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I Am Not Available; Goals for 2018 Part 1

Friday, December 29, 2017

Life is a lot more simple when you avoid social media where only the best of people's lives are promoted. I enjoy my achievements in silence.

Just like everyone else I am currently mulling over the last year in my head and thinking toward the next. How can I make 2018 better? 2017 was meh at best. That is not acceptable. Or is it? Does every year have to be the best year ever? We all start out thinking that is how it's going to be right? That's the plan anyway. 

As I have been thinking about the last year a recurring theme keeps showing up. I am not all that available. I made a bunch of lists in my planner at the beginning of 2017 of things I wanted to do, places to visit, activities to try, bars/restaurants to check out. As I looked over the lists I started to think that all of these things were totally doable and some I did, but a lot I did not. Didn't even attempt. So the big question is why. And the answer is... time... I am very busy. I know that has become a joke phrase but it has some truth to it for all of us.

I had a conversation with this guy I've been hanging out with for the last 2 months the other day. He also plays tennis and enjoys it but he told me one of his thoughts for 2018 is to play a little less. I was like ... why??? It's good for you, it's social, gets you outside, something you can do with me, the list could go on but I stopped there. His answer was a little bit of a light bulb moment for me. Why would you do less of something that you love doing? Because it would make time for other things, new things, things that you might love just as much or even more that would add dimension and richness to your life. That's not exactly the way he said it but that is my answer to myself. I know this is not an earth shattering idea but I never really thought about the option of just partially eliminating something that I enjoy. I enjoy tennis but to play on multiple teams is very time consuming. Are there other things on those lists from last year that I might enjoy more? I need to free up some time to really explore that.

So that is going to be a big goal for me this year. Not trying to find more time but realigning what I am currently doing with the 24/7/365 that I already have. I am constantly declining invitations because I say I don't have time. I try to schedule dates with guys and when I look at my planner there are usually 1 or 2 free nights out of every 7. And men will always respond with skepticism and say "are you sure you even have time to date/develop a relationship" to which I always say "yes of course I do" but no... I really don't and I have proven that fact. But I could if I make some changes. I could if I really put the effort into being more honest about the things that bring me joy in my life. If I am really honest with myself I am kind of just bored with some parts of my life. I feel like I have outgrown a lot of it but I just keep doing it because it's what I do. But there are all of these other things I want to do too. So it's time to streamline a bit and see what new and exciting things can happen.

Did any of that even make sense? Cause I was just really thinking out loud. 

Re Cap -

A goal of mine for 2018 is to examine more closely the way my current activities make me feel. Am I excited about them or have they become just something that I do more or less like a habit?

If the latter is the case I think it may be time to change something. Wow I spent a whole post writing about 1 goal. I guess I'll try for a Part 2 at a later date. 

Whole30 Round 4: Ten Things You Need to Know

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

So it's that time of year again for me and billions of others to embark on the annual January Whole30 journey. Ok, maybe not billions but a lot anyway. Even if it's not Whole30 I would hazard a guess that scores of other folks are going to be taking on some sort of fresh, new health challenge come January 1, 2018. And I also know that it's a bit cliche and many will fail, fall off the wagon, abandon their new lifestyles or what have you, but I still think making the attempt is something to be applauded. So be supportive of anyone you know who says "hey I am starting this great new thing on January 1 to attempt to improve my health", at least they are trying!

I will be kicking off the new year with my fourth, yes how has this happened, round of Whole30. I did my very first one in 2015 and it was a smashing success. I lost 20 lbs. and 11 inches. Read all about it here. I was in a pretty miserable place in my life. I got laid off right before the holidays and binged on food and alcohol right up until Jan. 1. It was the perfect time for me to do something that required a lot of control (when I couldn't control much else) and that was just for me and about me. There are so many things I could share about the Whole30 experience and I do hope to get back to some more regular blog posts in January because this is something I love to write about, but today I thought I would focus on a few things I think you should know before you start. If you are going to do this with me in 4 days you need to get it in gear now.

1. Get a copy of one of the books and read it. I splurged and purchased this new Whole30 Day By Day version so I can journal every day and have something to refer back to. I am a documentarian of my life in general so this is a no brainer. It also has the complete program rules in it so if you are a newb you'll be golden. Don't argue, you need to read the program and rules before you start so you understand the whys.

