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Black Friday Favorites... Just A Couple....

Friday, November 27, 2015
Aaaaand just like that Thanksgiving is over. I am so ready to get on with the business of Christmas... don't know why but I am. I think I am going to surprise my kids and get as much done as possible as far as decorating goes before they come home on Sunday! Then all we have left to do togethter is the tree. Maybe...

Today is going to be short because I am on Amy-cation. That means I have 3 more days of I do what I want. Thanksgiving was actaully really quite nice. I cooked in the morning, pumpkin pies and cornbread dressing. If you follow me on Snapchat then you saw all of that. I watched my Detroit Lions destroy the Eagles, did laundry and house things before making my way up the street to the besties for dinner. We had a small but very nice dinner and I was honored to be included.

Just a couple of favorites today... deals I love


25% off everything today, I ordered a men's mystery tee for $12.50. Might keep it, might gift it. Depends on what I get. This is still my all time fave. Super soft and comfy too!

shitshow tee


I have not really talked about this too much here but I need to do a full post on waist training. If you have any interest or just like the look of a corset these are the best around. And this price is insane... the are usually double or much, much more. I have 2 and I love them! Also if you have any back issues it is really great for that too, you can't slouch! My midsection is my most hated area so I love the look that wearing a corset gives me, cinched in. The more you wear it, the better you look for sure. It works!


BOGO on the detox packs from Teami Blends today. Seriously folks, I love this stuff! It has helped me tremendously with just staying on track food wise. I highly recommend the 30 Day Detox pack as a great way to start and keep on going into the New Year! Use code blckbogo to get te deal!

Displaying IMG_7615.JPG

Displaying IMG_7615.JPG

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping... not sure what I'll be doing and I can't wait for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

By Heather Stillufsen Rose Hill Designs on Etsy and Facebook:

I will be doing this, with a glass of wine. I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your families and friends. 


Hummpday Confessions & #Hashtags - Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
I confess, I'm kinda looking forward to the rain tomorrow night... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club:

So just going to lay it out there today and talk about some things I have been doing other than blogging. I miss blogging! I have gotten horribly off track on the scheduling of my evenings which is when I used to do a lot of my writing. Also work, work is insanely busy like all the time. At my old job I had down time and honestly I could do that job and ten other things at once because it was not super challenging. Then I was unemployed for like 5 months, hello blogging all day every day.  My current position is with a much larger firm and truth be told I am kind of rocking it... I'll say it. I love it too... bonus. But I gotta work during the day, no bloggy time except maybe for a little bit on my lunch hour. Which brings me here... on a Wednesday talking about my weekend and confessing with Kathy and Nadine and hash tagging with Lolo and Lauren all that good shit.

My children are currently on Thanksgiving break and spending the week with their Dad. Let that sink in for a moment... I am sans kids for the whole week!!! You guys know I adore the hell out of those little reflections of me but when they go hang with the other one I am just so freaking ecstatic. It's a vacation in my own home and I love it.  #Thanksgivingstaycation

This week is going to  pretty much be like this cause I'm definitely going out a lot...

tv drinking gossip girl friendship blake lively

and maybe a little of this cause I'm def staying in a lot too...

Also I have been eating some wonderful things lately. My Aunt was in town last week and she took me out to dinner and let me pick the place. I chose this wonderful little spot that I talked about here, The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub in  Little 5 Points which is a little cool area in town. It's on a list of 38 places to eat in Atlanta that I am working my way thru and I highly recommend it! We had some Beer, Snapper, Sirloin and Apple Crisp... seriously good food. It was also recently featured on Guy Fieri's Diners Drive Ins and Dives... so yeah, GO!

