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Thursday Confessional

Thursday, June 15, 2017
So....I got hit on by an old dude at Dunkin Donuts this week, like grandpa retirement age old. I stopped to pick up 2 boxes of coffee and a couple dozen donuts for an early meeting Tuesday without preordering and had to wait for them to brew fresh coffee ... my mistake. You know how you can feel someone staring at the back of you just instinctively? Yeah, as I was waiting for my order I could feel that, and then Gramps spoke. Best line ever... "where's the party". I about died laughing thinking dude, my kinda party does not consist of  shitty donuts and 2 boxes of Joe. But nice try. We chatted for a few minutes while I waited and I think I made his day. Pretty sure I saw him doing a little happy dance when I was driving away. I love old people.

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My upstairs A/C has officially broken. My repair guy told me last summer that adding Freon was just a temporary fix and now the worst has come to pass. Faaaaaack... the part is $1085 plus the cost of refrigerant. College tuition is due Aug. 14th also so guess who is going to be having a long hot summer?

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Since I can no longer afford to go out, except for work purposes, it sure as shit is convenient that I am currently living in crappy t-shirts and Old Navy boxer short PJ's. I feel slightly loser-ish when I come home from work and just put pajamas on but all I am going to do is maybe make/order dinner, work some more, clean/purge another area of my home, possibly blog or do social media things or watch Netflix. None of which require real pants so.... These are my current faves because I am mad about the big leaf print currently happening everywhere.

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I have been so unmotivated to go out lately, which is not like me at all. I am in full on hibernation mode in an attempt to save some money. It's kind of depressing on the one hand but on the other hand it's so much less effort and going to bed at 9 is kind of awesome. But...If I start drinking cardbordeaux by the end of the summer somebody come get me out.

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The Purge continues... I gave away a couple of big toy/kid items on my neighborhood Facebook site this weekend. I listed the pics and within 30 minutes a neighbor came to my house and took them off my hands. It was glorious! I also took car load number 8 to Goodwill on Monday. I am so proud of myself. The little old man who works there has this distinct "oh not you again" look when I walk in all chirpy with my crap but secretly I think he's happy to see me.

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This weekend is my daughter's party and my fam is coming from Michigan to help us celebrate. I should be cleaning something right now but meh... it will all get done. I had originally planned  a menu, cake and all of that myself. After some thought I decided to just let her kind of decide everything, pick her favorite things that I make... whether it "goes together" or not. So we shall see what we end up with, I am sure it will all be amazing! I am most excited about the cake she chose. Could you die?

I can't wait. 

Currently: Hello June

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
johnny and june, 1967 • baron wolman:

So I am technically a day late for this link up but you know, I was busy hanging out in Statesboro, GA with all the cool college kids at GA Southern University. I mean they were there and I was there but technically honestly we were not hanging out like at all. I probably had more meaningful contact with the ginormous cockroach in the bathroom of my lovely room at the Comfort Inn don't stay there than I had with any of the cool kids. I pretty much killed it... the cockroach I mean. Seriously, I need to hone my small town hotel picking skills ya'll. It looked decent in the pics. Anyway, more on that later but for now a quickie link up with Anne In Residence and Erin for the monthly Currently roundup.


Oh where do I even start with this one. After the sobering experience of taking my daughter to college freshman orientation last weekend I guess I am planning life as a parent of a child who is away at college. Looking ahead at my calendar to things like "move in day" and "parents weekend" has got me scratching my head wondering how in fact I got here. I swear 5 minutes ago she was sitting in her little rocking chair watching Toy Story 2 and crying because Jessie's owner didn't want her anymore. I never believed my Mom when she told me how fast it would go.


I could buy tickets to all of the concerts I want to go to this summer. I have become live music obsessed and I also wish I could meet someone who was as passionate about it as I am so I could have a concert pal. Current obsession... Gary Clark Jr.... more blues rock.


That it's a lot easier to let go of stuff lately than I thought it would be. I have been donating lots and lots of "stuff and things" that I used to think I wanted to keep forever. Letting go of things recently has made me really think about of how little value they are to me. Less actual stuff in my world is actually making me so much happier and calmer on the inside. Who knew decluttering your physical space could also declutter your soul a lil bit.


