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Friday Favorites - My All Time Favorite Hangover Remedies & A Link Up

Friday, December 30, 2016
25 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Having A Hangover

"You're a loony!"  ~ King Arthur

So I kind of set aside the weekly post formats of  Weekend Re-cap, Humpday Confessions and Friday Favorites awhile back because frankly, I was boring myself to tears. I got tired of writing the same format over and over, week after week and just taking the easy way out. But... every once in awhile I don't mind sneaking one in here or there especially with a twist, like today. It is Friday of NYE weekend after all so I thought I would share with you all of my favorite, time tested, Amy approved hangover remedies. I mean, I have been slightly inebriated the entire month of December so I know of where I speak. We're keepin it real here folks. You can thank me on Sunday when you realize you are no longer 21 and not invincible.

Sleep - This one may seem obvious but hey, you were dumb enough to stay up 2 or 10 hours past your regular bedtime getting hammered so I think it bears reiterating. There is no substitute for good old fashioned shut eye to cure yourself. Especially as you age when hangovers can last 2 days. Go to bed and just stay there as long as you possibly can or until work Monday morning.

Brunch - Food can be key. I suggest if you must get up try going out for brunch. Brunch is a bit more substantial than just breakfast and often includes special brunch cocktails that may in fact help... I'll get to that in a sec. I would go with like a hash of some sort, a benedict or maybe some fried chicken and waffles. You want to balance out the protein to carb to fat ratio for the optimal hangover brunch benefits.

Bloody Mary's - I know. Before you get all "aww hell nawwwww" hear me out. The hair of the dog is not a myth. It's a scientific fact. Hangovers are basically withdrawal from the delicious alcohol that just hours before made you feel like a million doll hairs. Short answer... a bloody mary is the perfect choice because when they garnish it with a whole bunch of stuff it's basically a food also, with vodka. Just try it.

Image result for yeah science gif

Bitters & Soda - Now, having said all of that some hangovers make it virtually impossible to eat or drink anything... without kneeling before the porcelain God and giving it all back. If your stomach is upset and queasy I swear by a glass of soda water (or regular water) and a few splashes of Angostura Bitters. Yes, it is actually used in making some drinks and if you want to know all about it just click on the link for more science. The important thing here is it works like a charm, magic I tell ya. You can find it in the grocery or liquor store with all of the mixers and such. Even if you are not hung over but just have some tummy issues, hiccups, acid reflux or gas it works! Bonus... if you make it to the bar for round 2 and you start feeling the ick the bartender will have all the ingredients on hand to mix you one up. Carry on.

Image result for angostura bitters

Coconut Water/Gatorade - If your hangover leaves you feeling like your skull is 2 sizes too small and the inside of your mouth is lined with your Grandpa's wool sweater congrats... you're extremely dehydrated. Good job. If you have any nurse or doctor pals I would say try to trick them into hooking you up with a banana bag, that's a bag of IV fluids for you amateurs, they work great. If you do not,coconut water would be your next best choice, preferably straight from the coconut or Costco is good too. It is rich in potassium and magnesium and a bunch of other good stuff that helps with hydration. I love me some Gatorade/Diet Mountain Dew too but they are quite high in sodium and calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and you know I am just not down for that because... healthy.

Grease & Carbs (aka Waffle House & Pizza) - So now that we covered some science let's take a look at history. Historically all mammals crave the most energy dense foods in an effort to stay alert and alive. Fats and carbs technically fall into that category since they are full of calories. So basically if you feel like you are dying of a hangover and you can't move, your inner cave man roars and you drag ass to the nearest place to get your grease on. Or you order pizza with the Dominos app from your bed and tell the delivery guy to leave it on the front porch. Either way, trust me, it works.

Zaca - This is actually a new one for me and I feel like it has worked pretty well. It's a "lifestyle nutritional supplement" aka hangover pill. It's all natural, which I like and it has all the stuff your body needs to recover... basically electrolytes, antioxidants and herbs that are believed to have some hangover prevention properties. The cool thing about this is that all of the same things work well for combatting jet lag, post workout recovery and pretty much any general fatigue. You can take these before during or after your big party. I recommend before. If you would like to try these you can use code CRAZYWISE for 10% off your order. Yes, I make a few pennies on that but I have been using this product for several months and I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it worked. I keep them in my purse because you never know when you might find a drink in front of you unexpectedly... happens to me all the time. Check it out here.

