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Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Tree Line Nut Cheese and Applegate Naturals Salami cause I am all about the snacks. I keep meaning to go all in on Keto but it just hasn't happened yet. I am eating pretty low carb/paleo though so this is a great snack alternative to real cheese. I am telling you guys if you have not tried Tree Line cheese you must. It's non-dairy and made from cashews. I can get it here in Atlanta area at Whole Foods and Kroger. It's a little pricey but Kroger does put it on sale. The Applegate products are just good stuff. Deli meats are notoriously horrible and full of shit you don't want in your bod. These are dairy free, gluten free, casein free, non-gmo, no antibiotics, humanely raised... you can read all about it for yourself here. Bottom line...They taste really good.

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The Eclipse I guess just like everyone else. There are so many good viewing spots here in the south that are just a hop skip from me. Nashville and Columbia, SC are having huge events. No effing way will I be there... I'll be in my front yard on a lawn chair most likely with a cold beer in hand. Or working.


A page out of a famous playbook. Life is change. Change is good. Hair grows back and mine was fried so I cut it again. Sorry that I don't actually have a pic but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Check my Insta story and weigh in. It's short.

Start new, start different and make a change.


Every piece of jewelry in the Tiffany Hardware collection as modeled by Lady Gaga. I want it all. Dammit.

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But I especially admire her for  not being one of the celebrity assholes that takes herself so seriously.


Rare Bird Lit books. I ordered this exclusive signed and numbered copy of Hummingbird by Jude Angelini with limited edition vinyl audiobook months and months ago and I only have to wait another month to get it when it comes out.

Humminbigrd 3D Vinyl with Caption-2.jpg

In the meantime I have been loving the selections they have to offer here, truly unique stuff. My latest purchase... just got it but don't see how it could disappoint. I know at least a few of you that will get it.

Many happy. 

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Weekending... Last of the Summer

Monday, July 31, 2017

Goodbye summer...that's right, I said it. It's over, at least for me anyway. School starts on Thursday for my kids so this was my last weekend of summer technically. What did I do? Nothing exciting actually. You see, I am taking a hiatus of sorts from the social scene in my world. I am on a major spending, eating, drinking, interacting with people freeze and I am just tired, tired of it all. I hung out with my kids and my dog this weekend. Friday night we stayed in, all of us and played Sushi Go. We had an impromptu mini family game night and it was super fun. I can't help but think about how in just a few short weeks my house will go from 4 to 3. I'm struggling with that, I know I keep saying that but it's the truth and my social circle here doesn't seem to get it. I am the first one to have a kid leave the nest of my very closest pals so I guess I don't expect them too. I skipped a big shebang on the lake this weekend and I don't even care. It kind of feels good to just retreat for a bit.

Saturday morning bright and early we had 6th grade orientation aka "Cub Camp" for my new little Lakeside Lion. How in the hell is my baby going to 6th grade? She's a baby!!! We met all of her teachers and decorated her locker complete with pink and gold magnetic wallpaper, white fur rug and a mini rose gold battery powered disco ball that attaches to the top of the locker. You guys, my kid is cooler than me. I may have spotted a few hot single dads too but I can't be sure.  Biggest news of the weekend,  she and her BFF are in the same homeroom  after being at the same schools since 3 year old pre-school and never in the same class. 8 years later they are finally together. Praise the lord! The rest of the day Saturday I spent napping, reading and binge watching seasons 3 & 4 of Shameless... can't get enough.

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Sunday I baked paleo banana bread first thing in the morning, enjoyed some coffee on the deck and lazed around until noon. An afternoon trip to Costco and Homegoods with my #1 college girl was the most exciting part of the day. I will so miss those days. My goal was to spend less than $100 at Costco and if she wasn't with me I would have made it but we had to have organic frozen pineapple for smoothies and Dang Coconut Chips. Teenagers are so high maintenance. Don't even ask about Homegoods.

Pics or it didn't happen...

Love you long time. Happy Monday. 