Kendra Scott... not gonna lie. Spending freeze has got me like... oooooh earrings, necklaces, rings oh my. These might be my birthday gift to me. I am hoping they will just magically show up here one day though honestly.


To be pulling my hair out in just a few short days as  family descends and the graduation party actually happens in just a little more than a week. My house is not ready, I have so much cooking to do and still a ton to plan. I am flying by the seat of my pants like never before. This could be the worst party ever or maybe the very best, I'm not stressing over it. Whatever will be will be will be and the most important thing is being together and celebrating life. Somebody remind me of that in about 5 days please! I am going to Costco on Friday and I plan to buy a lot of bacon, wine, cheese, chips, salsa, beer and chocolate. It's gonna be epic.

That's currently what's up.

Mid Year Reset Time

Thursday, June 1, 2017
RosieSandz: My Life Lessons...: My Sunday Quote of The Week... Thankful for the chance to keep on...:

Half of this year is about to be over. O-V-E-R... let that sink in. I figured now was as good a time as any to check in on some goals and take stock of where I am versus where I want to be. Welp, I am not going to bore you with the specifics of the situation but it's not good. Not good at all my friends. So that means it's time to reset on this first day of June. Here is what that looks like for me:


I love starting something new on the first of the month. I was initially thinking a Whole30 would be the obvious choice from a food reset standpoint but I have my daughter's graduation party on the 17th and family in town from Michigan. It's really not an event I want to plan around a Whole30. I mean, there will be cake there so it's a no. I am thinking a 15 day mini reset or Whole15 if you will. That get's me right to the days before and hopefully thru that weekend without going completely off the rails. In reality we all know when you are hosting a party you rarely have time to really eat or drink too much anyway.  And just so we are clear I am currently about 50% off the rails or as of yesterday anyway. I have stopped making choices and fallen back into the habit of eating mindlessly rather than mindfully which for me is very dangerous. I  have to plan ahead or I fail, it's really that simple. For me that means meal prepping and planning every week without exception. It means reading menus and knowing exactly what I'm going to order before I get to where I am going, no veering off course. We went out to dinner last night after graduation and I didn't plan it. Instead I was so distracted by the 10 conversations going on when the waitress came that I just picked something random and it sucked. I got home and all I could think was why in the hell did I order that? Right now I would be ok with not seeing pounds drop or sizes go down. I am not ok with things going in the opposite direction. I think I really need this 15 day reset, I have a little damage to undo.

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I have been buying shit like crazy lately. Not big ticket items but a myriad of small things that could have just as easily been a new couch or maybe some flooring for my office. Ugh. The wallet is closed for business during the month of June. 100% spending freeze starts today. Exceptions to that rule will be graduation party supplies and related expenditures and 2 standing beauty appointments because gray hair is NOT an option. This works well with part one because spending freezes and eating out for fun do not go together. Denied.

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That brings me to part 3, dranks. It's summer y'all!!! That means frosé and rooftop margaritas right? Wrong. It means I want to cry when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. & I crave nachos and donuts the next day all the live long day. Drinking any alcohol whatsoever has a disproportionately negative effect on food decisions. Why is that? One glass of wine does not equal just one serving of something less than healthy. It generally means when the waitress asks do you want the cup or bowl of cheese dip I say "Yes" and so it goes. This is a hard one because as you know I like to go out and I have this whole rooftop summer thing happening and summer tennis starts this weekend, blah, blah, whatever. I will say this, for the next 15 days I can pretty much almost guarantee that I will not be drinking... heavily.

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And last but not least I need more sleep. The beauty of all of the things I just mentioned is that if I do them I will just automatically get more and better sleep. If I'm eating right I sleep better. If I am not going out I go to bed earlier. If I am not drinking I definitely get much better quality sleep. If I am not spending money I stress less and sleep like a baby. Five-ish hours is not good enough. I must say at least once a day that I need more hours in the day. I do. I can't seem to get all of my shit done but the reality is it's never done and staying up half the night only to be a hot mess and 50% as productive the next day due to lack of sleep is not a solution. Planning is the key here too. Making lists, setting small realistic goals for tasks to be accomplished daily and weekly and scheduling sleep time just like any other goal has proven to be pretty effective for me. Back to basics on this one.

