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Monday, March 30, 2015
I Love Rainy Days Quotes | This is my idea of spending a rainy day....

Wow that weekend flew by did it not? And today we have rain.... I was on the go from start to finish so I really feel like I need another day just to relax. Unfortunately I don't get one today or any day this week actually but that is quite alright with me. Busy is good! Saturday was busy from morning to night. I had a makeup tennis match from last weekend's rain on the other side of town. We had a 50 minute drive and temps in the thirties to start us off on Saturday morning and that sucked but we won. Nothing like beating little old ladies in matching track suits and turtle necks.  They were no joke and they took us to 3 sets but youth prevailed... barely.

Saturday afternoon I met up with some sorority sisters that I don't get to see too often for a late lunch. Some old friends of mine just recently opened up a restaurant and it just happened to be in a good central location for the three of us. So I got to meet up with old friends, try a new place and day drink all at the same time. Pretty sure that is a total win for Saturday afternoon. If you are local I highly recommend the Suwanee Park Tavern for great food, atmosphere and a killer bloody mary. I had the wedge salad with blackened salmon and it was off the chain!

Saturday night I helped my bestie with a brithday sleepover for a bunch of 9 year old girls... translation... we drank wine while the girls did crafts, made and ate pizza, decorated cakes and ate some more. I think I finally made it back home at 9:30 after leaving at 9 a.m. Sunday I finally got a morning to sleep in for the first time in 3 weekends. Another tennis match Sunday afternoon and I played absolutely horrible but I looked good in my new one size smaller leggings I found on the clearance rack at Target for ten bucks last week. Still too cold for my cute new stuff, maybe next weekend will actually be warm spring like temps again.

Last nights Walking Dead 90 minute season finale, I seriously hope you all watched. I have to watch it again to see what I missed but it was gooood!!! 2 people died, won't spoil it but it was unexpected. They also announced a new Walking Dead spin off set in LA. called Fear the Walking Dead about how the virus actually started, like the flu. Thank you AMC because I am seriously going to lose my shit waiting seven months for the next season.

Random snaps from the weekend!

happy rainy monday | Forecast: Rainy Monday.

Friday Favorites

Friday, March 27, 2015
Good morning everyone, have a great weekend!

Well here we are again, my favorite day of the week.... Friday! Was an eventful week for me but nothing earth shattering to report yet. I waiting, hopefully it's coming! Oh actually there was one super exciting thing which you will see down there in my faves! So let's git with Amanda and discuss...


I know it's not a new song but it just makes me happy...


From The Paleo Chef herself Mary Shenouda...Phat Fudge Unicorn Fuel   I have been experimenting with different treat type things that I can make for myself and my kids. I am not looking at this as trying to recreate junk but rather healthy treats for my kiddoes that can hold up to an oreo for taste! This is the bomb diggity and if you don't like tahini you can substitute any nut butter. She had me at nut butter...


Sally Hansen Gel Nails in B Girl. Bought this on Tuesday and I am in LOVE... Perfect summer color and seriously I can go a whole week with no chips! Gel nails are my new jam... Worth every penny.


Ok... I was trying to hold off on buying any more concert tickets but then... they announced this on Wednesday and tickets go on sale Friday. Two of my faves... Skynard and Blackberry Smoke!!! I almost died. The very same day the local radio station promoting the show was giving away tickets and since I wasn't busy I planned my day around calling in at 1:35. Guess what??? I was caller number 7 and I won 2 FREE TICKETS!!! I never win anything! And I got to hear myself acting a fool on the radio. How cool is that? Concert number 4 in my summer concert series booked!


I got a few for ya this week. This first one is the 2 conversations with the same dude. The same weird dude. I give up on teaching people about the almighty Google.

This first guyhere is just persistent or stupid. 2 weeks go by and he's pinging me again.

And number 2, who resembles a friend of mine which I mentioned, is still asking about my feet. And he ends every comment with lol, so I did too.