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Add It To Your List: July 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Heyoooo... thought I would check in for a little link up cause I am still incapable of coming up with any original material apparently. In addition to working my arse off, dating in Dudsville and waiting patiently for football and fall, I am on a spending freeze for the foreseeable future. However, there are a few things I just can't get enough of here lately and you might like them too. I mean they are necessities and mostly healthy so check it out. Linking up with Lauren and Bre!

Green Mountain Brown Sugar Crumble Donut is divine if you do the Keurig thing. This is a staple on the home office coffee bar cart.  It's not exactly like a donut but pretty tasty.
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Sambazon Organic Acai Packs are my new breakfast fave. If I have time to make a bowl with one of these frozen packs it's a treat. Break it up while still frozen and throw it in the blender with some almond milk and a frozen banana. Puree and top with fruit, nut butters, seeds, coconut... whatever you like. Super healthy and deelish! I have been buying at Earthfare but apparently you can also get them way cheaper at Costco. I have been avoiding Costco because... spending freeze.

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Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil is maybe my best kept hair secret at about $1.57 a vial on Amazon. You can also get it for just a bit more at Ulta. If you have a problem with frizz, fly aways or live in the deep south where it currently is 879% humidity every day you need some oil. I just rub a little in my palms and smooth all over my hair after I style and it really helps. Smells amazing too.

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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Stickpacks...I am a little bit addicted to collagen peptides. I swear when I am on it religiously my hair, skin and nails are significantly healthier, stronger and just more youthful looking. I buy Vital proteins by the tub and religiously add a scoop or two into my coffee every day. But, some days I skip coffee at home and head to the office or a meeting and on those days I love the stick packs. Perfect on the go collagen solution! Virtually no flavor and dissolves quickly in hot or chilled liquid (preferably with no ice or it gets a little clumpy).

Collagen Peptides

Add them to your list. Do it. 


Monday, July 17, 2017
This just made me laugh. 

Oh hey...I had one of those weekends that I love... lazy. Friday night was a quiet one at home with my son, no girls. We hardly ever get to spend time just the two of us so I try to take advantage when I can. Little one is still at camp, her first full weekend away and I have to say we really miss her! The house is just not the same.

I am still doing the thing and I had a couple offers for dates but I am just not feeling anybody right now. I can't see going on a date if I am not super excited and thinking the whole time "I could be home on my couch with wine and my dog". This one guy keeps asking me to go dancing with him... dancing... like what am I... 80? I am trying to keep an open mind but that's just not me. I do have a date on Tuesday with someone that messaged me yesterday and that seems promising. I am actually looking forward to so we'll see.

I had tennis early-ish on Saturday (11:00 a.m.) so I got up and ran a couple of errands before showing up at my match and waiting for a court to become available so I could play. My partner and I won pretty easily despite it being about 150% humidity and the air as thick as mud. It was our last match of the summer season so we all went out and grabbed beers and food to celebrate once again finishing solidly in the middle of the pack. By the time I got home it was 4:30 and after the best shower ever I passed out and napped til like 8:00 p.m. That always feels so good but never really is in the end. I ended up staying up until like 2:00 in the morning watching Dateline and the last 3 episodes of Catfish.

Sunday I never left my house. I stayed in PJ's all day not gonna lie. I washed sheets, about 3 loads of clothes, loaded the dishwasher, took out all of the trash, DIY'ed a lamp with Rose Gold spray paint (meh), packed camp care packages for Ava, freaked out that the new gecko shed it's skin (disgusting but kinda cool), binged on RHONY and The Spouse House (like that could ever work) and vacuumed up about 3 weeks of dust and dog hair. So I was lazy in that I never left the house but I got a lot of shit done so I pretty much had the perfect Sunday.

After chopping a few inches off of my hair at my last appointment I decided  am thinking that chopping even more off is a great idea. I've been looking around at some other women my age with really long hair and I am starting to think it looks like you are just trying too hard. Not that mine is really long but I feel like I need some more change, just a little something. Like a shoulder length bob kinda thing... like this.

