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Things That Make Irrationally Happy

Thursday, February 23, 2017
I can be ridiculously excited about things, usually followed by some embarassment because I should stop being so excited and just act like a normal grownup. But to hell with that: if I'm happy, I want to show it :D:

Paleo Banana Bread w/ Home Made Almond Butter

I am trying very hard not to eat too many things like this but I occasionally miss bread type meals in the morning... like every day actually. Found this great recipe from The Roasted Root and had to share. I also tried my hand at making my own almond butter last weekend and it is amazing. I will definitely doing this from now on to save money. Thanks Kathy.

Paleo Banana Bread | gluten free and naturally sweetened

New 5.5 Qt. Saute Pan - This is the pan I use every day. My old hard anodized was worn out and every damn thing was sticking. No bueno. Picked up this new one on sale  at Costco last weekend. Go get it. It's awesome!

A car wash - I washed my car on Sunday night and it promptly rained Tuesday and Wednesday. It looked nice and clean for one whole day.

Wine and cheese - It just does and I had too much last weekend. But... worth it.

Winning a tennis match - So I am demo-ing a new racquet from my pro and I had my first singles match of the spring season last week. I won 6-0, 6 mother fucking 0. That's an ass kicking in case you don't know.

Chris Stapleton - He's coming in concert like 5 minutes from me. Missed it last time. So there on Cinco de Mayo.

Girl Scout Cookies - They are all over my dining room. I have yet to eat one. But I will.

The Target Awesome Shop -  Because they published one of my IG posts. The funniest thing is I threw these 3 things on the furry rug that sits on the Lucite chair in my bathroom and snapped the photo in like 2 seconds. This making my point... keep it simple. Love this site. Do go check it out!

Furry Things - Currently chairs and stools though. Mildly obsessed.

7 Home Hacks That Will Make Your Friends Jealous #refinery29  Sheepskin RugsIn this ingenious DIY, designer Bianca Hall upholsters midcentury side tables with sheepskin, producing what she calls “It Stools” — a nod to the Addams Family’s hair-covered cousin. ...:

Shoelaces - Specifically figuring out that ladder lacing could alleviate my extensor tendinitis. I have been suffering from agonizing pain on the top of my feet for months after I play tennis aka extensor tendinitis. So I googled it and came across this article about injuries that aren't really injuries and how to fix them. Turns out it is a combo of the shape of my shoes (Asics) and the way they are laced so.... Try lacing your shoes differently... ummm ok. Aaaand it works. Life changing.

How to Lace Running Shoes to Prevent Injury and Increase Comfort - Runners Connect:

What is making you happy today?

Friday Faves

Friday, February 17, 2017
Donuts illustration by Rongrong DeVoe

Happy Friday donut lovers. Are you guys getting the fact that I talk about donuts alot lately? Oddly it's the one thing I think I am craving the most to splurge on post Whole30. Like more than pizza or nachos which is really weird. Maybe this weekend. My kids are off until next Wednesday and I have Monday off, woohoo!! Time to get some shit done around the house. I have no real plans which is the best thing ever on the weekend. I will be working on the home office, catching up on Netflix and possibly having a date or two. And brunch, I think I see brunch in my very near future! But for now, favorites...


So if you are a Whole30 or Paleo eating type you probably eat a shit ton of spaghetti squash. I gave up on trying to crack those things open raw ages ago, opting to bake them whole in the oven and scoop the seeds out later (which is still a great way to go). But then I heard about this method of cooking Spaghetti Squash in the Crock Pot and life was changed forever. Throw one or two in with a little water and walk away for 4-6 hours and that's it. It's a great thing. I did mine over night the other day and it was on for like 8 hours, turned out perfect.

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash in a Slow Cooker. This is so easy!:


So I have decided on a color for my new home office and the winner is Sherwin Williams Passive. I think it's exactly the gray I was looking for. What do you guys think?