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One of my bigger picture goals for the year is actually going pretty well. That is the dreaded home purge. At some point I want to move from my current home to a smaller one and when I do I want the moving/packing process to be a breeze because let's face it, that part of moving sucks donkey balls. I want to literally be able to pack the things I use and the things I love and that's it. I think the best way to make that happen is to only own the things I use and the things I love. So that's what I have been doing, getting rid of everything else which is painful for me because I am a saver. It's also a little hard because I am getting rid of stuff from when my kids were small, from when I was married, from a place and time in my life that looks a whole lot different than where I am now. It's bittersweet for sure but it actually feels a bit liberating. So I counted and I have 7 receipts from Goodwill so far this year. That means I loaded up my car 7 times and hauled off shit to donate. That is a really big deal. The bad news is I feel like I have not even made a dent but I have lived here for 16 years so there's been some accumulation. But on that goal I am making serious headway so YAY!!!!!

How is it that almost half of 2017 is almost gone?

Brows, Botox and Lashes... Part 1

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
100 Beauty Memes That Will Make You LOL:
Nothing ages you more than lack of brows. Seriously. If you are not doing something to your brows you should be. You don't have to go crazy but do something. I promise it will wake up your eyes, your face and make you look younger!! I have been a brow advocate for many years but mine have gotten considerably suckier over time and I just couldn't take it anymore so here is my brow story for the day. I thought it was about time I pen some type of review post on all of the stuff I have been doing to my face lately but I think it would be a really lengthy post to cover all three at once so I am splitting it up into 2 or 3 parts. The cool thing is that between the 3 posts you can actually see all of the individual parts and they way they are coming along. Like in this post for example I still have my pitiful natural lashes. The better ones are coming in another review... stay tuned.

So...I decided this year that I was going to do a few things for me to make me feel a little bit better about some aspects of the aging process that are not pleasing me... such as disappearing brows, lashes and increasing frown lines. I mean really, why walk around looking all jacked up if you can fix yourself up a little bit and fight that asshole Father Time?  In answer to that I decided on microblading, botox and lash extensions. If you have an opinion about any type of cosmetic procedure and why it's bad, good for you but I don't care. Like I tell my kids... it's my world, you just live in it. Kidding... but seriously, these are personal decisions for anyone to try to improve/change/modify their appearance. I don't think it's anyone else's place to say what's worth it to someone else. My plan is to start small with little things that are reasonably priced, have no down time, minimal upkeep and instant results because... immediate gratification is my jam. I'll give you my thoughts on all 3 eventually, along with before (be kind) and after pictures.

First up today...

Microblading - If you are not familiar it is semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows also commonly referred to as "hairstroke eyebrows". Semi permanent because of the application process, it's not as deep as a traditional tattoo as there is no gun involved. The hair strokes are applied with a needle that is in a pen type of instrument and the artist actually applies each stroke individually. If you want to know all of the exact details check out a YouTube video for specifics. I got most of my info from my artist and friends who have already had theirs done. The whole process took 2 appointments to complete and a total of maybe 3.5 to 4 hours in all.

In the first appointment (January) she drew on new and improved brows, applied a numbing cream for about 15 minutes and then spent about 20-25 tattooing. One more round of numbing and then a little more tattooing and I was all done in a total of about 2 hours or maybe a little less. I went back a couple of months later (April) for my follow up. After living with my new brows for a few months I knew that I wanted more definition up front and just over all darkening. I was still having to fill in with a brow product daily to get the look that I like. My goal is no makeup brows. After the second appointment that is exactly what I have. I love them. The total cost was $550 for the first appointment and $100 for the touch up. Well worth being able to wake up and go with no drawing them on and filling them in every day. The pain was pretty minimal to me but I'm no stranger to tattoos so someone else may feel differently. It is a little uncomfortable because of where it is on your face. The nerve endings near my sinuses did go a little crazy both times and I got totally congested and feeling like I had to sneeze, other than that it was pretty easy. Healing time was probably about a week total. I am a rule follower so I do exactly what they tell me to do.... no getting in water for 48 hours, use a good healing product, no working out or rubbing or wearing hats. This is one cosmetic procedure that I highly recommend and will keep up. I should need another touch up in a year or two.If you are on the fence I say 100%... DO IT!