I'm half way thru my 30 Day Shred and my glutes are freaking killing me so I decided to start a 30 day squat challenge too just for shits and giggles, the one I said I was going to start last month. What else have I got going on?

          Complete the 30 Day Squat Challenge this month and tone up your leg and butt muscles like never before. This workout from 30 Day Fitness Challenges is ace.

I am also half way thru another 30 Day Detox with Teami Blends my absolute favorite skinny tea. If you need a jump start on your weight loss goals I totally recommend this. I definitely notice the difference in my appetite and cravings when I am drinking the skinny tea daily not to mention banishing the bloat every other day with the colon tea. If you would like to try it use my discount code AMY10 fro 10% off and free shipping!!!

And some funny stuff...brought to you by mostly people falling down.

Falling into a hole in the floor. Always funny.

falling animated GIF

Also always funny, old people falling.

fail animated GIF

You really have to just commit. Ouch.

falling animated GIF

Why do people think that jumping on balls is a good idea?

funny animated GIF

Slip n' slide directions.... 1. Wait for the water.

fail animated GIF

It's hilarious that he's running and crying and still face planting. Horrible Mom's feel me.

funny animated GIF

Another proud parent moment. Nailed it.

fail animated GIF

Happy Friday!

Evian Facial Spray

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hello Lovelies! I have a little product review for you today and a giveaway courtesy of Brand Backer and The Wilkes Group. I would love to share with you my thoughts on the Evian Setting & Makeup Reviving Spray. We all know about Evian mineral water right and how refreshing a big drink of water can be for your body! Sometimes, actually pretty often, my skin is dry and just needs a little something. Lotion can be a bit heavy especially during the warmer weather here in the south which is fast approaching and let's face it, you can't put lotion on your face during the day without ruining your gorgeous makeup! I have the solution for you right here.

Evian Setting & Makeup Reviving Spray is the perfect way to set your makeup when you are done applying or if you just need a little pick me up during the day. It leaves your skin feeling dewy without feeling wet. I tried it several different ways: a spritz on top of my dry face after shower but before makeup application, a light mist on top of my makeup to set everything, targeted on a brush with some eye shadow to intensify color, in my bag to mist during the day whenever I felt like I needed a little refresher! I loved it! It's a nice edition to my makeup bag and affordable too at around $8 for a 5 oz. can. It is also TSA approved for on board air travel so a must have for long flights full of dry cabin air!

I think one of my favorite uses was to add  a spray to my brushes to intensify the color of my eye shadow. Here I used a really saturated color so that you could see the effects. The swipe on the left is dry, the swipe on the far right is after spraying my brush with Evian, side by side with the shadow alone.

Here again with more neutral colors. Left is dry, right eye is with Evian on the brush. Same colors. I think this is a perfect way to take your every day colors right into a night time look. Or if you are like me throw caution to the wind and go smokey all day every day. The final pic at the bottom is a spray all over after my makeup is pretty much done. I think overall it does pump up the color, give you a dewy kind of airbrush look and it just feels good!

The Wilkes Group is offering one lucky reader a chance to get some Evian Facial Spray for free. Just enter here for the give away! Good Luck!

*** This post is powered by Brand Backer. All opinions are my own. ***

Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Wow... its hump day already huh? Well that means it's time to do some confessional type stuff here sooo....

Guess what? I have a new career. Yes, this is my actual POF profile. I like to change it up a lot so I am always adding pics and tidbits about myself. I had "Blogger" in the profession category but frankly I was getting sick of all the guys asking "what's that"? Google... google you idiot... FFS!!! So now I am a neuro surgeon... and the questions about my profession have stopped. #youneedbrainsurgery #imyourgirl

I had to put the smack down on my teenager for not cleaning her room after I asked her for a week. I couldn't fucking open the door for the pile of clothes behind it!!! You had to enter thru the bathroom and I lost my shit. She'e missing something she really wanted to go to and I secretly feel bad because I usually don't do that over the room cleaning but ... she had a week.  My ex has some hoarding tendencies and I secretly fear that shit is hereditary. I just can't produce a hoarder... not gonna happen...  #cantstopwatchingthefilthyfreakfest #whyshesohappy

extreme hoarding buried alive animated GIF

I haven't washed my hair in 3 days. Been dry shampooing, flat ironing and up in a pony tail because... lazy as hell. #dontevencare