Sherwin Williams SW 7064 Passive.  AnaVera Design via House of Turquoise.:


I want to repaint some of the other areas in my house too and I found this palette on Pinterest. I think it's perfection.
I put together a whole-house paint scheme using some neutral grays I love to see how all the colors would look together. Kind of a paint color test drive. I wanted to try it out "virtually" and see how the colors flowed together. So I chose this adorable little house and floor plan...


A couple of weekends ago I did actually purchase my new desk from Ikea and would you believe that I have yet to put it together? On the list for the long weekend but here is basically what I got except with a gray top instead of white. I looove it.


I am dying to try 2 places currently. The Halal Guys just opened a location in Atlanta. Does anyone have one near them? People have been standing in line and I can see why. If I can get some real authentic Falafel I will be the happiest girl ever.

Related image

And We Suki Suki for Pho and  Bahn Mi sandwiches. I mean, I'm really dying for this. Pho is healthy right? They also have a sushi burrito... could you die?

Image result for we suki suki
Image result for we suki suki sushi burrito


I wear my black and white superstars like all of the time. They are super comfy and just look clean and put together, not like you are schlumping around in running shoes. I think these black and gold superstars would be a great addition to my ever growing Adidas collection. Schnazzy...


What are your favorite blogs to read? I have found that my list has grown increasingly small because people just either disappear or sell out and only blog for money. I'd be interested to know who you guys are reading right now! So do tell...


When some random dude sends me an unsolicited picture of his junk and I show one of my married friends.

Image result for funny gifs

When the above mentioned random dude asks me if I want him to send me a picture and I say "Sure, OK!!!"

Image result for funny gifs

But still, after all this time I get the picture and I am surprised like...

And then  the guy says "I thought that's what you wanted" and I am all...

dog excuse me say what what did you say

And a lot of times they say  "oh sorry but hey, it's pretty awesome right... right?"

And then it's usually "hey so when did you want to go out?"


NFL lady gaga jump bye goodbye

Happy Weekend!

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Up-Dates and Down-Dates

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Well here we are at the old hump day mark again and I am just now stopping by. I bet you guys are dying to know what is going on over here right? Well I had a pretty busy weekend and by Monday I was thoroughly wiped out. That was the most I have done socially this year, and now I remember why it's better to spread things out a little but

So let's get to the recapping portion of the story. Remember last week when I posted that one time and I said I had not one,  but 2 dates lined up for last weekend? So ummm yeah I did that. Friday night I met Tinder #1 at Marlow's for happy hour drinks. I broke one of my cardinal rules and did not have a prior phone conversation with him. He is a fellow FSU grad and all of his pics looked reasonably cute and he had a beer in most of them. I figured he must be fun. But then when he greeted me I heard his voice. Dammit Amy... have you not learned anything???

Image result for god dammit gif

I feel absolutely horrible for saying this but then I immediately start going through the mental checklist of what else is wrong with him. Because if it's only his voice maybe I can live with it? So I run down the list in my head... he's short (too short), his shirt is untucked like he just got home from work only he's not home yet, his beard is more terrorist and less hipster, and if I'm not mistaken he just said he drinks way too much. Hmmm... he was nice and we had 2 beers and easy conversation. Then he seemed to get annoyed with the bar getting crowded so he suggested we move on to the next location or meet up next week. I opted for the later meeting. Honestly I don't think either of us were into it. We split and no further messages have been exchanged. Clean break.

Image result for peace out gif

Saturday I went to the Namaste For A Beer Tour event at Jekyll Brewing. We did a nice flow yoga class and then sampled 6 beers, got super buzzed, took a brewery tour and that was that. What a fun time and I am still sore. I have not done yoga in ages and that shit is serious. Sadly it was a pretty easy class which tells me what a slug I have become. Of course after all of that we had to go eat  and drink a little more at Butcher and Brew. We started off with Bloody's and goat cheese fritters. I made a better choice for my entree with their Paleo Bowl while my dining companions enjoyed sandwiches and fries and I drooled... a little. Felt good afterward though so it was worth it! I went home Saturday night and crashed.