Aaaaand... last but not least, after you are done with all of your partay-ing come link up with Nadine and I and get your butt back on track. Commit to 30 days, it doesn't have to be Whole30 but that's what we are doing, and buckle down with your eating, workouts, purging your crap, a spending freeze ... whatever you feel like is needing a reset in your world! Link up on Monday Jan. 2nd and we will do a weekly check in every Tuesday in January. We are here to cheer each other on!

 photo back on track_zpsshveu21l.png

Happy, Happy New Year!

10 Tips to Help You Have A Super Successful Whole30

Thursday, December 29, 2016

It's that time of year again. Time for me to start blowing up your feeds with Whole30 this and Whole30 that, yadda yadda yadda and so forth and so on. Sorry, not sorry. I get excited about it because I love it and it's not as scary or as daunting as everyone thinks it is. But, if you're gonna do it, there are a few things you gotta know so read on!

30 days does not seem like a lot of time does it? We all know any given month can go by in the blink of an eye for the most part. The month that you do a Whole30 will not be like that, hate to break it to ya. In fact, the first one  may just be the longest 30 days of your life. I don't mean this necessarily in a bad way but you will find yourself hyper focused on what day it is in your Whole 30 timeline, what stage you are in and when you will start to feel the tiger blood every day... for 30 days. That's totally normal. I promise. Chunking those days off the calendar until you can have your precious slice of toast in the morning or that beautiful glass of Merlot in the evening again may feel a bit torturous. It's worth it, I swear. 

There are actually a lot of things that you need to know  to get you through the hard times, the dark days, the eternal despair that the thought of a life without cheese may bring. Luckily you have me (and a billion other people but mostly me) to give you some sound advice, tips and tricks to get you through to the other side. I have written a bunch of other posts about Whole30 so if you need more of my crazy sage wisdom look here and here, I like these two. 

ONE - Plan

I really can't stress this enough. (But, I am a planner) This is not something you just decide to do and start immediately with no fore thought. Take a few days and CLEAN out your fridge and pantry. Buy one of the books or get online and look at the Whole30 website, Instagram, Pinterest Boards. There is a wealth of info, support, recipes and just about every question you will have has been answered. Get a NOTEBOOK and make shopping lists, jot down meal plans and ideas, what you think you might like for meals on the go, snacks and beverages. BUY food storage containers, leftovers will be your best friend. LOOK at your calendar and see what lies ahead that could be tough to navigate while on Whole30. Just plan it out and make sure you will have what you need for at least the first few days of your Whole30 when thinking tends to be a bit challenging. 

TWO - Shop

Since you are not going to be eating any processed foods for 30 days you are going to be at the store a lot. Get used to it. I try not to buy vast quantities of anything but make more frequent trips to the store because I need variety to stay really engaged. Instead of focusing on what you are eliminating think about all of the amazing fresh foods you can have and make some new friends at your local Whole Foods, ALDI, Sprouts and Earthfare... or whatever you have where you live. 

THREE - Make Ahead

If thinking about breakfast and lunch during the work week is the bane of your existence like it is mine find things that you can make ahead so you can grab and go. If I have to think too long or too hard I might find myself in the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A getting a chicken biscuit. So for breakfast I'll have a dozen egg muffins ready in the fridge already portioned out in ziplocs. Lunch might be a big batch of chicken salad portioned out and packed with 2 or 3 lettuce leaves so I can make a quick wrap in the car or at my desk. You do not want to have to figure out what you are eating at the last second.

FOUR - Read the books, blogs and social media

I still buy books so I have all of the Whole30 books/cookbooks and I highly recommend (you actually read) them. But honestly there is so much information out there to soak up, take advantage of all of it. I also recommend you go to YouTube and watch some of Melissa Hartwig's (the creator of Whole30) videos. She's just cool and one of those people that it's easy to listen to. Follow all of the main accounts on IG too, I learn so much just by interacting with others that way.

FIVE -  Brace yourself

It never fails. People will tell you it's dumb. They will say it's unhealthy to eliminate entire food groups. Wrong. It's an exercise in many things, discipline, self control and awareness for a start. Gently remind them that people can be eliminated as well. 