Image result for whole30 day by day

2. Day 1 is probably going to blow. If you are anything like me you might be a tad bit hungover from NYE shenanny's and guess what? You don't get to soothe yourself with nachos and icy cold beers. Sorry. Day 1 is a bit of a shocker so get mentally prepared for that now. You will find yourself reaching for things and planning to eat things absentmindedly that are not Whole30. And then you will catch yourself and remember..oh shit... it's Day 1.

3. Plan your first week of food. You don't have to figure out the next 30 days before you start but you do need to take as much thought out of the first week in advance as possible. Take it from me. I did this little exercise yesterday. See... I know what I am going to be craving on New Years Day so I have built Whole30 Nachos right in. Side note... I absolutely love the Knock Knock Pads like this What To Eat version for writing your shiz down. Plan for it, write it down and refer back to it. You can always edit but if you start with a plan I promise you will succeed and it will be a little less painful.

4. You must follow the rules. I cringe when I hear people say "I am doing a Whole30 but with creamer in my coffee cause I can't give that up" or "I am doing a Whole30 but I am still going to weigh myself every day because I have to". Then NO, you are not doing a Whole30. You are not. I didn't make the rules so don't get mad at me but you can't half ass it. There are rules for a reason. It's science, it's chemical, it's emotional, it's about relationships and patterns of behavior. Trust the process and do this one thing for yourself 100%. You CAN. I promise.

Image result for whole30 rules

5. People will say you are doing something that is unhealthy and can't be sustained for the long haul. It is in fact extremely healthy and it can be sustained. Proven fact. Don't argue with them just keep it movin.

Image result for that's some bull shit gif

6. Meal prepping is HUGE. Do this. Program it into your week. I like Sundays but I play winter tennis on Sunday afternoon so I know I have to be completely ready to meal prep when I get home or do it on Saturday. When ever you do it just do it. If you work out in the world every day invest in some containers so you have on the go lunches already done on Monday for the entire week. I like these.

7. You might feel sorry for yourself at some point. It's normal. There will be occasions you may skip altogether, like a gathering at your favorite sports bar where there will be a nacho mountain in your face. ( I feel like there is a theme here...) I haven't had birthday cake with my oldest child in 4 years because I don't eat sugar on January 7th. It kind of sucks in the moment but just deal with it. It will pass.

8. Follow all of the IG accounts and turn on post notifications. Whole30, Whole30recipes and Whole30approved are my favorites. Plus they do about a million product giveaways during January Whole30 so you could win some free goodies. Feel free to tag me in all of your entries so we can win together! There is a huge community out there and it is full of people, products and just general support. If you ever have questions just go there and ask away. Or DM me, happy to help.

9. If you must eat out you can do it and stay Whole30. I personally try to avoid it because you have to ask a lot of questions and be really diligent and I am just lazy like that. But it can be done so don't feel like you have to turn down every invitation or tell your boss you can't take that mandatory work trip and risk getting the ax. Go online and read menus first so you know exactly what you are ordering in advance. I always travel with a small cooler even if I am driving all over Atlanta for work in a day. Keep some basic things handy like LaCroix water, Chomps Sticks, Lara Bars, Rx Bars, fresh fruits and veggies or cut up pre-cooked proteins.

10. It will be over before you know it and you will most likely feel better than you have in a long, long time. Just think about how fast a month goes in your life. This one will be no different. Read up on the day to day timeline so you know what to expect. It's very helpful! Many have gone before you and come out unscathed but profoundly changed.

Image result for whole30 timeline calendar

I could go on and on about this topic and I very probably will for the next month so I'll say sorry right now. Not really sorry but... Good luck to anyone jumping into this with me. Do reach out and let's keep each other honest.


Three Things Christmas

Sunday, December 24, 2017
via @maikonagao on Instagram
Because all the cool kids are doing it...

3 favorite holiday treats...

  • Home made Baklava
  • Prime Rib
  • All the cookies

3 things I love about Christmas

  • the general feeling of happiness that people have
  • parties every weekend
  • not feeling guilty about taking time off, excessive amounts of time

3 things I don't love about Christmas

  • spending ridiculous amounts of money
  • that people now think there is something wrong with saying Merry Christmas 
  • the mess that is all over my house

3 favorite Christmas cocktails...

