Weekending - Last One On Whole30

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Monday, friends!! #ELSimplifiedQuotes:

Hey there it's Monday again. It's also the first day February. How did that happen? Oh and also it's day 29 of my second Whole30. I can not beleive I have 2 days left and then I get to figure out where I go from here. I'll leave all that for tomorrow's post though.

So the weekend... it was pretty chill at my house. No kids and not much going on. Nothing in fact. Home Friday night with a fire and Netflix. Errands Saturday, shopping and a trip to the dog park. Some cooking Saturday night and Sunday morning produced two amazing Whole30 recipes that will definitely be repeated. I snap chatted a bunch of pictures and video clips of the goings on in the kitchen with my trusty sous chef Mr. Winston so I hope you were following along.

Sunday I was not playing tennis but spectating as my teammates brought home a win against the first place team. We had gorgeous weather in Atlanta all weekend with highs in the 60's. It was great to get outside and enjoy it! I spent the remainder of my Sunday prepping meals for the week and I feel very prepared for a successful finish to my Whole30 round 2. I am still feeling so amazing and a little bit in awe of how fast it has gone and really how easy it was for the majority of the time. I had my moments but I learned some valuable things about myself that I hope will be key in carrying this success forward a little bit better than I did last year.

I didn't take a ton of pics but here are a few of the highlights, I keep forgetting to save my snaps so this is all I got!

This was my dinner Saturday night... Zucchini Fritters.... and they were damn delicious. Not my recipe but from one of my favorites Stupid Easy Paleo and you can find it here. I subbed tapioca flour for coconut because that's what I had in my pantry. This would make a great side for any protein or fish!

My other favorite new recipe of the weekend... Spinach & Caramelized Onion Frittata with a Sweet Potato Crust from Vitamin Sunshine. It took me all morning because I was lazy cooking and doing other things as is my habit on Sunday mornings when I am alone. But it was a little more time consuming. I used the food processor for the shredding and slicing which is a must. This would be great to make in advance for a breakfast or brunch and really impress your friends. I left out the parmesan to keep it Whole30 but I have no doubt that would make it next level awesome!

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a fabulous Monday. Please stop by tomorrow for Laura and my final (I think) link-up for The Breakup Challenge as we re-cap our experiences. Oh and I will be sharing my results on the scale and inches lost later this week as well! Fingers crossed!

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14 comments on "Weekending - Last One On Whole30"
  1. Those zucchini fritters look delish. The temps were unusually nice here too. We took a motorcycle ride to enjoy the weather.

  2. You look like a food blogger here! Those pictures make my mouth water! Your weekend honestly sounds heavenly! Welcome to Monday!!

  3. Two more days - go you girl! That Frittata looks amazing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I can't believe you're already almost through this Whole 30! Great creations this weekend.

  5. you guys have been killing the challenge!! where do you go? you keep going, that's what :D

  6. Those fritters look good! I want to try them!

  7. You can do it girlie!! Im amazed by how good the food looks too!

  8. Those fritters look amazing! I did a bunch of meal prep yesterday but nothing looked yummy like yours. Didn't you do buffalo chicken something too? Man I need to check snapchat more!

  9. Those both look so good - I am going to have to give them a try!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  10. Oooo, fritters and frittatas! YUM!!!! Sign me up. Those look earnestly delicious. Good on you for heading into month 2 with a smile on your face!

  11. Your Whole30 dishes look amazing! I would definitely enjoy both even though I'm not doing the program. Sounds like you got some beautiful weather in ATL!

  12. Hmmm I dont think I am following you on snapchat, so obviously I need to fix that! I am terrible about using it in the first place. Ohhhh I am totally going to have to try those zucchini fritters and the sweet potato one. TOMORROW IS IT!!!!!!

  13. Good for you for finishing round 2, girl! That's awesome!
    I loooove me some zucchini fritters!!


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