SIX - Commit to not weighing and measuring (yourself)

This is so hard for so many people but it is important. Whole30 is NOT about pounds or inches lost. It's a nice side effect but just don't for awhile. Focus on how you feel and nothing else. Do take measurements and weight before you start but then DO NOT revisit again until Day 31. 

SEVEN - Eat.

I bet you like food. Well I fucking love it... in case you were wondering. This is why Whole30 is so awesome. You get to eat. And eat, and eat and eat. Don't count a calorie or a fat gram. If it is compliant and you want it just eat it. And don't worry about portion size for now either. If you're hungry just eat. Again, focus on how you feel. Feeling full because you ate too much is different than feeling sick because you ate a bunch of garbage food.

EIGHT - Try new things

This goes with the one above really. But seriously, now is not the time to get bored. I truly believe if you just eat the same things or a combination thereof for 30 days you are far more likely to fail. No, you will fail actually. Most people can't sustain a monotonous diet and there is no reason in the world not to be eating something different and new every day. If you look forward to your next meal as much as I do this should really make you happy. Don't get in a rut, if you can't stand the thought of another egg for breakfast don't eat one. 

NINE - Avoid triggers

This was really big for me the first time around. Don't do things or go to places that might be triggers for you and sabotage your Whole30. If all of your friends are meeting up and they suggest going to the place that serves your favorite deep dish pizza that you order every time you go, I would suggest another option or skip it all together.  I liken this to the drug addict who gets out of rehab and goes straight to the place where all of his druggie friends hang out, doing drugs. Why torture yourself like that? 30 days is not that long, you can wait. 

TEN - Relax about it

Don't freak out. Now, I don't mean cheat a little here and there and don't worry about it, because that is too relaxed and it will ruin your Whole30. What I mean by relax is really that, enjoy this time to do other things that don't revolve around food but are also just for you. Read books, journal, get more sleep, blog more, take a hot bath... whatever it is that helps you get and stay centered. I find that establishing new patterns with food really can spill over into other areas of your life with very positive effects. Take advantage of that!

Good Luck!

Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

  • It's been pushing 70 degrees for 3 or 4 days now and it's pissing me off. Umm last I checked it was December. The weather needs to start acting like it. I am not in any condition to be wearing shorts.

Image result for why is it so hot gif

  • I ate half a tub of cheese dip with tortilla chips for dinner Monday night while binge watching Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2 and drinking wine. Why didn't you guys tell me that show was so damn good. Can't believe it took me this long to watch it. 

Image result for tight tight tight gif breaking bad

  • So one of my favorite Christmas gifts to myself was this new bag. My old one was falling apart and nothing looks tackier out in the world than a shitty falling apart hand bag. So I splurged and I love it. I got the same color combo too, grey suede, gold embroidery only I chose a vertical format double monogram for the letters. Love.

Suede Boho Tote: Gray

  • I am fairly certain that I have consumed about 862 cookies this holiday season as well as cakes, pies and various other decadent desserts. All hail the sugar dragon. The first week of my Whole30 is going to be actual hell for this but... I'll think about that tomorrow. 

eating tea eye roll rhoa real housewives of atlanta

  • I have zero plans for NYE this year. ZEH-RO. I hate this holiday anyway but every damn year I struggle to find the perfect way to spend the evening. The real problem is that this movie ruined me forever. I am still waiting for this moment to happen to me on new years .

Image result for new years eve when harry met sally gif

  • It's actually far more likely that my NYE would end up going more like Thelma and Louise than When Harry Met Sally. Maybe I should just stay home. 

Related image

  • My office is dead this week and work is just how I like it, slow. I have time to catch up, dress down and take long lunches. This is the last week I will be going to lunch for most likely the next 30 days so I am making the most of it. 

Image result for ladies who lunch gif

  • It looks like my office will be officially be moving to another location at the end of the first quarter. With that comes the opportunity for me to work from home a few days a week. This means that my home office, which has become a storage room, needs a complete makeover. I am so exited. I am going to put all my shit on Let Go and start from scratch. Hoping to go from this...

Image result for hoarders gif

  • To something more like this... it could happen. 

Desi Perkins | Before and After: A YouTube Star’s Glam Office Makeover:
  • And I know I promised link up info and I am lazy working on it... stay tuned. Happy Humpday!