  • Bourbon and Egg Nog
  • Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Schnapps
  • Christmas morning mimosa's, they just seem better than any other time of year

3 Christmas songs I listen to most

  • Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters
  • Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
  • O Holy Night - By absolutely anyone

3 things I plan to do over break with zero fucks given

  • Binge watch Transparent, Stranger Things and Ozark
  • Sleep in every day
  • Drink a lot of really good bourbon

3 favorite Christmas Movies

  • White Christmas - my all time favorite
  • It's A Wonderful Life
  • Christmas vacation

3 Favorite Christmas traditions

  • Christmas Eve dinner
  • Opening all the gifts on Christmas morning
  • Staying home

3 things I will do before the end of 2017 because I want to

  • Use my off days to do what I want and only what I want
  • Finish a couple of books
  • Gear up for Whole30 round 4

3 words for the year for 2018

  • Discipline
  • Progress
  • Goals


Currently: December

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Seen by KIXX. Gloves "To protect and impress" #gloves #garden #tuinhandschoenen

Woohooo!!! It's finally Christmas time and I am excited this year mostly because I don't really stress over any of it anymore. I mean shit, I only have one of my trees up so far and I don't even care lol. I am finally at a place in my life where I know that no matter how much you worry about everything being perfect it all turns out fine either way. That has pretty much been my December attitude the last few years and it is 100% accurate and liberating. So don't stress, don't kill yourself to find the unattainable gift, make 1000 cookies, freak out about an outfit for a party or accept every invitation that comes your way because you feel obliged. Just enjoy, and make sure you have Amazon Prime... that helps tremendously.

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Well let's go with the literal sense here. Since my next immediate goal over the holidays is to strip my kitchen wallpaper and repaint I am going to need a new light fixture over my kitchen table. I am thinking something like this one from West Elm.. I have always loved the Capiz shell chandeliers and I want to trade up to a rectangular table and ditch my old round so this would be perfection. They have crazy good sales too so I am sure I snag it at a good discount!

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Chandelier - White


Money on myself. In many ways I have had a really good year. Aaaand.... December has 3 paydays... is anyone else irrationally excited about that? I know, it's not such a big deal but around the holidays it's kinda nice. So I splurged a little and got some black Friday thangs just for me like these  Moto Faux Leather Leggings from Spanx. Pricey but omg... they fit like a glove and suck in all the right stuff.

Image result for spanx moto leather leggings


To do something different this year. In the past I have always looked at December as sort of a food and drink free for all because by the end of the year I am pretty off the rails and lacking focus anyway. Except this year I had sort of a come to Jesus moment in November... various reasons but the kind that makes you stop and think ...holy crap, life is fleeting. So I thought let's not do that this year, let's plan to be mindful say 85% of the time and enjoy reasonably at holiday parties etc. So I am doing keto with a few carb days until the January Whole30 starts on the first. I am into my second week and I feel great. Down 3 lbs. too. Yay yayyyy! What is it? Basically looks like this if you track your macros...

What is Keto? The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and very low-carbohydrate diet which transitions (forces) your body to use fat as your primary source of fuel. Ketosis is a state the body enters when it breaks down fat for energy.  The body can effectively use the ketones produced from fats as fuel in place of glucose.   The …


Homemade goodies to my family in Michigan and they don't even know it yet. I didn't bake much last year and I don't know that I am even doing a lot this year but I am making Serbian Nut Roll to send home. My Grandmother and all of her sisters used to make it every year so it was a staple on our Christmas dessert table. They are pretty much all gone now and I think I am the only one that has carried on the tradition. It takes a good half a day so it is a labor of love, that I love. I'll save it for my carb days and Christmas morning with coffee.

Image result for serbian nut roll


All the time. Music is always on in my house and TV a lot less often. If you need  to buy someone a really good small speaker that will fill your house with music I recommend the JBL Pulse. The sound is great, it stays charged for hours and the light show has tons of super cool options. There is even an app so you can control it with your phone. If you have more than one you can sync them up for twice the speaker power. Highly recommend, music is life.

Cheers to a fabulous December to remember.

Don't Break The Chain

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
::The Seinfeld Method::Don't Break the Chain::  In an interview fellow comic Brad Isaac shared a secret to productivity shared with him by Jerry Seinfeld.  Jerry told Brad that the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.  He told Brad to get a big wall calendar - one with a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall.  The next step was to get a big red magic marker and place a big red X over each day where you've completed your writing task.  After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job is to not break the chain.

