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Friday Favorites

Friday, May 29, 2015

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It's Friday.... whoop... I am psyched for tennis, pool time, no kids, wine and who knows what else. The possibilities are endless. But first it's time for the weekly favorites roundup with Amanda. This week was super busy for me and I can't wait to get caught up on what's up with all of you guys! Cheers!


I am still on the hunt for the perfect deer tattoo... get it... hunt... deer... ba dum tsssss. I love this, line work is killer and totally my style. Sacred G's and black work... Badassery.

Jessica Svrtvt


I'll just leave this right.... here... 


Ok, so this is not something that most people will ever achieve but it is so, so beautiful. Please watch it. I was absolutely mesmerized.


As soon as summer comes every year all of the grocery stores around here put key lime pies on sale front and center... all of them, just to torture me I am sure. So then I start pinning every loving thing that is key lime like this... Key Lime Coconut Bars, full recipe here. This is the consummate summer flavor blend to me.

Key Lime Coconut Bars by theafternoonoff #Bars #Key_Lime #Coconut


Mr. Sex on legs himself Jason Aldean has a sexy new video to go with this steamy little tune. How can you not love the story of the hard working man coming home to take his wife out. Awwww... cheers to the men who actually do this. Where the hell are you????


I have been wanting to do this for years and this year I am going... I'm pretty sure. Tunes From the Tombs music festival at historic Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta which I actually talked about here. It's live, music, food trucks and booze in  beautiful cemetery. Tell me that does not sound like a cool way to spend a Saturday??? Matthew Sweet is performing too, anyone remember him? Atlanta native!


I am slightly obsessed with black lace things right now and I just fell in love with this summer sundress. Too bad it is a petite and ridic expensive but if you're tiny and rich you should totally order from Anthro. Isn't it perfect?


I'm getting sick of fail gifs so instead how about some just random funny shit? You're welcome... 

The couch every man dreams of... 

As a person in the design industry I just have to say, who in the world thought of this horrid shit?

This couch your husband wants to buy?

Oh just enjoying a nice day at the pool...

Or this man enjoying a nice day at the pool?

I bet he does...

Actually, I think the game is on.


What do you think about the new Taurus model?


This Ferris inspired prank:

I want to do this... loooooow maintenance. Just throw it out when it gets dusty.

This fine, delicate china:

I LOVE doing shit like this...

This terrifying prank:

How are people so creative?

This Jackson inspired card:

This just made me die!!!!

These are hilarious. Read the rest of the funny kid sayings here!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
So the good news is that it is already Wednesday. The bad news is that the torrential rains that have been plaguing TX and OK are now in GA. Thank the Lord that we are much farther above sea level and shouldn't be affected as badly but ... it's been raining and raining and raining and the forecast is... #fuckyourhair #itsnothappening

I confess I keep saying I am deleting my POF profile but I just haven't been able to give up the comedy aspect of it. Take for example these two charmers. #1 is just funny.. ok... worship me please. But why did you spell Hello like that??? #2 I think his name is a play on "Sincere" maybe? Most likely he just can't spell. Also my profile clearly states that I live in metro Atlanta as does he so at the approximate time I got his message last night the monsoon was in full affect all over the city. So yes dumbass it's raining where I'm at. And if you can't manage to upload your profile pic in the correct orientation we can't even be friends. #iminhell #datingformorons #plentyofstankyfish

I have a new Netflix binge watching addiction... The L Word. I don't know how it happened exactly but I am hooked. I think that subconsciously this might have something to do with my current relationship status and overall lack of enthusiasm for the opposite sex and their shit. But... based on this show I would probably last zero point six seconds in a lesbian relationship. Bitches are high maintenance. Did anyone ever watch this? #notswitchingteams #butjenniferbealsisstillhot #whatafeeling

This is really all I see when I look at her...

My allergies have been really awful for the last few days which means I keep sneezing. I've had 3 kids and repeated sneezing often causes me to about piss myself as I run to the ladies room as fast as possible while needing to pee my pants. Why does someone always stop me in the hall to chat when this happens? I imagine my face to look a little something like this... #whenyagottago #getouttheway

I love my new job but being a contractor means that I did not get paid for the Holiday which sucks giant donkey balls. Why must you keep punishing me universe? Please, please throw me a bone for a change and bring big dollars to my bank account. #makeitrain #fortheloveofGod #andalsolookatherhair

And yesterday was Stevie Nicks' birthday and I have to say I have always loved Fleetwood Mac and Stevie but I about burned a whole in the Rumours album this year during my ups and downs thus far in 2015... this song... could listen to it over and over. Happy Birthday Stevie... #dreamsunwind #lovesastateofmind

Happy Humpday Betches. 

Linking up with Lolo and Lauren...

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Weekending - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Thank God for long weekends!! We had a fun one. A little relaxing and a little on the go too... just the way I like it. Basically the weekend held all of my favorite things... wine on the deck with friends, quality time with my kiddoes doing fun stuff, a neighborhood bbq, the dog park and more wine with a little Netflix on the couch.

Friday night was low key as usual just hanging at home with a friend for a glass of wine and some cheese on the deck.

Saturday morning we were up early to head to the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park for a hike with friends, a picnic lunch and a time to reflect on some of our country's first military heroes to give their lives during the Civil War. It was my first time at the park even though I have lived in GA for a long time and what a great family activity... and it's all FREE!!!! Opposing forces maneuvered through and fought on this very land from June 19,1864 until July 2, 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign... leading up to Sherman's March to the Sea, or the Savannah Campaign, which followed. It's a little more than a two mile round trip hike from start to finish which sounds easy but parts were a little steep and apparently I need more cardio in my life. You're hiking straight up for a mile with some flat spots mixed in here and there... good thigh and glute workout fo sho!

