Last Tuesday In January

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
So I know this is supposed to be my link up day but, it is also Day 30 of my Whole30 so I am technically not quite done yet. Rather than recap today I would rather wait until later this week when I can give you actual numbers as in pounds and inches that have officially been kicked to the curb. Girl bye. Stay tuned for all of that later this week.

I was just thinking about all of the things I did and didn't do this past month that made it a successful one for me. Some of these, to me at least, are big and meaningful for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which most of them are things that I intentionally set out to do. This makes me happy. So here are a few of the highlights...

  • I did not, not even once, eat out. I can not wait to figure out how much bank I saved.
  • I did have a 100% perfect Whole30. Provided I don't have a complete breakdown today. 
  • I did not go out with my friends at all. No bars. Not even a coffee. I was a hermit and I loved it.
  • I did do one new thing which is a monthly goal of mine for 2017. I took my son to an FSU Basketball game at Georgia Tech's new-to-me arena. 
  • I did pretty well on my spending freeze until about week 3. Baby steps. I needed the cocktail napkins with big gold lips I found at HomeGoods.
  • I did not get suckered into joining a gym, cross-fit or Orange Theory. Phew... made it thru another January.
  • I brought my lunch to work every single day this month. 
  • I did not buy any clothes or shoes. 
  • I got my eyebrows microbladed. Need to blog about that.
  • I started cleaning out my old office and getting ready to create a whole new and beautiful work from home space.
  • I played more tennis.
  • I booked a February Botox appointment. 
  • I shut down all of my online dating apps to focus on myself, because it's really all about me. 
  • I didn't drink a drop of alcohol. My wine/liquor store probably thinks I died. 
  • I did buy tickets for a Yoga class/Brewery Tour, the Atlanta Brunch Festival and Zac Brown.
  • I slayed at my job, finally finished the video I had been tasked with producing and aced it. 
  • I started a bullet journal and I am obsessed. 
  • I officially have my February plan of attack on paper in said journal. Stay tuned...

I will be back later this week to officially debrief my January Whole30 experience but do link up with Nadine and I to share how you did with getting back on track!!

5 comments on "Last Tuesday In January"
  1. You are a freaking rock star this month!!! Doing a perfect whole 30, saving money, doing a few things for yourself, cleaning out your office. A huge high five to you!!! Cant wait to hear your results!!! I am glad we did this back on track thing this month! Anytime you wanna get serious hit me up, I always need accountability partners! Though, hopefully after this month we can stay on the right track ;)

  2. Congrats!! You rocked this! Can't wait to see the whole recap.

  3. You'll have to do a post about your bullet journal. Those always intrigue me.

  4. let me know about the botox appointment and how it goes! are you scared?


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