We have 34 days left in the year 2017. So, it's time to start thinking about goals right? New year, new you, new challenges and all of that. Maybe you don't want to change your whole entire self but we all have a few things we need to work on, goals we are chasing. Guess what? I suck at sticking with it most of the time. I need lots of tricks, crutches, carrots dangling out in front of my nose. I also need something tangible to look at, it helps me to write things down for example... blogging, my planner, even the short lived bullet journal (way too much work). It also is extremely helpful to me to keep the goals short term. I can't say "I will not eat nachos for the next 365 days" or "this year I will stay off Tinder"... not gonna happen. But I could do either one of those things for maybe a month or a season. That is building momentum toward a bigger goal like eating healthier, focusing on more meaningful relationships or whatever it may be.

So this coming year once again,I am not setting long term goals. Don't get me wrong, they are in my conscious like 24/7 ad nauseum because... Virgo... but I am going even smaller this year. Like one day at a time smaller. I recently stumbled upon something called a Don't Break The Chain Calendar on Instagram. It's actually a method that Jerry Seinfeld came up with to challenge himself to write new material each day. One of the Keto bloggers I follow posted about her year long Keto journey and using this type of calendar to focus on one day of Keto at a time and simply not breaking the chain.

On average it takes 66 days to form a new habit. That will certainly vary based on the person and many other factors. The reality is that it takes more like anywhere from 18 to 254 days for most of us. I know, that's a huge discrepancy and I would be willing to bet you know roughly where you fit on the spectrum. I think I am somewhere around the average area. If I do something for 66 days I typically can keep it going for maybe another 60, then I start to wane and slack off. I don't really know why but it seems to be a pattern. So this year I am going to pick one or two "big ticket items" if you will and just see how long I can go before I break the chain. I haven't decided exactly what they are going to be yet but I am going to start now just for practice with Keto for the next however long I can make it till a holiday party throws egg nog or cookies in my face and I break down. I think there will be something very motivating about just seeing the chain grow.

Free 2017 Don’t Break the Chain Calendar | Motivational Tool Printable | Karen Kavett

Anyone interested in taking a stab at this and keeping each other accountable? 

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Monday, November 27, 2017
light, winter, and tree image

What a fabulous holiday, I hope you had one too. I haven't been here much lately so I thought I would sit down and try to catch up on some things. I have been feeling blog challenged for quite some time now but I am not quite ready to throw in the towel permanently. Afterall, it's almost Whole30 time and that is worth quite a few really good blog posts, but that's a topic for another day. I'm optimistic.

Thanksgiving was pretty freaking fabulous. My brother and family came down from Michigan last Saturday to spend the week with us. I had 3 adults, 5 kids and 2 dogs in my house this past week. The humans got along just fine. The dogs were a little slower to accept each other but after a few minor scuffles stopped acting a fool and ended up kind of, sort of, maybe liking each other. That was as stressful as having 2 kids that hate each other under the same roof. But any time my family wants to come visit  I say bring me you and whatever comes with. We did some pretty fun stuff this year. We took a trip to the GA Racing Hall of Fame to see where NASCAR got it's start in Dawsonville, GA. Being from Detroit my family has a bit of a love for anything automotive. Who knew stock car racing got its start running moonshine in GA? My son and nephews especially were in hog heaven. But it was cool and we (Me) got some genuine apple pie moonshine as a souvenir. 

We also took a trip to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta which is definitely one of the best interactive museum experiences I have ever had. My 11 year old gal was less than excited to be visiting a football "museum" and ended up having the best time. She sat at the ESPN Game Day desk and read from the prompter, ran for a touchdown pass and attempted a field goal kick. That girl has no fear and no inhibitions... and she likes football. I raised her right. Seriously, if you ever come to Atlanta it is a stop worth making. Aside from learning a lot about the history of the game of college football the whole experience is customized for you  based on the info you enter that is transmitted to the badge you wear around your neck. Every exhibit you come upon welcomes you by name and offers up specific info about your school or team of choice. A++

As for the rest we spent it hanging at home, hitting the park, eating delicious food all over Atlanta, watching football,  cooking together and just basically loving each other up for 5 whole days. My eldest nephew made a special request for me to teach him how to make my Grandma's ( his great grandma's) famous real pumpkin pie. He said "Aunt Amy I think I should know how to make this since it's a family tradition". And then my heart almost overflowed. I hadn't planned on making anything this year but found myself knee deep in pie making with my 15 and 13 year old nephews and happily so. My kids have seen me make these pies every year of their life so they don't think much of it but I am quite sure my Polish Grandma was dancing in heaven watching us all in the kitchen. Making memories.