Still Christmas- ing

Monday, December 26, 2016

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Mine was lovely and relaxing. I'll be back tomorrow with some news about my upcoming Link-Up with Nadine to kick off 2017 by resetting and getting healthy!

Sad news, and 2016 you can officially fuck off with the dying people now. This has always been one of my favorite George Michael songs circa Wham days in 1986. Takes me right back to high school with that voice.

I am off to shop the sales and then curl up with a book and some wine & cookies for the rest of the day. Cheers!

Friday Five - Christmas Eve Eve

Friday, December 23, 2016
The day before Christmas Eve. All "Eve" holidays are better than the actual holiday because the day does not have to live up to the expectation of the real holiday. People are also usually off work on "eve's" so it is like everyone's Friday night!!!
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! Let's get Hammered!!!

Indeed. Let's. Well some of us are actually working but not for long. I see bourbon and eggnog in my near future. Soooo looking forward to my long weekend, here's what I've got going on.

I am laying low tonight baking cookies and wrapping gifts, enjoying my kids and the tree. Ava and I will be making these by her request, Oreo Truffles. Only 3 ingredients but we are adding some peppermint because Christmas.

Image result for oreo truffles

Christmas Eve is our big dinner. I do a prime rib, wedge salad and this year a new twist... Home Made Lobster Mac and Cheese. I am sure I will be enjoying this for days.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Christmas Eve is a big traditional celebration for us Polish people so we will be sharing the Oplatek wafer before dinner. I did this as a young child with my family and I just love the tradition. The wafer symbolizes many things in the Polish Catholic tradition but the idea is that you come to the table with forgiveness and well wishes in your heart. Each person breaks off a piece of the wafer starting with the eldest, you exchange a kiss and a hug usually with the next person and say something like the words on this image. Even our beloved pets participate!

Christmas Day we will do presents in the morning and breakfast with Mimosa's for Mommy. Then we veg for the rest of the day. Until my kids go to their Grandma's with Dad for dinner. I am toying with the idea of maybe hitting a movie myself. I am a James Franco fan and this starts today. Please watch the trailer, it's so freaking funny!

Stay tuned for details on the New Year link up next week! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

30 Days of Structure - 2017

Thursday, December 22, 2016
The veins of the leaf are a complex structure which look even more effective when white.:

Are you all feeling like you need a reset? I am. Not just in the traditional "this is a New Year and I need to get healthy type of way" but in general. I personally had some big changes in 2016 and if you've been here long you know Amy and big changes kinda don't like each other very much. In fact, we don't get along. I tend to go kicking and screaming and sometimes crying into the great unknown that is change. Lucky for me most of my big changes this year came with a fair amount of warning. This is huge and the blessing in it is not lost on me. Just for the record they still fucking sucked though. Knowing what is coming makes dealing with the actual train wreck just a bit more tolerable. So let's recap my top 5  in case you don't know me or you gave up on me because I have taken big blogging breaks this year.

  1. I had this job that I loved that was supposed to be a 3 year gig that ended unexpectedly.
  2. I had this person that was kind of one of my favorite persons for a year that unexpectedly just wasn't my person anymore.
  3. When my gig ended I thought I would have another one lined up and not skip a beat, instead I was unemployed for 6 weeks... again. In the summer... hello binge watching, eating and drinking bender.
  4. I took a new position that has been possibly the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life and I have struggled with whether or not it was the right career move. Finally now, I am almost certain it was.
  5. I started out strong this year with health and fitness but have gotten off track somewhere along the way. I mean I really took a huge step backward at least in my own mind. 
So that's all in the past and it's time to get ready to kick off a whole new year. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to. But I don't feel very good right now mostly because I am not taking care of myself like I should be. As most of you know for the last 2 years I have done a Whole30 in January along with the rest of the world of Whole30-ers. The first one was really hard but I lost 20 lbs and gained some huge insight into my personal demons. The second was much easier and I lost an additional 14 lbs and learned even more about how food triggers and affects me. One of the coolest side effects, if you will, of Whole30 is that you sort of adopt this whole new life for 30 days. It really forces you to do everything just a bit differently because, whether you realize it or not, food is a huge part of most of our lives. When you change what and how you eat a lot of other things change too. And it's positive change I can assure you. So that's where I am now, ready to get back to it on Jan. 2nd and KILL it for the 3rd time.