Are you attractive to change up your hairstyle? Might we advance a attractive bob? If you’re not yet convinced, again sit down, accomplish yourself a alcohol and get accessible to browse the attractive Styles Weekly accumulating of The Hottest Bob Hairstyles. Related PostsWavy short to mid length fine bob hairLatest Medium Hairstyles 2016 for WomenLong …

I didn't even take too many pics. I have been really bad about that lately. But here are a few of kids and pets, projects and food for the heck of it! By the way I made my very first acai bowl at home last week and I am obsessed. It was amazing! Have a great week!!

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Confessions and Addictions & Stuff

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
So I shipped my youngest off to Girl Scout camp for 2 whole weeks. She left on Sunday and will be gone until the 22nd of July. None of my kids have ever gone to sleepaway camp. This is so freaking weird.  It's really odd how the dynamic of the whole house changes when one person isn't there. I know she is having a blast but I really miss her. She is my last little buddy left here! The campers are technology free and do not call home for the duration to foster independence. Ugh...Mom might not make it. I can't even text her... I'm dyeing!!!

Somehow I got hooked on this crazy show Alaskan Bush People and straight up binged watched a few seasons one day/night. These people are weird. Currently I despise my HOA and neighborhood in general so the "idea" of going off the grid is kind of intriguing. But... they had to figure out how to generate electricity... and they have rotten teeth... ummm no thank you. Still, it's great for a binge.

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I am the sucker that actually clicks on the Instagram adds and occasionally buys the thing and check it out,  I found a super cool brand of sunglasses that won't break the bank. I have a slight sunglass addiction but let's face it who can afford a designer pair in every style. Enter Blenders Eyewear. Sexy, chic, well made, great fit and awesome styles. I currently have Natty Ice Limes and Uptown Penthouse. Use this code for $20 off your next pair.

A bloggy friend suggested I play more tennis and sweat out some of the funky feelings that I talked about last week. So I added a little more court time in and I have to say, she was right. It is palpable the effect that exercise has on you when you are feeling down or depressed. I might come back dog tired, gross and sweaty but somehow I can tell that some of the sads are gone. Crazy. Thanks friend. If only I could find a single guy to play tennis with life would be perfect!

I am obsessed with this IG account. This kid is so dang funny. I have no money, here's a leaf.

I am really pissed off that concerts this summer are so expensive. Or maybe I'm pissed that I am broke after shelling out fifteen hunnid to get my A/C fixed. True story. Not only is my beach vacay up shit's creek for another year I am missing Sturgill Simpson, Tedeschi Trucks and Gary Clark Jr. So depressing. I'm currently obsessed with this song because ... Sturgill doing Nirvana... I mean just listen. Please.

On the positive I already bought tickets to Gov't Mule, Yacht Rock Revival and Music Midtown so there's that. Looking for dates on Match. Speaking of which... has been interesting.  

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And also I will murder you in my van. Call me!

This is his profile summary. Something seems off... read this:
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Now look at the picture.

And how does this guy get the top spot...

Is the mattress on the floor?  What?


What's New With Me...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
accurate                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lately I am...

In a total funk. In a weird place. Just out of sorts in general. I have that "something is off" feeling.

Busy as hell at work in a way that I have never been. I love my job. I really honestly do for the most part. And I just got a raise before my 1 year anniversary so they must love me too. I mean... duh. Still broke AF but just a teeny bit less.

Wondering where my motivation went for every other thing in my life. It's like kind of just gone out the window which I honestly think brings on the funk. It's like sliding down a hole.

Still purging and Good willing stuff. Being in a funky place actually is the perfect time to get rid of your crap. While you wallow in self created drama you can easily rationalize that things are just meaningless objects and chuck them into the back of an 18 wheeler in the Kroger parking lot... this is a real thing.

Not really cooking at all. I feel like the worst Mom ever. My poor kids are on the "fend for yourself 101" summer meal plan,  but on the plus side I have been teaching them how to cook more things for themselves because it doesn't seem half as much effort to just direct someone else in the kitchen.