I apologize that all my pics are different lighting, makeup, etc. Clearly I am not the blogger who thinks these things thru but I think you get the idea.

Here is the before. You can see how patchy my brows are from age and over plucking. They don't match at all and they are very, very light. My right brow is definitely the couch potato loser.

During and after my first session. This is how she drew them on and then applied the numbing cream. Soooo attractive I had to take a pic. And below that the end result of the first session.

And this is after round 2. We added more shape, extra hair strokes all around but especially in the front because I wanted a specific look (like my original brows circa 1992), and darkened the base color just a bit. 

And just for the sake of comparison...

Again, I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am with my results. I am sorry I waited so long to get them done. Between the brows and the lashes (review coming soon) I have seriously shaved some dramatic time off of my daily beauty routine too. I think my face looks more youthful and my eyes a little less tired. All good stuff right there. Any questions?

I Can Do Anything... Not Everything

Monday, May 15, 2017

Damn life is too busy!!! It's just after 10 p.m. and I am sitting in my office writing this blog post. I haven't eaten dinner and I have a million things to do before I go to bed, most of which I will not get to. I should not be writing a post and editing pics but... I feel like it. I miss this. But I can't figure out where it fits in right now. So bear with me.

Last weekend was epic! I got to see The Zac Brown Band for I think the 4th time and once again he/they were amazing. I will see him every time he comes to Atlanta. I didn't even post last week after I saw Chris Stapleton but he too was absolutely phenomenal. If you are into Southern Rock or Country and you have the chance you must add these to your "concerts to see" list. Music that you feel in your bones, both of them. And also... beards... they had me at beards.

We also had a two day Lacrosse tourni so that's pretty much what took up the rest of my time. Ava rocked on Sunday even though they suffered a couple of brutal losses on Saturday. That called for rooftop Margs (for me) and cheese dip for us afterward.

Snuck in a late night Mother's Day dinner on Sunday with #2 and #3 which wasn't really much of a celebration as my oldest one was missing... hated that. She officially started waiting tables at her restaurant this past weekend. She finally got her permit to serve liquor now that she's 18 so in addition to doing phones, to go orders, hostessing, training and whatever else she will also be serving. Get dat money!! So proud of her. She also got her cord for National Art Honor Society at Senior Honors Night this week. That was an amazing moment too. I have an entire Graduation party to plan in the span of just a few short weeks and I am officially freaking out. But I don't want to talk about it.

Because here's why...

This is my current calendar for May. It's a big problem and I don't know how to fix this. I don't have anything scheduled this Saturday but other than that I have some thing every single day for almost the rest of the month and beyond. I am really overwhelmed and I feel totally out of control but I don't really know how to remedy it... for the moment anyway. I have fallen back into that trap... the mindset that I don't feel like there is much I can say no to right now. Not good. Because you know what that means? I put the things that are good for me last and do for everyone else first. But, if I can just get thru the end of the school year and the first 2 weeks in June I think... I think I will be able to breathe a little bit.

I have a million posts sitting in draft right now, everything from confessions to bitch sessions to reviews of everything I have been doing to my face lately. I will get to it all soon but most nights when I get to the point when I actually have a minute I usually pass out on my bed in a pile of laundry. I was telling someone the other day that days will go by in my house when the TV never even gets turned on which was always a nightly ritual for me. I don't even miss it really! My kids are not big TV watchers thankfully, really thinking it's time to ditch cable! And now I am officially rambling. And it's 11:00 and I am starving. So here's a little pic collage thingy of some weekend snaps. Sorry this is disjointed and horribly written, I just wanted to write something, I think there is this blogging (at least for me) fear that if you go too long without saying something it's incredibly hard to know what to fill up that blank screen with when you do come back.

So... what do you do when you have too much on your plate and you know things are about to go off the rails? I need some practical advice on getting back the time for me to focus on me, my health, my house projects and rest... glorious, amazing sleep. Tell me how you do it because I know I am not the only one!!