I am still doing the Shred but I have taken way too many rest days. My glutes and abs are effing killing me which is good but dayummmm. Gonna have to extend it to 45 days to make up for all my days off. #Jillianisthedevil

I have a cookbook and/or anything health-related book problem. Yes I know you can find a recipe for virtually everything on the web but I still like a book... with pictures. I just pre-ordered two on amazon because you get a discount if you order before the release.  #thismakesperfectsensetome

We are in full on spring mode and this weekend it's supposed to drop to 27 degrees on Saturday morning. At roughly the exact time I will be stepping on the court to play a tennis match bundled up and unable to wear my cute new tennis outfits. Rage. #whatthefuckmothernature

I secretly collect instagram images of pizza tattoos because one day I will get one... somewhere. #dontaskmewhy #idontknowwhy

How cool is this one? The donut is pretty rad too...

That's all I got today hookers. Peace. 

Making Melissa        #Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Can We Conversate?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
And other words/phrases that drive me up the freaking wall.....

No. Because "conversate" is not a word. We can chat, talk, converse but not if you are going to make up words.

"At the end of the day" - My ex boss used to say this all the time and although I really liked him, ahhhh shuuuuuut uuuuuuuup!!! You don't have to use this phrase to clue me in that your story is coming to a close. I get it.  I especially like when people add in "when it's all said and done" in the same sentence...

"Irregardless" - You know that it basically cancels each other out by adding the "ir" right? Never mind.

"Neither here nor there" - Well then where is it??? Just say it doesn't matter and stop sounding like a pompous ass.

"I apologize if I made you feel that way" -  I actually am guilty of using this when I am trying to be especially bitchy to someone. But "make no mistake", it means I take no responsibility for my actions and fuck your feelings. "Just sayin"

"Let me tell you something" -  This is almost always completely unnecessary as I can tell when you open your Dorito chute that you are about to tell me something. But thanks for the warning.

"Work hard. Play hard" - I see this in online dating profiles all the time. What do you mean? What I picture is you killing yourself at the office all week then jetting off to Vegas for a weekend of strippers and blow.  It's stupid, stop saying that.

"I, personally" - when you start with I it kind of goes without saying, does it not? I didn't think you were talking about me but thanks for stealing a second of my life that I can never get back. "Me. personally" is even worse.

"Wow. Just wow." I can't believe how many annoying words and phrases there are. Is it just me or are you guys easily annoyed too?


Monday, March 23, 2015
Monday again! Hey there, hope everybody had a great weekend. I had a pretty good one myself even though it was not all that exciting... at all. And it rained a butt load which interfered with my tennis match on Sunday. This was especially disappointing because I had a little impromptu shopping trip on Friday night with bestie and got some super cute tennis outfits at the Maxx. My current tennis stuff is all pretty old and worn out and frankly getting loose. Yippee!!!!! The best reason in the world to have to buy new athletic gear right? Baggy Lycra is not flattering at all, not to mention dangerous when running all over the court. I prefer everything to be locked and loaded. So we hit T.J. Maxx for the win and I scored a Fila black lace skirt and top , Fila pleated skirt and gorgeous Nike Maria Sharapova top with mesh inserts, straps and leather like look (retail $65.00) all for under eighty bucks. Seriously, these are bargains considering all of the Fila stuff would be close to $50 for each piece. Super cute huh? A splurge but  I kind of feel like investment in a healthy lifestyle is a good one.

Speaking of healthy we promptly blew it after shopping by stopping at Texas Roadhouse for a beer and some snacks. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. We made poor choices food wise and honestly it wasn't great. Rattlesnake Bites were like little jalapeno balls of death and made me want to rip my tongue out of my mouth because it was on fire. The onion was no where near as good as it sounded. We are famous for bad choices but what I really learned is that I think/know my tastes are evolving a little. I would have been so much happier with a salad and maybe some blue cheese dressing and croutons as a splurge. The fried crap was just plain shitty. But the beer and company were good!