I am also currently bingeing on fire and wood that's what she said and new velvety blankets for my bed since it is officially cold in Atlanta. Ok don't hate me northern people, it is cold enough for fire... that is all. I am from MI so I know it's not really cold but when it dips into the 30's at night and your house gets no sun it's like a tomb and we light the fireplace and save dolla dolla bills on gas. I bought a cute little fire pit too at Wal-Mart and assembled it all by myself... See... think I might be christening that this weekend with a little driveway bonfire party. #finallygotwood #letsburnone

I am going to my bestie's house for dinner tomorrow and I may even venture out into the world for Black Friday which I have never done before. I need a TV for my bedroom and the deals are looking too good to pass up! Do you black Friday shop? Any tips for me? I am still not sure it's for me. #blackfridayvirgin

Hope everyone has a #blessed holiday and eats all the delicious foods!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Wednesday!!!

More Coffee Less Talky

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Teamiblends Thanksgiving Sale

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just in time for the holidays I have a great deal for you to get your cleanse on with Teamiblends at 20% off the regular price. If you follow me you know I love this product and have been using it for almost an entire year now. 

I have lost 30 lbs this year with Teami and a combination of healthy eating and exercise and kept pretty much all of it off give or take a pound or two here lately. Which is why I am back on the 30 day detox right now. I have been a little a lot out of control and eating way off program so it's time for me to be proactive or I will gain the obligatory 6-10 pounds over the holidays. That is not happening!!! So get on it with me and place your order with a 20% disocunt. If you want to hear more about my experiences you can read here and here. If you have any questions please leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Have a great weekend!

The TeaMi Detox Tea Pack includes:

• 30 day supply of our Skinny loose-leaf tea
• 15 colon cleanse tea bags

TeaMi Detox will completely change how your body looks and feels in just 30 days! 

• Boost your metabolism 
• Start burning stored fat
• Suppress appetite and cravings
• Naturally raise energy levels
• Detox your internal organs
• Reduce bloating
• Improve skin complexion 
• Flush out harsh toxins
• Fix digestive issues 

The Teami Detox Tea is completely GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free! 

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 20, 2015
How to create a simple and rustic Give Thanks place setting | #givethanks:

Hell yeah... it's Friday. The last Friday before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the official start to the holiday season. Yeah... that's next week. Next week, at the time I am writing this now,  I will most likely be snuggled up on my couch with wine and Netflix, fire and dog... full as a tick and enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving night. God almighty... this year has gone by so quickly. I can't quite wrap my brain around that but I have a few more weeks to figure it out. For now it's time to talk favorites with Amanda and all of you of course! Gotta start with food of course...


Martha Stewart Cornbread, Wild Mushroom and Pecan Dressing is one of my southern stand by's for the last 10 years or so. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this one!

Cornbread, Wild Mushroom, and Pecan Stuffing


I am a huge Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B fan and this tune has it all. His voice reminds me of a white Future. I like the slow mellow vibe... and the homage to Allen Iverson and basketball is cool too. And the gold grill... saweeeet!


Have you heard about the IG challenge that Helene and Taylor are doing? The hashtag is #myholidayspark and anything holiday goes, glorious triumph to miserable failure and it starts now... Go.


I have stumbled onto the most perfect food blog in the existence of the blogosphere... Half Baked Harvest. I really can't put it into words because the pictures are just a feast for the eye and the recipes are the most amazing combinations of culinary goodness like ever. Theighan Gerard is a genius. And do also go get lost in her Instagram feed...

Crispy Prosciutto Baked Brie Bites with Honey Pears + Walnuts | @hbharvest


Since my last two boot purchases occurred several years ago it was time to reinvest this year in a pair of black which I talked about here and these beautiful brown suede over the knee beauties... the Tiberia Over The Knee Boots by Nine West. Girls... super comfy, stretchy and chic.
Tiberia Over the Knee Boots


More leaves... obsessed. 

Leaves Tattoo #sashatattoing:


Me like a hundred times a day with the men of online dating...

29 Things That Will Make You Grin Like An Idiot However Badly Your Day's Going

Me and the man friend who is really confused but still wants to eat pizza with me. 