Currently... May

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 1st would have been Mom's 81st birthday..... she's been gone almost 7 years now.:

How are we 5 months into the year already?? Spring is most definitely here in GA and our weather has been pretty good except for the typical rain and storms that are par for the course. No complaints here, the lower level of my home looks like it is bathed in a the cool green glow of an underwater forest coming to life and I love it.

Best laid plans as always go awry as I planned to get here before Wednesday but, it's all good because it's time for another Currently link up with Anne and Nancy. That means I don't have t think too much and I can tell you what's going on in my world.

BAKING... Gosh I haven't even thought about baking much of anything other than grain free paleo stuff lately. However, I am gearing up for my daughter's graduation party and I am a traditionalist so there has to be a cake of some kind or it is NOT a proper celebration. I am also slightly obsessed with white at the moment and white wedding cake is one of my favorite things on the planet. Insert this pin for White Wedding Cake and there you have my springboard for my graduation party theme. Can you design a whole party around a type of cake? I think so. Isn't it just so pretty?

LISTENING TO... Dirty Heads, I can't get enough of this band at the moment. If you like a Reggae vibe give them a listen. This is just summer, warm weather feels to me.

LOVING... My new desk. So I know this is kind of a shitty picture but the rest of my new home office is still empty so I can't really do any kind of reveal yet. I made a promise to myself that I would not bring in any additional stuff except for the desk until I purged a substantial amount. And I have not so this is as good as it gets for now but... I am loving it.

PLANTING... I need to plant all of my pots on my front porch and deck but I am currently in the market for some succulents for my desk at work because it's not very cheery. I love everything at Sugarboo Designs and they have the best selection of succulents and random funky containers.

Image result for sugarboo succulents

REMEMBERING... How much I look forward to my annual summer concert series. First up is Chris Stapleton this Friday. Zac Brown is next weekend. I don't have anything purchased for June or July yet but Govt. Mule in August and Alt-J in November. Need to add a few more for sure but can't wait to see this guy live.

Image result for chris stapleton

That's all for this month's currently round up. See ya next time!

Add It To Your list

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This album, Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band. If you like jam bands and blues rock a la The Dead, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews, Govt Mule... download this. My newest musical obsession. Super relaxing for cooking... my favorite time to jam.

Image result for tedeschi trucks revelator

This pretty blush dupe from Cover Girl... Medium Rose Tru Blend Blush. I am always  on the lookout for something like Nars Orgasm or Super Orgasm at a fraction of the price. This is a dupe for Nars Daydream but I think the shimmer makes it pretty close to Orgasm but not Super Orgasm. It's a warm coral with a bit of shimmer. Let's face it, even close to Orgasm is better than nothing. Sorry... couldn't help myself.

Go-Dri Cool Semi-Fitted Run Shorts from Old Navy. I live in running shorts for workouts and casual running around during the warmer months. So much so that every season bears replenishing and freshening up the rotation. I just picked these up in all the fun new prints. Super cute and nice relaxed fit with just enough shape.

product photo

Anytime there is a new RXBAR flavor count me in. If you haven't gotten hooked on these yet what are you waiting for? Try them and use my discount code here for $5 off and free shipping on your first order. Mixed Berry, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate...yum.
Ahhhhh.... add this to your watch list. It just ended and I started late so am playing catch up but Fued: Bette and Joan is awesome. It's done by Ryan Murphy of Nip Tuck, Glee and American Horror Story so if you like that vein you will love this. Every subsequent season will highlight a legendary feud... next up Charles and Diana... can not wait. Fascinating stuff for a nosy B like yours truly.

Image result for feud bette and joan

Linking up with Lauren and Bre...

Catching Up...

Monday, April 24, 2017

I swear I feel like I have blogged so little over the last few months that I don't even know where to start every time I sit down to write, so I stop. That means that this might be short and scattered but I am determined to hit publish today mostly for me but always for anyone else who takes the time to read as well. So I apologize in advance because I really have no idea what I am about to type... none.