Wondering why men on Match like my pics, wink and "match" with me yet when I initiate a conversation they read it and don't respond. I mean all I said was "Good Morning" or "Hey, we matched! How are ya?" And I get crickets. Weirdos.

Back on did I mention that? Already regretting it. Honestly I only do this out of sheer boredom which is a horrible reason  for online dating. I don't know what I was thinking, this is a horrible time for me to be dating. Stay tuned for stories...

Addicted to Jimmy John's. Because not motivated to plan and or prep meals and lunches. They deliver to my office and it's freaky fast... like 4 minutes. I recommend the Beach Club.

Thinking about doing a month or so of the Ketogenic diet. I am waayyyy a little off track and feeling like I need a bit of a new twist on my food. Something new to submerge myself in and have total control over. Something that will be semi challenging and offer lots of blog/social media posting material too. If  memory serves Ketosis (from my Atkins days) kicks in pretty quickly for me and that is what I also need. Quick results. Tough love jump start. And another book... I always need another book.

More convinced than ever that what you eat is the number one factor in overall health and how you feel. Newsflash.... been eating like shit and I feel like shit. Tired, achy, congested, puffy... all food related.

Trying to be excited that my oldest is going off to college but you guys, I am sad. Which is so not me!! It is really freaking me out, see above mentioned funk. Ugh, all I can think of is how old my parents seemed when I went off to college and now that's me. How did this happen? Ugh.

And last but not least about to sink all the money I saved for a family vacation into my A/C system which needs a new evaporator coil. I've been sweating in my house and I just can't take it and it sucks giant balls. See you next year beach... maybe!

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What's New With You

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 23, 2017


What a week... I am still recovering from the epic party, more on that later. But for now I have a few current favorite things to share with you mostly from my last completely frivolous spending spree. 


I finally bit the bullet and got myself the work tote that I was coveting. They had a spring clearance sale so I got a steal of a deal on the Legend Tote in Bleecker Blush  and I loooove it. Not only is the color absolutely gorgeous and completely neutral everything is perfectly organized and stowed neatly in it's place. I love that it has a neoprene sleeve cup holder inside, one less thing to carry in my hands.  I also picked up a large Elle Clutch because I often prefer not to carry a purse in addition to my tote. This keeps my phone and i.d., lipstick, cards.... whatever, separate from my work stuff and tucks right inside. I love this piece too. Check it out here  and click here to get 10% off your first order. 


I am always trying to use less heat on my hair to keep it healthier and make my color last longer so I have gotten pretty good about going longer and longer between washes. This could not be possible without some good dry shampoo. Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo is my current favorite. It smells good enough to eat!! Throw it in your Amazon shopping cart now, you will not be disappointed.

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I bought this Linen Shift Dress for my daughter's graduation and it is so cute and summery. It actually stays off your shoulders pretty well. It is a little on the short side (not as much on me as this model) but I actually wore it as a tunic with white skinny jeans and it was super cute. Classic, simple elegant. And cheap.

product photo


If you are like me you like to add a little something here or there in your home that is seasonal. A pop of color in the summer or something a little beachy maybe? Check out the Coastal Prep collection at Michael's. It feels like a little it of Hamptons chic for a fraction of the cost. You can buy some of it online but I recommend headibng to the store with your app and 40% off coupons! How pretty is this?

Image result for michaels coastal prep decor


Music Midtown announced their 2017 lineup this week and although I was hoping for U2 I'll settle for Bruno, Mumford, Future and Blink. I get the pre-sale special duh because I buy so many concert tickets so I'll be there. Bringing a trash bag to wear this year. Can. Not. Wait.

