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Hashtag Humpday - The Fair Is Coming... #Eatlikeshit

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Let's face it. I really like foods that are horrible for you. I do. I have tried and tried to retrain my brain, my thoughts, my taste buds and it's just not happening. Now don't get me wrong, I don't eat horrible foods 24/7 but believe you me if I could, I would. But they kill you sooo...

Guess what else? The fair is coming to my town next week and it is hands down one of my favorite places to eat really horrendously bad things. So today I thought I would link up with Lolo and Lauren and Hashtag the Shit out of the top 5 things I will be shoving down my dorito chute next week at the fair.

First and foremost we have to start with the corn dog, the quintessential fair food, in my opinion. I love hot dogs especially the ones you get at sporting events and fairs. I always, always have one.  A foot long hot dog on a stick dipped in corn bread batter and deep fried golden brown and crispy slathered in bright yellow mustard??? Yes, don't mind if I do. #putitinyomouthbeotch #dontlookmeintheeyewhenieatthis

Funnel cakes are another fair fave of mine and I try to get one every year but I am usually too stuffed and don't have room for dessert. Hold on right there... there will always be room for bacon so this year I make it my quest to insure a place for this, the maple bacon funnel cake in mah belly. #Iwillwreckyou #baconhooerindahouse

Curly cheese fries. Don't fight it, they are a staple and must be inhaled. Needs some bacon though. Why are fries so good at the fair? #givemefriesgivemesweetlittlefries #askmenoquestionsandilleatyourfries #layoffmeimstarving

Deep fried oreos. Seriously these things are evil incarnate. Slightly crispy and a little melty on the inside they do not disappoint. But this from a girl who buys oreos in bulk at Costco. #theycomebythesleevethatway #dontjudgeme

And last but not least a new comer to the fair food scene that I have yet to try. The Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger, yes people that is a glazed doughnut bun. I am a huge fan of sweet and savory so I am pretty sure I will be #dead after eating this one. #imonamission #amissionfromgod #heartdisease #diabeetus #butdidyoudie

Honorable mentions go to cotton candy, caramel apples, shitty "fresh squeezed" lemonade, giant turkey legs and all of the other things that can be deep fried and/or eaten off of a stick. The real key to enjoying all of this goodness is to go with a group and have a bite or two of errythang you can get your grubby little paws on. #thatsmyplan #foodbeast #heyfattyhey

What's your favorite horrible food?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


Tuesday, September 29, 2015
But I think I love fall most of all.:

Checking in on Tuesday for a little weekend recap of sorts. It's officially fall and I for one am soooo happy about that! It was cool here this past weekend. Not cold... I mean like 60's and 70's which for my friends is apparently pretty much like winter. Only it's not, it's freaking awesome in the south this time of year. I had a fairly low key weekend. Bowling, football watching, eating, drinking, hanging with friends, rain, tennis, you name it... I did it. But not laundry, cleaning or anything even remotely productive! And it's all good. My kids are on Fall Break this week and they will be with Dad so the weekend was for us to just hang since they will be gone all week. Debauchery will ensue to be sure...

But for now, a few scenes from the weekend. 

One of my favorite watering holes added this to the menu awhile back... Fried Mac & Cheese. Ugh, just fucking shoot me why don't ya. I have been trying to get a blogworthy pic but they don't generally last long enough. Served with some sort of vodka type sauce and a side of ranch (cause why not) and helloooo... they are balls. Yummola. 

There was also some cosmic bowling in the mix this weekend which was super fun. Someone who shall remain nameless and faceless used to bowl on a league and actually went to tournaments in Vegas for God's sake. Needless to say, I lost. But I got a few strikes, a few spares and some gutter balls too. Sadly I was sore the next day from apparently using muscles that somehow don't get used in other sports. How is that even possible?

And there were also Bloody Mary's, cheesy eggs and toast, paleo spaghetti pie and men's tennis... cause men, duh. 

Not planning anything overly productive for this week either so don't get your hopes up. Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy.

13 Things About Fall....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well hey there! Thought I would check in for a little fall fun today since I have been everywhere but here this week. So yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn. it was 79 degrees here in Atlanta but there is definitely a coolness to the mornings and evenings now that is telling of the weeks to come. I cannot wait. I say that like I have to wait for any of it. The stores have been jammed will all the fall things for weeks now but being the traditionalist that I am I did not buy anything... until yesterday. Like this, number one on my list of 13 Fall Things....

Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte... I want to eat myself this stuff smells amazing!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Ultra Shea Body Cream - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksMarshmallow Pumpkin Latte Fine Fragrance Mist - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Tasty Treats. Get excited: this fall is even more delicious. Shop for something sweet.
Tasty Treats. Get excited: this fall is even more delicious. Shop for something sweet.
Tasty Treats. Get excited: this fall is even more delicious. Shop for something sweet.Festivals every weekend like... The Atlanta Cheese Festival on Oct. 9 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Sign me up for all the cheese!!!

The Cumming Country Fair and Festival starts on Oct. 8th in my hometown. Yes, I am currently from Cumming, GA. I Love Cumming!!! That's what she said.

FSU Football... nuff said. All football really. Except the teams I hate. Just No.

Pumpkin Pie. Sorry if you don't like it but I fucking love it.