I guess I'm gonna go with the things that are forefront in my mind in no particular order. I have been thinking a lot about the way I am using my time in terms of blogging which is why I have been absent truthfully. I struggle with blogging about life versus actually living it or trading precious little down time for blogging when I could be hanging with my kids, friends,dog or just reading a book. But I miss it, it's a good outlet for me. I guess the reason for my re-evaluation of late is that people keep dying around here. Seriously... I have had 3 deaths in my circle in 3 months. It kind of stops you in your tracks and makes you think you know, like what am I doing here? (Not in an existential sort of way but as in like what do I actually do with the minutes in my days or am I wasting too much time)  Just to recap a former co-worker who was 28 passed suddenly due to complications from a stroke in February. Not sick, no warning, just a fluke. In March one of my neighbors went in for hernia surgery, found out she actually had cancer, went back in for surgery on the cancer,  suffered a stroke and died with in about 2-3 weeks time. And lastly, the one that touched the closest to home, a friend who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in November lost his short battle on Easter Sunday. Last week was a tough one for a whole lot of people I know and my heart just breaks for each of them. It's just all so hard to believe. Never have I ever been more aware on the importance of not wasting time, taking things for granted or wishing days away. Everyone complains about Monday but I am just praying for a whole lot more of them now.

So having said all of that what have I been doing with my days? Still working on my house projects although none are complete enough for me to want to share yet... it's a Virgo thing. I should probably get over that. Slowly going through 2 rooms full of stuff that I want to purge, sell or re-purpose. Starting to think about planning my daughter's graduation party in June. I had my follow up eyebrow appointment over the weekend too... now I can really finish that whole post I've been working about micro-blading.

Spoiler alert... I LOVE IT. 

I had to cancel my tattoo appointment last week to add on to my shoulder piece because I had a funeral to attend. The good news is my guy agreed to hold my deposit over until the next time he is in Atlanta so it will happen eventually when the time is right I guess.  Not dating... at all. Guys are super dumb, my heart is not in it and my attitude blows which is probably why I find it to be a chore... like laundry or mopping the floor. I'll put it off for as long as possible thank you very much. Unless I meet someone really cool and is not a douche.  Half-assing my healthy ways in favor of roof top hopping on the weekends and commiserating about the sadness of life with fellow mourners. I need to get over that too I think. I'll allow it for a bit but it's time to keep it moving.

Anyway this week is hopefully going to be better than last. I have a hair appointment, a tennis match and the number one thing I can't wait to go to... an all day girl scout camp on Saturday. All day. With kids. No alcohol. What in the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this? Hopefully it won't be that bad!!

Happy Monday.

Currently - Maybe I Can Blog Today

Friday, April 7, 2017

TGIF!!! I for one could not be any happier to be able to say that! Hope you all have an awesome Friday! #TGIF #longweek:

Or maybe not I don't know. We'll see if I can make it to the end of this and hit publish. Gah... where are the days going? Work is killing me right now. On top of a big and busy project that is my main focus, my office moved and a bridge collapsed on I-85 in Atlanta (in case you live under a bridge and ya hadn't heard... p.s. don't smoke crack under there if you do). Since I work for a company that works for GDOT that has been a bit of a big effing deal around here. It's getting fixed and hopefully soon because lengthy commutes and horrendous traffic are already a part of life here and they just got a whole lot worse.

In other news I missed my most favorite link up this week, Currently with Anne and Jess so I am doing it today. Better late than never I say.  Here we go...


I am almost 100% completely done painting my office. It just needs a light second coat and then it is done and the really fun stuff starts. And by that I mean looking for awesome stuff to fill it with at Homegoods. I've been posting pics and videos to my Insta story so I hope you have caught a peek or two but I am loving it. The color is just so warm and pretty. I am feeling very accomplished since it's the first room I have painted in oh, I don't know 10 years maybe. My daughter has helped some but I really feel just getting everything out of here is a huge accomplishment for me on an emotional level if that makes sense. It was a horde of crap. The bad side is it is all in my living room and dining room waiting for me to Marie Kondo but I am working on it. The biggest joy is that I was able to give away the most horrendously huge and heavy old desk to some random off a FB garage sale page and I didn't have to move it or pay to dispose of it. #byefelicia


Blah. I know it's spring and spring break and all that jazz but I am not feeling it. The air is thick with pollen and I am stuck here working while everyone else is at the beach or some other exotic location. I hate them all. Not really but kinda sorta. It's my own fault, I need to just book something and go already.