29 Things That Will Make You Grin Like An Idiot However Badly Your Day's Going

Me when I say I really like you but we just gonna be friends... oh fuck it....

15 Reasons Why You Hate Leaving Your Dog At Home

I said Netflix and chill... be cool honey bunny... be cool.

15 Reasons Why You Hate Leaving Your Dog At Home

Have a great weekend!!!

Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Humpday hookers! Time to confess yo deep dark secrets with Me and Kathy and Nadine. And Hashtags with Lolo and Lauren... Go!

I guess I should have taken a picture of my own dog and shamed him but you get the idea here. Monday night my dog ate my entire dinner, licked the dish clean. Granted it was only a ramekin of left over Mac and Cheese but it was mine. Went upstairs to check on sick teenage girl, came back down and the dish was exactly where I left it... just with not a scrap of food left in it. #sneakysonofabitch

"If I don't look into your eyes, it'll be fine...don't look into the eyes...don't look into the eyes" Hahahaha :D):

Speaking of my sick teenager... someone gets their drama from their Dad. #pleaseshootme

It's almost time for for me to order a new planner since mine runs out at the end of the year. Why oh why oh why did EC have to come out with a ROSE GOLD life planner???? To torture me that's why, clearly. So $75 is pretty darn steep but is it really when I will be using it daily for 18 mos? I still love my last one as much as the day I bought it. I think it's worth it. I can drop that in the bar on a football weekend without batting an eye. #idontevenreallycare #butyoucanweighin

Introducing our NEW Limited Edition Rose Gold (Ready to Ship) LifePlanner!:

Have a special guest in town tomorrow and we are going to partake in some Gastro Pub fare at the well known Wrecking Bar Brew Pub in Atlanta... Beer and fancy bar food... yes please. #beerisgood #ballsinyoface

Our Cheddarwurst Corn Pups

Cheddarwurst Corn Pups and ... Beer

So every year for Thanksgiving I like to serve or bring with me a signature cocktail. This year I pick this: The Apple Pie On the Rocks... 1 oz. vanilla vodka, 1 oz. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, 4 oz. organic apple juice. #organic #really #ithinkalcoholcancelsitout

Apple Pie on the Rocks 1 oz. Vanilla Vodka 1 oz. Fireball Whiskey 4 oz. Organic Apple Juice:

I was kind of happy to see Rhonda Rousey go down this past weekend. I was in a bar  for 100 hours watching her last fight that took like 12 seconds and was not impressed with her attitude before or after. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way and seemed disingenuous.  Buh bye.... #mamasaidknockyouout

Thanksgiving is next week!!!! 

This is going to be my first one, I think, without kids. It's weird but it has just worked out that way for the last few years since we don't adhere to  strict holiday schedule and I usually go see my family or they come here. It's gonna be even weirder since I'm not cooking and I won't have my kids. I was thinking back on all the years when my kids were babies and toddlers that we had 20 people for dinner and I cooked for days. I miss it. I hope that I have some years like that ahead of me because for me, those are some of the greatest memories of my youth. But I have a place to go and people to be with so I won't be alone, I only have to make one dish and I get to show up and eat and drink!


More Coffee Less Talky

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


Tuesday, November 17, 2015
I think this weekend marked the last weekend that I will have no have to do things for the rest of the year. As I write this there are 38 days until Christmas... let that sink in. Ahhhhhhh..... I have not one gift purchased but that is a whole nother problem. Back to my weekend...

Friday night my tennis team drove an hour and a half to get our second loss of the playoffs but unlike the last time when we played cheaters and advanced anyway, this time we really lost and are out. But it was fun and even though I didn't play I enjoyed spectating in the new blanket scarf that I made. If you want to make one too check out Laura's post about it here. It doubles as a nice blanket for cold legs too.

Saturday afternoon was my typical football watching with friends, a couple of beers and the best grouper sandwich ever at my favorite sports bar. I actually stayed in and did nothing with my dog on Saturday night which was absolutely wonderful! I had my first fire in the fireplace too. I need more lazy nights like that!