And then just like that the week was over and everyone was gone. My brother left Friday morning to head back to Michigan, kids went to Dad's, and Olivia headed back to college on Saturday. I get the sads when it's over even though I love a little bit of time with no one else around. It's hard when your house goes from chaos to eerily quiet in a night. Not complaining though. I feel so blessed to have had this time together. I am so very lucky.

In other news... I have other news, for another post provided I can get my crap together and write. I am really struggling lately with what exactly to write about. But, I am not giving up dammit. Trying to get my groove back so please bear with me. 

Much love to all of you...

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 23, 2017
25+ free fall printables » Lolly Jane

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays with your families and friends . 


Currently: November

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

REALIZING - How fast this year has gone by. It's time to start planning for holiday dinners, Christmas shopping, using up vacation days, preparing for out of town guests... where does the time go?

STIRRING - Well I am not exactly stirring it but someone is... my new favorite thing at Starbucks the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte. The perfect combo of my 2 favorites.

APPRECIATING - The fact that there have been no major curve balls thrown my way lately. Knock on wood. I think the reality is that I am doing a much better job these days of not freaking out when they come. Things are just plugging along and getting handled.

INVESTIGATING - Where to go in Atlanta for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and family is coming into town and I am toying with the idea of just going out so as to maximize our time together by not chaining myself to the kitchen for massive shopping, prep and cooking. Anyone else do a restaurant for Turkey day? And why does this make me feel slightly guilty?

FOLLOWING - @resting.bitchface on IG. This account cracks me up if you don't mind slightly offensive humor about having a shit show for a life. If so you will also like @circleofidiots.

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And That's A Wrap On October....

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hello Fall Fashionistas -

Well almost anyway, I realize we have today and tomorrow but still. And I didn't blog at all, wow. So what have I been up to? Hmmm... mostly working, running my kids around, playing tennis and going on bad Tinder dates. Ugh.

Work has been nuts but in a very good way. I am heading off to a conference next weekend for 3 days and I am honestly looking forward to it. A few days networking and socializing plus a cushy resort hotel room all to myself won't be so bad. Unfortunately I will be in the boomtown of Cordele, GA but it'll be pretty anyway.

Image result for Lake blackshear

All of our fall sports are pretty much officially over and I could not be happier. If you don't have kids you just don't' realize how much of your life you spend chauffeuring them around to games and practices. Happy Lacrosse season is over. My tennis team made it to playoffs and we won our first round over the weekend. Happy I got to play because I will be out for the next 2 rounds if we make it. I said I was taking a break then I joined a women's winter team. I just can't help myself. FOMO

Speaking of that I also vowed to take a concert break to and did not. This month I saw The Allman Bros Band and Lynryd Skynyrd and just last Friday night the Unlikely Candidates and Dirty Heads. If any of you like Sublime or 311 check out Dirty Heads... awesome reggae-ska kind of vibe.

Next month I have tickets to Colter Wall at The Earl, who I am convinced is going to be the next Chris Stapleton. Seriously close your eyes and listen to this guy and tell me how old you think he is. Spoiler alert... 22. I am telling you guys he is Johnny Cash and a bunch of other famous dead outlaw country singers re-incarnated. Creepy AF. I got these tickets for $12 freaking dollars. Hell yeah...

Will also be seeing Blackberry Smoke, one of my all time faves, for their annual GA homecoming day after Thanksgiving gig at The Tabernacle. Because beard.

Image result for blackberry smoke

So onto all of my Tinder dates. Let's see... there was the guy who said I Love You after the second date. The guy with missing teeth, did not see that coming. The guy who's card got declined... in all fairness I think the magnetic strip was actually cracked... but talk about THE MOST AWKWARD dating moment ever. The guy who was 5'-6", the recovering alcoholic with a 3 year old... umm no way in hell, the chiropractor looking for a lunchtime hook up partner, the high school wrestling coach who texts one word at a time after 3 days, and the list goes on. There is this one guy who I have gone out with twice which in and of itself is shocking. He has a beard and lots of tattoos, a great job and owns a super cool loft in a very hip area down town. It has roof top and he plays guitar... sounds perfect right? But I am not sure yet. He's a bit overly romantic for my taste and I find myself wanting to pull a Cher just about every time we talk. I just don't like sap. We'll see...