Sunday I felt like crap from all of the beer/gluten but somehow pulled my shit together to go play tennis against the number one team in my division. Wonder of wonders, after my hot younger partner gave me a small amount of hell for being hung over, we managed to pull off a 3 set victory. The only point our team took for the day. It felt amazing!! I high tailed it home to go shower and get ready for date #2, who amazingly enough did not stand me up. I was convinced one of the 2 would cancel. We had planned on just drinks but ended up having dinner too... surprise!! We had a really good time and he was so, SO cute but, there's always a but lol. He's only mid 30's with 3 kids and very recently divorced , I just don't think that's my jam. But if he asks I'd totally go out with him again, you know just for fun or to hang out. So not a total bust on the dating front thank God.

I may or may not have another date tonight. What is happening here? Tinder is on fire lately.

More on that later....

Thursday By The Numbers

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well hey. Just thought I'd hit you up with a little inspirational thought for the day and stop by for some QT with my blog.

Work has been kicking my arse (in the best possible way) lately and has not left much time for anything else. At least I really don't want to do any sort of constructive thing that involves more time in front of a computer when I am not working. Hence my absence. I do have a couple of posts in the works about my experiences with micro blading my eyebrows and botoxing my face but they actually require pics and editing and kind of like real blogger stuff so... to be continued on those.

For today, let's keep it simple shall we?

0 - the number of times I have posted in a week

372 - the number of times I have thought about posting in the last week

4 - the number of things I have reintroduced into my diet post Whole30: alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains.

2 - the number of dates with actual men folk I have this weekend... Shoot me... that's a lot for me. One I am really excited about

4 - the number of hours of my life that I spent watching the Falcons implode that I will never get back

1136 - the number of pictures I currently have on my phone

1092 - the number of aforementioned pictures that are of food that I ate

122/65 - my waking blood pressure on the last day of  my January Whole30, I still can't quite wrap my brain around that given with my epic struggles with dangerously high BP

30 - the number of seconds it took for me to blow a couple hundo on freezing my forehead the other day

22 - the number of pages I have filled in my bullet journal and OMG... they are so pretty. Obsessed.

105 - the number of dollars I have saved with my $5 Savings Challenge, I am kind of irrationally happy about this

2 and 3 - the number of nights and days I will have to spend with my ex in Statesboro, GA in June for my daughter's college orientation. Kill me now.

28 - the number of days I have to find the perfect outfit for a huge project kickoff meeting next month. It's really important that I look amazing. I guess I should start shopping now. Dress, skirt, pants? What do you guys think?

34.8 - the number of miles my best friend and I drove home from Ikea last Saturday in 43 degree weather with the rear passenger window rolled down because my new desk was just a wee bit too big for the vehicle we were in. She said it would fit.

Hopefully I can whittle down the days until I can find my way back here next week to just a few. Bye for now. Have a great day!

Currently - February

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
PACKING - Hmmm... I never go anywhere so not packing for anything fun but packing up more crap for Goodwill I guess. Does that count? I took another big haul last weekend and I still have lots more that is coming out of my office. Feels good to pass it on to anyone who can actually use it rather than let it take up precious space in my house. That sounds so "marie kondo".

JONESING - For soooo many things post Whole30. Wine, doughnuts, pizza, korean bbq, sushi. But mostly doughnuts, like Revolution Doughnuts, not shitty doughnuts.

Image result for revolution doughnuts

TEXTING - My friend Joey.  Because I like to annoy people by saying things like "Cash me outside how bout dah". He hates me. I can't stop saying it. I have a problem.

READING - This book about my home town. A very interesting read about how corrupt and greedy politicians essentially destroyed what was once a prosperous and beautiful city. It will always be beautiful to me but much of it looks like world war three has already happened there. If you are not from here you might think he is making this stuff up or embellishing, sadly he is not.

Image result for detroit an american autopsy

HEARTING - Oil Slick Hair. I am ready for a change and I thought this would be the perfect way for me to phase out the red. I love it!

Beautiful oil slick hair my Nicole Totorello at beyond the fringe in Hillsborough NJ:

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