As for the rest of the weekend I got some things done around the house, grilled some stuffed portobello mushrooms, made an awesome corned beef in the crock pot, did a bunch of laundry, watched more HOC and some bad lifetime movies and just generally lazed around. I got a shiny new coffee pot cause mine finally completely died and after 3 days without I realized I can't quit coffee just yet! Twas a good weekend. Looking forward to some big things this week, hopefully. I think I am going to stop talking about them before they happen though. So stay tuned... and the freaks were definitely out on POF this weekend so I should have a few good ones for you this week. No dates... I seem to have come across more talkers here lately. Lame guys, it's very, very lame. Ask a girl out why don't ya? Actually that's not entirely true, I was invited to go turkey hunting on Sawnee Mountain at the (and I quote) "ass crack of dawn" Saturday morning. He even offered to let me shoot while he called. I declined. But there is always next weekend!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!

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Friday Faves

Friday, March 20, 2015
Well here we are again for some Friday Faves with the lovely Amanda. I am so ready for the weekend. Kid free, all Amy and maybe a few other people... actually I have the teenager too because Driver's Ed... and twatwaffle can't be trusted to get her there since it's during normal waking hours. But that is what I am here for:) So let's get to it shall we?


So someday soon I will be going back to work outside of my home and I am one of those women that carries a tote with every mother lovin thing in it to work with her... just in case. These are from Six Pack Bags and they are really designed for professional fitness types but they have a place for all your foods. There is  a cooler compartment and containers for meals and snacks and anything you might need to stay on your program. How cool is that? This is the top of the line version and a little pricey but I love it! It's  basically a fancy lunchbox with room for your lap top.

Want Want Want the new 6 pack bag...LOVE the one I have but this would be amazing for me!


In love with this song and even more so now that I watched the video. I think the underlying theme is let your freak flag fly and you know I am all about that.


I really want a deer tattoo at some point because that's why and I also really want a thigh piece. I think this is amazing. 

So gorgeous. I will have a deer somewhere.


So here's a new favorites category for me with pics by popular demand. I couldn't go all in but here's a little peek ( for those of you that asked) ... by all means get your freak on people of the online dating world and just feel free to say whatever crosses your weird ass mind! If you know this man please offer him some sage advice. He started off with your run of the mill compliment and as you can see it escalated quickly. I give you ... The Tattoo Licker...


Brownie Points California Red Blend... at $8.00 a bottle this is a gem. It's rich and smooth and has a hint of mocha at the end. I am really digging on this one!


Do you ever see something and just think I must have it and it will stay in my closet forever? Enter Gold Sequin Jacket... only I can't find it. And I won't wear it with super short cut offs, but I want it. Seriously, my Grandmother could have worn this piece! Still so chic, I want. 


How did I not even know this was a phrase? I especially like the example...

A time-honored tradition of thinking things through while drinking a beverage.
You're psycho so there's no point in us meeting to drink things through.


My summer concert series is shaping up quite nicely with the addition of Zac Brown Band tickets yesterday through a secret pre-sale!!! Y'all... nothing gives me more pleasure than putting things on my calendar that feed my soul like live music. Of all the things I stopped doing because my ex didn't like them, concerts were one that I missed terribly!!! I am a dork but this makes me stupid happy!

And some funny stuff lastly but not leastly...

I think the theme this week should be stupid guy things...

I will run across your junk and... (please look at the guy faces)

Fox TV animated GIF

This always seems like such a "fun Dad" thing to do until kid meets wall. 

fail animated GIF

This is actually something my ex would do... geyser... what geyser?

fail animated GIF

Why would you ever attempt to let your friend tee off from your manhood?

Toaster 101

Playing catch with logs on a frozen pond... brilliant.


This chick most certainly listened to the guy... "try it, it'll be fun"  he said...

I hope you all have  wonderful weekend!