Image result for music midtown 2017


Ya'll know I have an Adidas obsession. That includes Stan Smith's in multiple colors and styles. Ummm... can we not even talk about how freaking cute these are in... wait for it.... PALM PRINT. Could you die??? I could only find them in men's but luckily they come in some really small men's sizes like 8 that actually fit my size 10 womens foot. How do you like me know Pharrell Williams?

adidas Women's Women's Stan Smith Palm Tree Sneakers ($79) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring shoes, sneakers, green, adidas sneakers, low top, low profile sneakers, lace up shoes and ortholite shoes

Last but not least the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette. I love these colors. Since I had my eyebrows done and I have been getting lash extensions I feel like I don't need any heavy color on my eyes, I can easily get away with a more natural look. Bye bye heavy smokey eye at least for summer! Hello subtle earthy nudes, this is perfect!

Urban Decay - Naked2 Basics I've barely even looked at this and I already want it...

The internet has been pretty damn funny lately...

Saving this one for one of my DM's...

Displaying 8da823b2ea6a57ecc773fdc6124cd4faad8f58254a2dc4a4173e82c25d863684_1.jpg

I mean, just stop vegans. We like cow ok???

Displaying 54f8e9d47a17dfe6f6d225f9f48e4ab95965606039f8300bdd99781c5605477f_1.jpg

Exactly... how I felt when I put the last dish on the table at the graduation party last weekend after cooking for days...

Also how I felt when the last party guest left 4 hours after the invitation said the party was over and I was not hammered...

How ready I am for summer...

Also mentally getting prepared for not being able to fix my A/C until I finish paying college tuition...

myLAB Box key nervous sweating peele GIF

Basically heading into summer like...

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Thursday Confessional

Thursday, June 15, 2017
So....I got hit on by an old dude at Dunkin Donuts this week, like grandpa retirement age old. I stopped to pick up 2 boxes of coffee and a couple dozen donuts for an early meeting Tuesday without preordering and had to wait for them to brew fresh coffee ... my mistake. You know how you can feel someone staring at the back of you just instinctively? Yeah, as I was waiting for my order I could feel that, and then Gramps spoke. Best line ever... "where's the party". I about died laughing thinking dude, my kinda party does not consist of  shitty donuts and 2 boxes of Joe. But nice try. We chatted for a few minutes while I waited and I think I made his day. Pretty sure I saw him doing a little happy dance when I was driving away. I love old people.

Related image

My upstairs A/C has officially broken. My repair guy told me last summer that adding Freon was just a temporary fix and now the worst has come to pass. Faaaaaack... the part is $1085 plus the cost of refrigerant. College tuition is due Aug. 14th also so guess who is going to be having a long hot summer?

Image result for me gif

Since I can no longer afford to go out, except for work purposes, it sure as shit is convenient that I am currently living in crappy t-shirts and Old Navy boxer short PJ's. I feel slightly loser-ish when I come home from work and just put pajamas on but all I am going to do is maybe make/order dinner, work some more, clean/purge another area of my home, possibly blog or do social media things or watch Netflix. None of which require real pants so.... These are my current faves because I am mad about the big leaf print currently happening everywhere.

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director tv life bravo my life GIF

I have been so unmotivated to go out lately, which is not like me at all. I am in full on hibernation mode in an attempt to save some money. It's kind of depressing on the one hand but on the other hand it's so much less effort and going to bed at 9 is kind of awesome. But...If I start drinking cardbordeaux by the end of the summer somebody come get me out.

 grace and frankie GIF

The Purge continues... I gave away a couple of big toy/kid items on my neighborhood Facebook site this weekend. I listed the pics and within 30 minutes a neighbor came to my house and took them off my hands. It was glorious! I also took car load number 8 to Goodwill on Monday. I am so proud of myself. The little old man who works there has this distinct "oh not you again" look when I walk in all chirpy with my crap but secretly I think he's happy to see me.

 reaction taylor swift eye roll loser let it go GIF

This weekend is my daughter's party and my fam is coming from Michigan to help us celebrate. I should be cleaning something right now but meh... it will all get done. I had originally planned  a menu, cake and all of that myself. After some thought I decided to just let her kind of decide everything, pick her favorite things that I make... whether it "goes together" or not. So we shall see what we end up with, I am sure it will all be amazing! I am most excited about the cake she chose. Could you die?

I can't wait.