Along with Whole30 I would really like to get back to my regular routine for exercise which for me is tennis and some HIIT training type of workouts on a regular basis. And yoga, I really want to try some yoga this year. This is all going to be the biggest challenge yet for me because of the demands of my job. But, like I said I feel like shit so I need to do it. And I swear, the best side effect of Whole30 is it just spills over into other parts of your life and you get more disciplined, you get shit done, you check it all off the list. You focus like never before. You regain control and structure. I don't know why but you just do. I crave structure.

Having said all of that, Nadine and I are planning a little link up, check in keep each other honest kind of thing for January. So... if you want to maybe take 30 days and regroup, reset, re-whatever you need you can join us. More on that later. 

But for now, thanks for stopping by.

Hump Day Confessions

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
There are 10 shopping days until Christmas y'all. I am counting Christmas Eve because it's a Saturday and technically you could still run out and buy a lil something booze if you had to. I am fairly certain I will be one of those people out buying that one last thing on Christmas Eve this year.

I am pretty sure that along with Whole30 Round 3 in January I will be instituting a self imposed spending freeze. I have been out of control lately buying myself any old thing that I want because YOLO. Also my job is very client facing so I feel justified in any work wardrobe related purchases. And then I also bought the record player and I keep buying records. Yeah, time to reign that shit in. But I just bought this because the tote I have been using for 18 mos is falling apart... and they sent me a 15% off coupon. Isn't it gorge?

Suede Boho Tote: Gray

So the official January Whole30 starts for the rest of the world on Jan. 2. If I start that day it means I'll be starting on my day off. I've done this before and it's fine but I kind of want the liberty to maybe go to donuts/breakfast/lunch/brunch... aka drinks, that day if I want to. But my inner follower makes me want to start on the same day as everyone else and not feel left out. Decisions.

My ex is back in case anyone is wondering. Look like I will be  getting my kid free weekends back permanently or until he splits again. Kids are happy and that is all that matters.

I went to ALDI the other day in a vain attempt to save money on groceries. I drove around the parking lot 3 times, got cut off  for parking spots twice  by fools pulling forward thru 2 spots. I encountered one spot with a grocery cart left in it and another with a man in the spot next to the vacant one apparently cleaning out his car for 5 minutes. Don't get me started on the family of 5 meandering down the center of the traffic lane in the parking lot oblivious to cars trying to get around them. I left and paid full price for groceries elsewhere. This drives me nuts.

I'm not buying anything new to wear to any holiday parties that is festive or Holiday-ish. I don't like clothing that is glittery, furry, bejeweled, velvet or red. Aside from that I plan to be back down 5 or 20 pounds in a month so why should I invest in something new? Not gonna do it. And besides that, my only holiday party is with a group of my closest friends, they won't care if I show up in my jammies.

I am obsessed with Hunting Hitler on the History channel. Does anyone else watch this? It's pretty fascinating to me the network of former Nazi's that apparently escaped and set up in another country, perhaps with Hitler... dun dun dunnnnn. I am totally down with conspiracy theory on this kind of stuff so I am buying what they are selling. Doesn't hurt that the host is ARMY Special Forces soldier and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. Not one bit.

Image result for tim kennedy

Happy Wednesday. How is it only Wednesday?

Weekending - Holiday Thoughts

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Mimi Lee Printables & More: Joy to the World- black and gold- FREE PRINTABLE:
I am really enjoying the holiday season this year for the most part, except all the idiots in parking lots... hate them. I say that because in recent years it has been a little challenging to enjoy. Getting used to new traditions, family dynamics, being out of work, stress about money, stress about making sure everyone had enough, have all been at the forefront of my mind and spirit over the last few years. It  puts a damper on the joyfulness that is supposed to be Christmas. But, what I have learned is that it all works out just fine. Whatever you get done or don't get done it really doesn't matter. Spend a little, spend a lot, it makes no difference. Every year it pretty much goes off without a hitch, we have great food, plenty of gifts, massive amounts of quality time together and love. Those last two are my favorites by far. This year I find that I am really not worried about anything and I don't feel stressed. I am here, I have my family and we are all healthy. Whatever else happens happens, I already have all of the good stuff.