Sunday two of my besties and I went to brunch at an Atlanta fave I haven't been to in forever... The Nook. We made some bloody beers for the road and got to celebrating one birthday that falls around T-Day and always gets the shaft. The plan... start early this year and get some big fat bloody Mary's and Tatchos... that's tater tot nachos if you didn't know. The Bloody Best is the 32 oz. legendary drink that comes with skewers laden with steak, blue cheese stuffed olives tater tots, pepperoncini, a hard boiled egg, bacon and toast. Pretty much a meal in itself but somehow we got thru it all and still polished off one small-ish plate of buffalo chicken tatchos. And then we exploded. After all the gluttony we decided to stop and shop drool at The Shops Buckhead, a new-ish super high end luxury open air shopping collection. Nothing like pressing your nose up against the glass at Jimmy Choo and asking where the sale candle section is at Diptyque. We didn't spend too much time there but beat a hasty retreat back to my deck for some additional wine and good fun. We laughed our asses off for a few more hours till the wine was gone and that was a wrap on my weekend!

Ba dum tssssss....

Happy Tuesday!!

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ok. So, not entirely but each day would start so happier if I didn't have to be jolted awake by that thing.... which leads to more happiness. .. so I say. .. it's a thing!:

Friday favorites time with the lovely Amanda and I couldn't be happier. Not setting an alarm tomorrow or Sunday for that matter. Hmmm what's on tap for the weekend?? First up it's kid free so you know what that means... all Amy all the time... ohhh yeahhhh. Friday night tennis... we made it back into the play offs since the team that beat us last week got disqualified for "accidentally" dicking around with their scorecard after the fact. Buh-bye cheaters!!! Saturday who knows and Sunday more of the same. Sounds pretty damn good to me! But for now lets talk things I like, love and can't live without.


I have a slight obsession this year with black liquid eyeliner and making the perfect wing. I have found the holy grail... Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. After trying several others that either flaked off... even with setting spray or ended up under my eyes (gel liner looking at you) giving me a distinct raccoon-esque vibe around 5:00 everyday, this is liquid gold. Actually not gold but it does come in 15 colors. At $22 well worth it to me, eyeliner is absolutely essential in the make up routine. Get it.



I feel like I am always jacking Six Sister's Stuff but damn... these girls are just so good! I love cake batter anything and everything. I will be making this for my next event... Girl Scouts Thanksgiving Feast. Funfetti Cake Batter Dip....4 ingredients for the win.


Literally the most comfortable bra like ever... The Victoria Secret Lounge Bra. Perfect for just hangin out when you don't want to be all pushed up and strapped in but just comfy. My VS had it in a deep cabernet color which I got... gorgeous!

The Lounge Bra - Body by Victoria - Victoria's Secret:


More nature stuff. I love these little leaves. I feel like I always say the same thing... so clean and simple. Clearly that's my jam.

This is probably the simplest tattoo on my bucket list but I really like it. Some subtle expression.:


I asked my girls what the best song is right now and this what they said... I love it too!


I am becoming obsessed with snap chat even though I mostly just snap my co-worker Barry every day. Unbeknownst to Barry he has quite the following. You should follow me even though I am not as funny as these people...

This dog who got caught stealing money for pizza. | The 42 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2014:

Aladdin from Aladdin | Student Turns Roommate Into A Variety Of Disney Characters On Snapchat:

And then this Snapchat was absolute peak Starbucks. | 34 Of The Most Glorious Moments In Fail History:

This person who took a boring algebra lesson and turned it into the perfect Snapchat. | 26 People Who Made The Best Of An Unfortunate Situation:

Whoever solved this riddle with the only logical solution. | 19 People Who Are Doing Snapchat Just Right:

And this Snapchat, taken by someone who had been on one too many bad dates. | 24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You:

Have a great weekend. Snap me... crazywisewoman... duh