We packed lunches and ate at the top and enjoyed the view of the city of Atlanta way off in the distance. There are several cannons up there (all pointing North)  that were actually drug up the mountain by the Confederate soldiers. Talk about unbelievable... massive pieces of cast iron in places where you think... "how in the hell did they get this here?  We saw trench systems dug by the soldiers for cover and possibly the coolest thing... many the rocks at the top are littered with initials, sayings, and words of wisdom carved by the soldiers that fought and likely died there. It was a bit emotional and awe inspiring to be standing on hallowed ground! There was even a marriage proposal at the top of the mountain that the kids saw and the Mom's missed by minutes... damn... I hated to miss that...
Seriously, if you live in Atlanta or are visiting it's a cool thing to do! P.S. and by the way there were some seriously hot bearded men in the Civil War as seen in the museum at the park... bonus.

One of the rocks we saw was inscribed with "Prepare to meet they God"...

The rest of the day we were just home relaxing. Sunday we hooked up with friends and neighbors for a little grillin and more deck chillin. It was a pot luck and I whipped up some yummy home made potato salad and a haphazard dessert we are calling "Death by Funfetti". Monday was dog park and Netflix, kids roaming the hood with friends in lieu of the pool which everyone bailed on. I will get my pool time next weekend sans kids!

All in all a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Today We Remember...

Monday, May 25, 2015

8 Memorial Day Quotes to Honor the Heroes Who Serve Our Country​ (PHOTOS)

I am taking the Memorial Day holiday off to spend with my family and friends. I hope that everyone takes just a moment at least to remember those who have fallen for our freedom. On this day we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

God bless our troops! God bless the USA!

And it wouldn't be a holiday without an extra special discount code from my friends at Teami Blends. I am still loving their products after almost 6 months of use. I have managed to maintain my -30 lb. loss for half the year people!!! I really do believe that Teami along with a healthy diet and exercise plan has been a winning combination for me! I highly recommend the 30 Day Detox to get you going if you would like to lose some weight! Use code AMYUSA for a 20% discount and free shipping on your product!

Have a great day folks! I'll be back tomorrow with the holiday weekend wrap up!

Random Stuff - Friday Favorites

Friday, May 22, 2015
Honor those who died this Memorial Day at these inspiring memorials.

Happy Friday everybody! It's been a weird week for me for sure. Some bad news, some unsettling events and maybe possibly Mercury in retrograde have me out of sorts but.... it's the weekend and a long one at that. This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day and remember those brave Americans that have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our country's armed forces. I plan on doing the most American things possible... cookouts, quality time with friends and family, maybe the pool and certainly some beers! But first some favorites with Amanda who I think is honeymooning half way around the world...


I am a huge fan of Rihanna and this couldn't be more perfect for this post. Very cool imagery, take a look and a listen...


Paleo Berry Cream Bars from one of my favorite paleo blogs and cook book authors, Juli Bauer from PaleOMG. Vegan, dairy free, grain free... and how pretty are they? Perfect for the holiday!



Ok so unless you don't follow basketball its NBA playoff time and my hometown team is in it to win it. Well, actually they are down a game but who cares, we've got time. Here is my current favorite player Pero Antic... whom I know nothing about but I just like him. Big surprise...

Aaaaaand... FSU has a new QB and that's him on the left. Everett Golson of ND announced on Tuesday that he would transfer to FSU to play his 5th year of eligibility. I think it's so weird since he's already graduated but definitely good news for us. We need an experienced QB! Welcome...


It's pool time and I found the perfect coverup... been looking for something in lace... love this one. Find it here. Bonus, with a little more under it, and my suit is a lot more, it could be a cute little dress too.

Black Floral Irregular Lace Blouse


I have a case of wide mouth mason jars in my pantry and my deck needs some summer ambiance. Cue a fun project for the kids this weekend. Rice, food coloring and tea lights... BOOM.

DIY Red, White and Blue Centerpiece - 21 Superpatriotic DIY Memorial Day Party Decorations | GleamItUp


The worst way to wake up your sister...

33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

People trying to use an escalator... that have never seen an escalator. 

33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

I think you're supposed to wait til it's in the water?

faceplant animated GIF

I always feel like bowling is a fail waiting to happen. 

fail animated GIF

I would straight up beat this guys ass...

pool fail animated GIF

and...What in the hell kind of parents???...

kid fail animated GIF

Be safe! Have a great holiday weekend folks!

Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Happy  Humpday people. I hope everyone is having a great week. It's the last week of school here and we are crammed with activities as usual. Soooo time to confess a lil bit of what is buzzing around in my head right about now.

Do you do this? I have hypothetical conversations in my head, and sometimes out loud, all the time. It's generally the same few with the same cast of not so hypothetical people in my life.

Something is wrong with my brain lately I just can not focus and/or concentrate on anything. I just want to lay around and nap in my spare time. I'm really kind of pissed that I didn't do more of that when I was unemployed. Why is that? We always think we would kill for time off then we blow it by being awake all the damn time and mostly productive.

I come home from work every day and after I finish with whatever the activity of the night is I can't wait to get my pj shorts and a big sloppy T-shirt on and get in my bed. But I don't sleep, I just slob for a few hours. And maybe I get up to eat and/or feed my chillins. Someone came to the door the other day and I was straight up embarrassed... for about 2 seconds... because why are you coming to my door disturbing me?

I have all of these books and magazines stacked up just waiting to be read too but that lack of focus thing got me there too.


The sound of everyone talking to me after work is also supremely annoying as of late. I am definitely one who requires a certain amount of daily silence. I thinks this is partly why marriage doesn't seem to work very well for me.

The Bachelorette is back on.

Confess... what ya got?