Image result for cher moonstruck gif

I don't even know what else except that I miss being here and writing. Hope all of you lovelies are still hanging in there! My life and schedule seems to have taken a turn toward less time in front of my laptop when I have free time. I'm reading more, dating more, just busier in general  which kind of sucks but I also kind of like it. As the holidays approach is only going to get crazier too. Cheers to that! Happy Monday! 

Catching Up And Slowing Down

Friday, September 22, 2017

Well not so sure about the slowing down part but I can catch up here anyway. So much for my getting back to blogging after my summer hiatus. Halfway through September already and we are having a spectacular fall in the South. Except for the tropical storms that is but, we made it through pretty much unscathed just a big mess to clean up in the yard thankfully. My heart goes out to all of our brothers and sisters in the South and everywhere who were hit hard.

Football and fall sports are in full swing, the kids are about to have fall break, I have chrysanthemums and all things pumpkin are filling the store shelves... I'm pretty much white girl wasted on life over here. As soon as the leaves change and the temps drop I'll be in hog heaven!

So my birthday happened earlier this month and this year I finally made the wise choice to plan my own celebration. Well, I actually planned it over a month ago but celebrated the day after the actual day at Gunshow for dinner. They only take reservations 30 days in advance and when the calendar opens up they go like hotcakes! And now I know why. I went with one of my best college gal pals and we had a great evening. I won't bore you with long descriptions of the dishes, the menu changes every night so it would be kind of pointless. It's such a cool concept though, communal tables, each chef cooking their own selection and presenting it to you table side. You have the option to accept or decline each dish as it comes but if you say no you don't get another opportunity. We said yes to pretty much everything except 2 or 3 things. The food  and the vibe were Ah-mazing. I will definitely be going back!

Last weekend was also pretty memorable although somewhat less amazing. Music Midtown was more crowded than I remembered  from years  past which was not really a good thing for me personally. Ugh, I hate crowds oddly enough because I loooove concerts. Somehow I continue to put myself right smack in the middle of them though. For the music, and the music was really, really good. The fashion however was brutal. I saw more ass cheeks and tits hanging out than an internet porn site. I am all for wearing what you want but I am wondering if people, or women really,  actually own mirrors anymore. Based on this weekend I am going to say no. The nude body suit with high waisted shorts is not really a look for everyone. Especially braless, and let me tell you, apparently bras are a thing of the past. Unless you are wearing one as an actual shirt. Not kidding. It was however, some of the best people watching ever as it is every damn year. Oh to be 20 again. But alas I am not. I walked over 5 miles on Saturday and 3.6 on Sunday amongst the crowds of sweaty masses. I can not tell you how happy I was to have taken PTO on Monday so my middle aged ass could recover. I say never again, I am retiring from festivals that last more than a day. But then again, if the lineup was right I could be persuaded. And get me a room at a nice hotel and I am probably, maybe, definitely in. The Glenn Hotel was beautiful and the infamous rooftop bar Skylounge equally impressive. It has been voted one of the top rooftop bars in the world in a couple of magazines. It really was quite spectacular. See up at the top of this post. These weekends in town coupled with spending a lot of work time in town make me think that this is really where I want to be eventually. I am so over the suburbs.

In other news I have been Tindering away, meeting interesting guys that really don't interest me personally but hey, I'm trying. Work is crazy but I love it. My kids are amazing and my dog sleeps a lot as you can see on my IG story. I am still muddling my way thru some sort of ketogenic/paleo/donut eating plan. Kidding... kinda. I committed to 3 mos of keto so I am going to stick it out. I find it very hard to restrict fruits and vegetables though based on their carb content. I've lost like 8 lbs which is pretty crappy but... I like wine, beer and tito's. And it's football season. But really it has been a good experience just to be more acutely aware of carbs and sugar. Yikes, they are insane in some things you wouldn't even think about. Maybe I'll do a post on that, or on keto food. The truth is I think that just being mindful no matter what my specific plan is a good thing for me.

Aaaand..... That's all for now... Happy Weekend

Currently: September

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
PSL is here

And you may ask yourself... Well, how did I get here? At least I do just about every time I flip the calendar over to a new month. But this is September, the most wonderful time of the year. It's actually already starting to feel like fall here in GA. We have had some cool temps thanks to all of the hurricanes and I have been loving it. So let's get into what else is up currently...