Motivation and to get my ass moving so I signed up for this for one month to try...TMAC Fitness. Whole30 was offering a promo deal for a month for free. This guy has developed a whole bunch of 20 minute HIIT workouts  and built a subscription website out of it. It's $14.95 a month so I figured what the heck, that's two glasses of wine out or a bottle at home. I can swing it and I think I have 20 minutes a day, hell I spend that much time thinking about working out every day and looking at Fitspo accounts on IG. Check it out and enter code WHOLE30 for a free month.


Keeping my big mouth shut. I have gotten into a habit of being a little too gossipy/chatty/oversharing and I do not feel very good about it. I think this comes from not having another adult in my home or a partner in life. Sometimes I just tell the wrong people too much and it comes back to bite me in the ass. First stop on my upcoming trip needs to be in Shuttytown.


Cakes and floral tattoo elements. I have an appointment next week with my artist in town from Denver to add a few details to my shoulder piece that he did a few years back before he ditched me for the mile high city. Maybe some leaves, branches, berries... idk.

aba340fd278d4001079305ed60e7d09d.jpg (736×736):

And why do I always feel like Easter calls for a cake like this one?

This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it's unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you'll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there's no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite! // Mom On Timeout

So that's about it for today. I hope you all have a fab weekend!

Oh Hey...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Hi ya and Happy Tuesday, the last of March, can you believe that? I guess I sort of took an inadvertent blogging break over here. I just can't seem to fit everything in lately and also feeling in the midst of a major blogging rut. Ugh. I have felt like I am spinning my wheels and stretched too thin between work, kids activities, sports and other general invitations to things and for things that I can't bring myself to say no to. It's becoming a problem, only in so much as the basic boring tasks of life are getting pushed to the wayside. You know, laundry, cleaning, scheduling, cooking... this is starting to stress me out a bit though so something's gotta give. It's time to start saying "No" again.

So let's see, where did I last leave off with you guys?  The last couple of weeks have been a blur really. My office is moving and April 1st we will officially be in our new/old digs. My group has been in a separate office from the rest of the company and are now combining with our Atlanta corporate location... in some newly renovated former storage space. Sounds super glam huh? My commute will be a bit longer time wise but I will be working from home now 2 days a weeks which is a huge blessing! I am super excited to be able to throw laundry in or pop a casserole in the oven on those days. I think it's going to help tremendously with what I was saying earlier... the boring shit. And, I personally find it easier to focus with fewer human beings all up in my grill, hanging on my cube and tricking me into going to lunch with them every day (which I don't do but I am tempted). I predict this will make me more productive all the way around. Also, time lost getting dressed, hair, makeup and driving into the office goes buh bye!! Hello leggings and messy bun. But still, it's a change in the old routine which will take some getting used to.

On that note my home office is not quite ready, like at all. Major fail. I did build my IKEA desk and clean out about half the room but have yet to paint. I am actually thinking Saturday is going to be the drop dead day. It's the first official day of Spring Break so zero activities are scheduled!! The IT guy at work seems to really like me duh and when I said I had to buy 2 monitors for my home office he said he could get me 2 on the down low plan out of office cast offs which will save me like $200. SCORE.

Let's see... what else? I have been eating pretty well, I would say a solid 80/20. Weight loss has stalled because the 20 contains too much alcohol which is the death knell of dropping lbs. for me. Toying with the idea of another Whole30 as I always am a little bit but April is actually pretty wide open for me so it could work. We'll see. I don't know why but I get to a point where I just crave the structure. As I have said before, making decisions about how to stay on track is a lot easier when your options are extremely limited. Basically I am lazy and I really don't want to think that hard about food.

The school year is winding down, next week is spring break and the realization that my oldest graduates on May 31st is sinking in. Seven more Mondays... I am not taking this well, I feel old and I don't like it. But, the announcements have been ordered, photos taken, party date set for June 17th which gives me a lot to plan for. Party planning is my jam and this will also force me to finish my big purge that is still lingering in piles all around my first floor.

