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The Best June Ever

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Sally Lee by the Sea | Happy June 1st!! |

Whoopsy... it's already Tuesday and I am just now getting around to some sort of weekend/month end recap. If you guessed that means I had another good weekend you would be correct. Another weekend that left little time to think about putting together a blog post because I was pretty much eating/drinking/ barhopping/tennis playing my way all over town. Well on Saturday anyway... Sunday was lunch out, errands, naptime, shopping and more tennis because we are trying to get all our fourth of July weekend matches out of the way before the actual 4th.

Friday I cut out of work early and did a little shopping. Lucked into a cute new bag at DSW that reminded me of the one I talked about here for a tiny fraction of the cost... like $39.00 minus an additional $10 with my coupon... STEAL. I met my people for drinks and dinner out rather than going home to an empty house... Sorry Winston. Aaaaand... we ate like pigs because... starving in a bar does not equal good choices. Oh well....

Saturday brought on and off rain causing endless tennis delays which put us squarely back out looking for a place to eat/drink. Bloody Mary's, chips, dip and salsa did the trick. We got the matches played for the most part after the rain moved out. 

Saturday night I ended up out again for a little live music at one of my favorite local spots. Does anyone remember this skit? 

Because I think they were performing in my town Saturday night... and they we pretty good... I love old people and we made fast friends. I will now be an official "Past-tells" groupie. 

Sunday... more eating and drinking... surprise. See why it has taken me two whole days to get to this post? That's a wrap on June and I can officially say it has been the best one I have had in a long time. For a few particular reasons but mostly because it was just about fun. I got what I had to do done but I really took lots of time for me too and it was long overdue!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 26, 2015

I have had a week... one of those weeks that try my patience and suck the joy out of me for sure. But... all of these things that make me crazy and upset and angry will pass, they just do. Life goes on and definitely not always the way you planned but if you're lucky it goes on. And on that note there are amazing things out there so let's talk about em... favorites time with that beautiful married lady Amanda... Cheers!


Six Sisters Stuff Butterfinger Blondies - I may have posted about these before but it's been awhile. I am having a party next month and these are on the menu. Every time I make them people go insane. They are literally like the crack on steroids of cookie bars if ya like that sorta thing... 


Have  I mentioned how much I love Zac Brown??? Only 500 thousand times I know... sorry. Please enjoy this new awesome video for the song every woman wants her man to sing just for her. Zac... how do you keep writing this shit??? So freaking good!


I have not been getting downtown enough this summer so I am officially putting this on my calendar... The Cork Pullers Tour. Beer Wine and Spirits tour??? Count me in! Locals... hit me up and lets go!!!


Planning an outfit for a fun casual special event coming up and wanted some shoes that could double for work. I ordered these... Nine West Crudenza Ankle Strap Sandals... cause I'm a nude shoe junkie. Thoughts? Are they sexy? I need them to be sexy... a little bit anyway.
Crudenza ankle strap sandals


I still have my heart set on a cool thigh piece hopefully by the end of the year. I  love, love this one and it is very similar to what I want but not a ram's head. I really dig the flowers and the foliage on this one. Someday....

55 Thigh Tattoo Ideas | Cuded There's a few in here that I really like


I have been totally slacking lately other than tennis. However, I do often wake up before my alarm and check email, Instagram, Twitter... this might be a better use of my time! Easy and effective... 30 min. tops! Get it!

Morning waist training workout // In need of a detox? Get your teatox on with 10% off using our discount code 'Pinterest10' on X

And because my brain is not really able to function and if I don't laugh I will cry let's just get to some funnies...

Me everyday this week.

And people  who might have had as bad a day as I had yesterday...

Literally... took it in the ass lol

Just when you think you can relax...

When even your dog embarrasses you... mine actually does this like the minute we get to the dog park.

Just when you think "I got this"... nope, you don't.

You gotta know when to put the brakes on... doh

My Life in a gif... lol

Happy Weekend!

Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Well here we are, mid-week again. This one is flying by pretty quickly actually. I had a shit day yesterday. I just did. The ghosts of the past continue to come back to bite me in the ass over and over again. I won't go into great detail but if you've been here for any length of time you know who I am talking about. But let's get to confessing, or venting as the case may be today...

I confess... I was almost in tears yesterday multiple times. I still have those days when everything just gets overwhelming because let's face it, being a single Mom with a deadbeat Dad blows chunks. #deadbeatdadssuckass

When my ex gets some cash and takes my kids shopping and buys them all the stuff I can't afford I want to kill him. Rage ensues... I get to pay all the bills and keep the lights on and he gets to buy cute clothes and toys. #snappedisarealthing #maybeIshouldthrowhisassinjail

Parenting a teen is hard as fuck... I was a horrible teenage girl to my Mom and some days I feel like i am getting the payback. I am trying but jeez, why do 16 year olds think they know everything about every thing? I'm sorry but I have almost died from doing stupid shit in my life multiple times over, listen to me. Learn from me. #youknownothingiknoweverything

I'm so tired of thinking about my next meal 24/7 so that I can stay on track with my goals. Why can't I be one of those people that are just naturally thin and can eat whatever they want. #ihateyouskinnybitches 

So after my shit day yesterday I went and played tennis, sweat buckets and hit balls. It felt great. #sometimesyouneedtohitthings #idhitthat

Is anyone else excited for Magic Mike XXL?

