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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

REALIZING - How fast this year has gone by. It's time to start planning for holiday dinners, Christmas shopping, using up vacation days, preparing for out of town guests... where does the time go?

STIRRING - Well I am not exactly stirring it but someone is... my new favorite thing at Starbucks the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte. The perfect combo of my 2 favorites.

APPRECIATING - The fact that there have been no major curve balls thrown my way lately. Knock on wood. I think the reality is that I am doing a much better job these days of not freaking out when they come. Things are just plugging along and getting handled.

INVESTIGATING - Where to go in Atlanta for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and family is coming into town and I am toying with the idea of just going out so as to maximize our time together by not chaining myself to the kitchen for massive shopping, prep and cooking. Anyone else do a restaurant for Turkey day? And why does this make me feel slightly guilty?

FOLLOWING - @resting.bitchface on IG. This account cracks me up if you don't mind slightly offensive humor about having a shit show for a life. If so you will also like @circleofidiots.

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13 comments on "Currently: November"
  1. i'm always up for a good IG offensive laugh.

    Time is just FLYING...I could hardly believe that it's November. BRING ON CHRISTMAS! lol

  2. The year has absolutely flown by. I'm gonna add that account now. I could always use a good laugh!

  3. The Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte is my new favorite there right now too!!! Although Caramel Brulee just came out today sooooooooooo. LOL. I am off to go follow Resting Bitchface! We never went out for dinner on Thanksgiving when we lived in Atlanta, but we did go out one year with Chris's family when I moved to Bham. It was this little family owned meat and three place and it was quaint just like sitting around our family table. I will say though, the food just wasnt as good that day as a regular day of the year. So dont get your hopes up too high!

  4. I'd totally do a restaurant for Thanksgiving if my family would do it. LOL Don't feel guilty; it's all about doing things that make YOU feel good, right?


  5. I can't wait to try that pumpkin spice chai!

  6. I totally feel like going out for Thanksgiving - it's just the two of us this year - but MFD is having a fit and wants leftovers. FINE! Fine.

  7. Oh goodness! I'm definitely up for trying that Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. My little family (just the four of us) go to a restaurant on Thanksgiving that offers the traditional fair including seafood! I've always thought if family came in and we had to stay home for the holiday I would order out from one of those cafeteria style places that make homestyle food and chill out. I live in NC and our local (very old school place) is K&W Cafeterias - the food is amazing and they cater. Perfection! I know it sounds strange but it really is amazing! xo

  9. Going out on Thanksgiving does sound like a great way to not have to plan/cook everything and spend more time with family!! Plus, I feel like Atlanta in the fall must be beautiful (whereas here in Philly it's starting to get real cold!)

  10. I'm lucky that the older generations (my mom, my grandma, my grandma's sisters) still make all the food for our Thanksgiving, otherwise I'd totally be up for a restaurant :)

    Thanks for joining in as always!

  11. We have done thanksgiving at a restaurant before. I'll admit, it feels a bit weird, but it also takes the stress out of the day.

  12. We went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. It was packed, but it was really nice not to have to cook or clean up. Of course, the downside was no delicious leftovers!


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