My beautiful daughter made the Equestrian Team at Georgia Southern!!! I am so beyond proud of her and she is super excited. It was not planned at all. She took an all skill levels horseback riding class as an elective just to get some barn time and exercise. Just so happens the equestrian team rides at the same barn and to make a long story short, after seeing her ride and inquiring as to why she was not trying out for the team, they offered her a spot. Of course I said go for it, I'll scrub some extra toilets if I have to! This is a huge opportunity for her as she is studying to be a large animal vet with an equine specialty. How cool is that??


My progress on the scale go up and down like a yo-yo. I know, you are going to say throw the scale out but I want to see how this keto thing is working. I thought it was. I lost 8 lbs then one weekend I gained five, then I lost 6 and the next weekend I gained 4. The long and short of this is that I don't think I really thought this through, researched enough or know what the hell I'm actually doing here. There is a science to it and I am going to need to keep tweaking it a bit to get it to work for me. Everything I have read says you can expect to lose about 12 lbs the first month. Yeah, unless you are me. My gut feeling is that the Whole30 approach is a better fit for me, eliminate dairy and add back fruits and veggies. But I'm gonna stick this out just a bit longer and see. is perhaps the best change I've ever made.Tracy did this and looks great !Who knew that this would be so super!


All things pumpkin spice. I mean, I'm not gonna lie... I am one of those weirdos who loves the stuff and if it has pumpkin spice on the label my FOMO does not allow me to pass it up. Like what if it is really good and it sells out before I can try it??? Looks like a few doozies out there this year...

Holy Hell yes, 1000 times yes...

nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer Unsweetened (Pumpkin Spice, 4-pack) - Whole30 Approved

This I could see maybe...

Still a possibility....

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I draw the line at Bud Light. 


To celebrate my birthday this weekend in the lowest key way possible. Dinner plans on Saturday night at ... drumroll please for me finally getting my ass there... Gunshow, with one of my favorite Virgo pals.

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Not much lately. I feel like I am doing a bit better job at living this year and not documenting every little thing by trying to photograph my entire life. No apologies.

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Friday Favorites From TJ's

Friday, September 1, 2017
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Ever since my office moved next to Trader Joe's it has become a ritual for me to stop on Friday afternoon for weekend supplies. It's so funny to me that for a relatively tiny store there are so many amazing and unique things to try. I also think it's very cool that all of these things are their proprietary brand. I always feel a little like I stepped back in time and am at the corner store owned by some little Mom & Pop. I have only scratched the surface of all the wonderful stuff they have and every week I try to grab some new thing but today let's talk favorites. These are the things I reach for just about every time I go because either I or everyone else (usually both) in my house love them. 

BAGS - If you read me you know I am a bag whore. I love their shopping bags. They are always bright and cheerful and they hold up very well.  I never need an excuse to grab a new design when it comes out. 

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CREAMY TOSCANO CHEESE - Since I am also a cheese whore... this. Several area grocery stores sell a similar but more expensive version of the exact same cheese. The TJ's wedge is twice the size and half the price. Get in my face with a nice glass of wine pronto. 

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DARK CHOCOLATE MINT CREAMS - I looooove York Peppermint Patties. These are a tiny bite size drop of heaven that is basically the same only a little softer and meltier, that's totally a word. Be warned if you are a mint lover... addictive. 

Related image

GORGONZOLA GNOCCHI - I kind of wish I had never tried these little pillows of cheesy potato goodness but alas I have and they are now in my dreams. Bonus, super fast and easy meal for one, even though the bag says otherwise. 

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SPATCHCOCKED LEMON ROSEMARY CHICKEN - I saw this in one of their ads and they raved about it so I tried it. You guys, if you don't feel like spatchcocking your own damn chicken just get one of these. It's a whole chicken split up the back and you roast it flat in a pan so it cooks faster. Absolutely delicious. Make a salad or a veg and you are done!

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ESPRESSO PILLOWS - If you are standing in the checkout trying to decide which delicious little grab and go treat you want, get these. If you are a coffee lover you will not be sorry. I am sorry but you are going to have a hard time not finishing the whole tin. They make a great little gift item if you need something extra too. 

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ROASTED GORGONZOLA CRISPS - Clearly I have a cheese problem and I admit it freely. These are kind of like a more gourmet version of cheeze-its. They are bite size so don't really plan on serving them with cheese just  more or less tossing a handful into your mouth. You're welcome. 

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I could easily do another couple of posts like this and I probably will because... TJ's obsessed. After all Pumpkin season is right around the corner and they go a little crazy with the pumpkin spice products which I personally love.  What's your favorite TJ's thing? Do share...

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