Just curious...

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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By the Numbers

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Google Image Result for

My good buddy Steph did this post awhile back and I have been wanting to recreate one of my own so here goes nosy biotches...

10 - the number of weeks I have been at my new job and yes, I am still loving it. Like way more than I even thought possible

3 - the number of tennis matches I have played and lost during this summer season... yes 0 for 3 but still having a grand ole time. Brunch drinking game stronger than ever.

1 - the number of siblings I have, an older brother who I wish could bestow upon me some of his wisdom... he got the good decision making gene

6 - the number of hours I burned watching Netflix this last weekend and 0 - the numbers of fucks I give

35 - the official number of pounds I have lost this year and kept off

3 - the number of times I have been really, truly head over heels in love with someone. Sadly none of them worked out...Hoping there is at least 1 more out there for me!

9762 - the approximate number of times I talk to myself everyday

2 - the number of years I have been divorced officially and I am loving life more than ever before

76 & 77 - the ages of my Dad and Mom respectively... ugh... I really don't like this one at all. Watching your parents get old sucks big hairy ball-sack.

29 - my age when I had my first baby, who is now 16... this is a good age to have a first child by the way

300 - the exact number of miles from my front door to Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL home of the Florida State Seminoles. Ready for football season already.

9 - the number of years I swam competitively, that's a lot of  miles in the water

11 - the number of weeks until my birthday which I think is gonna be good this year, just putting it out there now

24 - the number of the day next month when Grandma takes my kids to the beach for a week and I am FREEEEEEEE.... maybe I'll get wined, dined...(not putting that number in here)... yeah... maybe not. But here's hoping.

CrockFest Weekending

Monday, June 22, 2015
Well that was super fun... the weekend that is. And now it's Monday... ugh

In the service industry this could also be "Friday again...." lol

I am pretty well rested for a change since I got my party pants on Friday night instead of Saturday this weekend. Left the office early on Friday for pre-game festivities and pre-concert beverages at a favorite watering hole with all of my favorite people. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke and Travis Tritt were Ah-MAZING!!!! Seriously,  another awesome summer concert! Once again it was freaking hot as hell and until the sun went down it was major swamp ass festival, summer in the south blows for doing outdoor activities. We did a tiny bit of post concert cup tipping back at the local bar and called it a night around the time when nothing good ever happens. Oh what fun and yay for bad decisions! 

Saturday morning came bright and early and thank goodness for me I got my tennis match out of the way on Thursday night so all I had to do was go and watch the rest of my team get their hats handed to them. Ugh... we are having the worst season ever. 

Saturday afternoon called for showers, napping and binge watching the entire rest of season 3 of OITNB. I literally couldn't stop myself and with the addition of pizza and wine it was pretty much my perfect Saturday night party of one. Except the kids were here and that was awesome too. I kind of like the nights when we are all here together even if everyone is in their own space just doing their own thing. It's peaceful.  

Sunday errands, Waffle house breakfast with the kids, Victoria's Secret Semi annual sale where I scored some really pretty stuff, Target, Ulta and the rest of the day to myself. Kids of course spent it with Dad and his fam. I worked on stuff at the house including some new cute lights for my patio... prepping for a party next month and need to spruce things up a bit here. All in all a lovely weekend to be sure.

How was yours?

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Happy Father's Day from Teami Blends!

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day! I am enjoying some kid free adult time but wanted to share a Teami Blends special with you guys today. Use discount code DADAMY for 15% off your order today at

Have a great Sunday!

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 19, 2015

French by design

Well hey there... it's the weekend upon us again and I for one am happy about that. Gonna be a fun one too! Concert tonight, my first time seeing one of my all time favorite bands... Lynyrd Skynyrd with Trvis Tritt & Blackberry Smoke too. It is hot as fucking balls here in Atlanta so it's gonna be an ugly sweat fest but the beer will be cold so... yeah that. Anyway... let's get to it. Time for some Friday Favorites with Amanda!


This guy cracks me up... The Vulgar Chef.. Seriously if you are easily offended don't bother.


If you need me this is where you can find me tonight. Sweating my behind off with lots of other drunken southerners. FREE BIRD!!!!

Who the heck is Paris Luna? They just added them this week. 


I think this will be my summer anthem...Please enjoy this song and also Adam Levine's ass...... I love both.


Costco has my very favorite wine right now and for $3 a bottle less than they sell it everywhere else... $6.99. Check it out if you love a good Sauvignon Blanc, very grapefruit-y. Perfect summer wine! Score!


I am not done yet and I am savoring it... It's ahhhmaze so far. Anyone else loving season 3 of OITNB???


The Wild Life Lokai... I say it's camouflage betches. It'll go great with a PBR this summer, jus sayin...


I am still jonesing for the deer tattoo. It won't be on the top of my hand but I am digging this one with the sacred geometry...

monday random tattoo 3

And just a few  funny things to leave you with.

Seriously, how do you not realize you are going to fall straight onto the pool deck? Cause they are guys...

Synchronized Swimming Fail.gif

I think he didn't see this coming... what do you think?

Water Balloon Boy.gif

I still don't understand why folks don't get the escalator concept...

Grandma Escalator.gif

This guy just makes me laugh, every time. 

Trash My Computer.gif

Reminiscent of my week...

The 26 Mightiest Examples Of People Falling Over

Cheers everybody! Have a great weekend!