Helen GA - Oktoberfest - GA's version of the German celebration. An excuse to drink beer in the mountains.

Uncle Shuck's Corn Maze in Dawsonville, GA right up the road from me. Aka an excuse to go out drinking and walking around in the fall air. Stick with your friends, this year's maze is a tribute to Greek mythology and Medusa is 12 acres and 4 miles of trail. Good Luck!!!

Giant corn maze and pumpkin patch at Uncle Shucks in Dawsonville, GA, North East of Atlanta near Gainesville and Alpharetta.

Candy Corn.

Boots... with errythang!!! Like these from Urban Outfitters.

Bonfires... because there is nothing more relaxing than hanging around the fire with your friends.

Halloween Tattoos - oooooh yeahhhhh. Come get yours at Terminus City Tattoo with me on Oct. 24th!

Chrysanthemums, is there any more perfect fall flower?

Red Wine - We wait patiently to make the switch.

Nights at Home Snuggled Up by the fire. I really do wait all year for this excuse to just stay home!

Linking up with Katie Elizabeth &  Pink Persistence ...

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Sorry this got a little long. Can you tell how much I love Fall?

Friday Favorites

Friday, September 18, 2015
That's what matters most, your happiness.:

Well, well here we are again... the most loved day of the week for me. Friday!!! My Friday night mixed doubles season kicks off tonight. Simultaneously with the FSU v. Boston College game unfortunately but oh well. I also have a big birthday party to go to on Saturday night and ladies tennis on Sunday. Gonna be a busy one! All Amy no kids... ahhhhhh heaven!!!So let's get to some favorites with Amanda who will hate my first one...


Give me all the football. FSU Football to be exact as this week we take on BC and it's gonna be tough... GO NOLES!!! Does anyone have a cooler mascot?? Ummm... No. No they don't.


Ok, so I have these in the oven right now. Found on Pinterest from the blog All Things Thrifty and yes I totally posted her picture because well... look at it!!! And mine are still in the oven, poor planning by yours truly. The middle layer is a Hershey's Symphony Bar. My tennis team should be duly impressed tomorrow evening. Will report back but in the mean time go check her out here. She's got all kinds a cool stuff!

best brownies ever with a secret ingredient a


My dear friend Steph talked about this on her blog here. It occurred to me that people in other parts of the country might not be as cool as me and Steph's hubcap MFD when it comes to Yacht Rock. It's a real thing. Yacht Rock Review has a huge following here in Atlanta and they sell out all summer long. I dare you not to sing along and dance. And put on your captain's hat while you're at it! Enjoy!


Ok... so this is multiple tattoos but the point is this is the kind of stuff that I absolutely love. I only have 5 between my two forearms but I love the randomness, the black work, the tiny stippling, the details. This is the direction I want to go...

A Fashion Person's Guide To Tattoo Trends #refinery29


This one wins! My favorite gift this year my YETI Colster from my man friend, a practical gift for the woman who loves cold beer aka, me. I got on Etsy the next day and found the perfect monogram for me at It's All About The Name and had it made in Garnet and Gold of course. Now, much to his dismay, the Yeti has been Seminole-ized. I love it! Check out her shop here!


I feel like this is something I would totally do...

This is so awesome I can hardly stand it. Everyone gets their 15 minutes.

The 25 Best Sports GIFs In The History Of Sports

More football horror... his face!!!!

And some fashion week... her face.

Oh sorry... didn't see your face there. Twice.

 Epic Fail GIFs That will Make You LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Humpday Confessions and Hashtags

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hmmm... haven't been around on Wednesday in awhile so let's see what's up. What can I confess today??? Here goes nothing!

So I took on some additional work at work and I am not loving it. Accounting is not my jam, but I am still a contractor so I don't feel as though I can say NO. How do you accounting types do this shit every day? Not to mention the department is pretty much all women... not what I'm used to. #mybrainhurts #ilikemen #wellido

My eating has been woefully short of the 80/20 or 90/10 I so desperately strive for lately. And it shows. I am feeling tired, bloated and just less than amazing. I feel like I lost my inspiration and I just can't get it back here lately. Help me... how do you stay on track when you are really struggling? On a positive note I did meal prep this week. #pleasedontletmedrinkwine #alsoIstillhavebirthdaycake

The longer I am single the more I think maybe I am just meant to be single. Even when I have someone nice in my life (like I might have right now maybe possibly) I stress/obsess over every little thing that is not the way I imagined/hoped it would be. Men are weird. Why can't they just be normal like us? #themainbenefitofdatingmeisthatyouaredatingme #jussayin

I am super annoyed that people in my neighborhood are finally catching onto the fact that my favorite local neighborhood bar is in fact a really cool place to hang out. Get out. And stop sitting in my seat at the bar. #youcantsitwithus #gofindyourownbar #yesihaveaseatsowhataboutit

Boyfriend jeans look cute on everyone... except me. I tried them on this past weekend and uhhhh... No. The cuffed, rolled up look makes me look like a homeless person who should be holding a sign on the freeway exit ramp next to my tatted up, chainsmoking boyfriend. #willworkforfood #downonourluck #butimontrend

I went for a four mile walk on Monday night and it felt great! #andtheniatesomebirthdaycake

And now all the cake is gone so it can stop taunting me.

Linking up with Lolo and Lauren!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren