tea toxing and being booze, sugar, dairy and grain free. Ok... I am loving it. Admittedly I was very, very hangry when I got home from all day freezing winter tennis yesterday and had to prepare a meal. (Poor planning on my part, I should have brought some Whole30 friendly food with me.)  I wanted to eat cheese and bread in any form and drink wine but I didn't. I cooked.  I also resisted beer, pizza, cookies, chips during the match... we have to provide the food when we are the team hosting the match.... and ate two bananas and drank water instead. I didn't even down the gatorade which is usually a staple for me while playing, along with icy cold beer of course. Tennis is a very social pastime where I live much like golf... it always involves eating and drinking. I am very proud of not succumbing. Not only that but I told everyone that asked what I was doing about my commitment because it makes it much harder to quit when everyone knows and is high fiving you.Oh yeah, and my partner and I won in two sets bringing home one of the only 2 points my team took out of 5. BOOM.

My 30 Day Detox with Teami Blends is also off to a great start. I am loving the tea! I have not felt as good the first few days of a detox ever. I usually experience some headaches and sometimes overwhelming lethargy but not this time. I have energy and cravings are minimal so I am super psyched to keep drinking my skinny tea. The colon tea is also doing it's thing... it's a cleanse for sure. If I take it at bedtime I am usually up in the middle of the night "cleansing" which is not the most amount of fun I could be having in the middle of the night but better than the middle of the next day! Will continue to update as I go. Again, if you are interested in trying it out you can enter code AMY10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order and free shipping! So far all good reviews!!

Cheers to a great week!

12 comments on "Recaps and Updates"
  1. Happiest of New Year wishes to you! I'm so slack about posting and commenting, but I'm always happy when you have a new post! I hope 2015 is an amazing year for you! Here's to great things!

  2. get your crockpot going, girl. i hate having to cook when i get home , esp in the winter months because it's so dark that all i want to do is go pantsless and drink wine when i get home from work. crockpot is my savior because it does all the hard work for me :) now if only it could wash my dishes......

  3. Sorry to hear the NYE date was a bust, but at least you made it back in time to ring in the New year with friends - which was way more fun!!! I'm so happy to hear the detox is going well for you - can't wait for the full recap!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. That is awesome - good for you!! Its so hard to maintain a meal plan when you are so active and hanging out with people that aren't on the same program. I thought I could do Whole30 but I'm a big fat failure!! I am sticking to Weight Watchers (usually works really well for me) and watching all my portion control.

    Sarah @

  5. Yep, christmas already seems like a long time ago in my mind. Happy New Year!

  6. Ummmmmm yeah definite red flags there! Oh girl no dairy. I am trying but cheese is so dang hard!

  7. MFD is doing some cleanse thing. I'm just doing more veggies.

    Bye Felicia to the no spark man. I'm glad you went home and had fun!

  8. 21 year old girlfriend?? yeahhhh red flag centralllll.

    Yay for WHole30!! good for you for skipping cookies and pizza, that is the HARDEST

  9. that guy sounds weird. good for you girl. you seem to be going so well on the whole 30, good for you!

  10. Soo, I just found your blog and I kinda wanna high five you! I'm divorced also and I don't know if it is just me but it seems like we are a serious minority around these blogging parts. Excited to connect with ya and follow along.

  11. Good job with your booze, dairy, sugar and grain free....damn that is hard!! but I'm sure it pays off!

  12. God job girl you are rocking this cleanse so far!


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