In other news after a couple of nice dates and a whole bunch of bad ones I shut down all the profiles again. I want my nights and weekends back and I am tired of wasting time out in the world with strangers when I could be on the couch with my dog  and a glass of wine. If I could skip the just getting to know you part and move on to the let's be slobs on the couch together part I would be much happier. I am sure in a few months I'll get bored and get back to it again. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Happy Tuesday.  

10 Signs I Have Been Single For Awhile - AKA Secret Single Behavior

Thursday, March 16, 2017

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I hate to admit it but I just don't think I ever want to live with someone again. I like the way I run the show and I just don't see how another grown human being would fit into it very well. Maybe they could, who knows, but why would I want to give up half my bathroom and half my closet? I have a crap ton of things I do that I am pretty much not interested in sharing or changing. Here are just a few.

My Bathroom - After my ex moved out it took me about 30 seconds to take over the entire double vanity. It looks like a combination of Sephora, Athleta and Old Navy exploded in there most days. And my hair... my long dark hair is everywhere. I would make more of an effort were another human sharing the space but meh... why? The tub is currently draped with sports bras, 4 tennis rackets, 1 pair of shoes, a can of Lacroix and a cookbook. Don't even care.

I Talk To Myself - Like all the time. This has only recently started to concern me as I feel Alexa is most likely listening to every word I say. I asked her if she was listening for the CIA and she just makes this weird noise and refuses to answer. Not kidding, try it. But seriously, whenever I think of something I just say it out loud. And the dog looks at me. And then I answer myself.

Repeat Clothing - I come home from work and I may just put on the exact same clothes I wore 3 nights in a row previously. No one saw me and my kids pay no attention. The funny thing is that occasionally some rando guy I'm talking to at the moment will ask "what are you wearing" and in my mind I'm always thinking "the same  Fuck It Let's Drink t-shirt and ratty leggings I was wearing last night when you asked me".

Things I Eat - When I am Whole30/Paleo on point I tend to mix it up a bit more obviously but for those times when I get off track I basically live on some sort of cheese-bread/carb combination like 24/7. Cheese toast, grilled cheese, cheese quesadilla, naan w/ cheese, white pizza, mac and cheese... you get the idea. I can take fat ass to a whole new level when no one is looking. I like appetizers all day too. I usually have a box of something from Costco in the freezer for a quick dinner. Who remembers the movie Mermaids?

Things I Watch - I am a binge-watcher of horribly depressing bad TV. A Snapped marathon or weekend of 48 Hours Hard Evidence is the perfect background noise for my alone time when it's not music. I am fascinated by people killing other people and thinking they can get away with it. And there is just something about Keith Morrison's voice that puts me in a trance like state. I'm also a big fan of My 600 lb. Life and Hoarding: Buried Alive. My worst fear is ending up on any one of these shows. True story.

I Recycle Coffee - I am sure a lot of people will think this is gross and stupid but it comes from growing up with Depression Era parents. You don't throw shit away. If there is coffee left in the pot I nuke it and drink it about 80% of the time, or I make ice coffee. Even if it's old and been sitting out. For a day. Or 2. I'm still alive so obviously it's no biggie.

I Drink Too Much Wine - Isn't a bottle a serving? My glasses are big. Sue me. When I am super stressed I am sure the guys who pick up my recycling need a second set of earplugs.

I Leave The Pizza Out - Some people put it right in the fridge, I leave it out in the box until the next day. And then I eat it cold with my recycled coffee. College habits die hard.

Wearing Makeup - I pretty much wear some type of makeup all the time, even when no one is around and I have no plans to see anyone. I firmly believe you should get up every day and make yourself at least look like you won't scare people out in the world. It just makes me feel better, plus you never know when someone is going to stop by or call you and say "I have an emergency, get your ass to the bar"!

I Never Make The Bed Anymore - Well, virtually never, only when I put clean sheets on does it get truly "made". I am just lazy I guess and unless someone is coming over I don't really care. Even then I will likely just straighten it up and shove all of the books, magazines and remotes under the 47 pillows and call it done.

Do you have any weird secret habits? Do tell.