But still, I am looking forward to rounding out the month with more good stuff. My youngest turns 11 on Thursday and I will be hosting 7 eleven year olds for a unicorn rainbow themed pizza party sleepover on Friday night with a waffle bar in the morning, then bye little Felicia's. I have a holiday party Saturday night with my squad. It's a dirty Santa and I am bringing this. I mean who doesn't like a good cookbook?

 I spent part of the last weekend getting all geared up for some holiday baking that I plan to start this week and weekend. To me homemade goodies are one of the best gifts to give and receive. Since in years prior my non working oven was an issue I am especially looking forward to creating some treasured family recipes like my Grandmother's baklava!

Delicious Baklava Recipe!!:

I am also whole heartedly looking forward to back to back 3 day weekends. I have to get through two more full work weeks then, I get the glorious extra day to fuck off and read books, binge watch Vikings and lay around in my jammies for 2, yes two long weekends in a row. I am seriously considering starting my Whole30 on Jan. 3rd  just so I can order pizza on my last extra day off. That would make life complete. BTW, I finally had one of the best in Atlanta last week at Old Fourth Ward Pizza and not gonna lie... been dreaming about it ever since! They call this the Grandma Pie and it's to die for. Giving up pizza is by far the hardest part of Whole30 and Paleo eating. Just look at that thing.

Speaking of Whole30 I am super excited to get back to it and knock out my 3rd one. I have been cleaning out my pantry and freezer of any excess garbage to make way for all the healthy goodness. I am most excited to 100% eliminate dairy for awhile as I am certain it is the source of a lot of my allergy like symptoms and  tummy troubles. Which really sucks cause... I luh cheese. My goal this time is to do a better job of sustaining throughout the year. 2015 I did awesome. 2016 epic FAIL. I will NOT do that again! Tomorrow (or Jan. 3rd) is another chance to start over and get it right. Got the new cookbook too, I can not resist a new cookbook. I also find the best way to attack Whole30 is to immerse yourself in the food and cook... a lot. It starts with food.

I don't think this was really a weekending post at all, just me rambling again. Oops, but lately I figure if you follow my social media you saw it all anyway and it would be redundant to rehash. Hope you all are off to a great start this week!


Currently... December

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Wednesday Words of Wisdom – December 4, 2013 | thesassylife:

Somehow I missed this last month! The Currently link up with Anne is one of my favorites. I don't have to come up with my own topic today and that suits me just fine.

Doing...  a  30 Day squat challenge, working my ass off at work, planning an 11 year old birthday party the week before Christmas, trying to find a Hatchimal... Target is restocking them this Sunday. I highly doubt I will be one of the lucky ones but maybe. It is the "it" toy of the year and I never buy that crap but my 10 year old is dying for one and she's such a sweet kid, I'm at least gonna try. Speaking of her sweetness she is obsessed with Macarons so I am ordering a batch of these for her birthday party next week. How cute are they? Mac Lab is the shit, if you live in Atlanta go. If not check out their IG here.

Enjoying...Music and Food. This past weekend I saw 2 holiday shows and a total of 7 bands, it would have been 8 but I was stuffing my face with Korean BBQ  at Breakers and was late to the show. Friday night was The Struts, Kongos and Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats. All freaking amazing. The Struts really blew me away. I saw Nathaniel in the rain at Music Midtown and he is even better when dry. Sunday night I had dinner at Uncle Jack's Meat House and possibly one of the best beet salads ever. Don't even get me started on the Chipotle Maple Glazed Bacon app with homemade peanut butter for dipping. I died. Actually luckily I did not. I went to see James Bay, Charlie Puth, X Ambassadors and Train  at the Jingle Jam and they were all awesome.

Cooking...Well honestly not that much because hello busiest time of year.  I have been pretty good at meal prepping and that has been my saving grace because I just don't feel like cooking that much right now. Every time I make something I make a lot of it and we eat on it for days. Thank God my kids like my cooking. But, I am gearing up for Whole30 round 3 on January 2 so all of my indulgences are about to get reigned in real quick!

Wrapping... Ummm, I bought the stuff to wrap with. Does that count?

Playing..... Records. I bought a record player. So far I love it but I just got it and will really review at a later date. I have a feeling this could be my next obsession. I love the sound and scouring vintage shops and flea markets for treasures like old albums is totally my thing. Isn't it pretty?

Happy December!