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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Hi ya and Happy Tuesday, the last of March, can you believe that? I guess I sort of took an inadvertent blogging break over here. I just can't seem to fit everything in lately and also feeling in the midst of a major blogging rut. Ugh. I have felt like I am spinning my wheels and stretched too thin between work, kids activities, sports and other general invitations to things and for things that I can't bring myself to say no to. It's becoming a problem, only in so much as the basic boring tasks of life are getting pushed to the wayside. You know, laundry, cleaning, scheduling, cooking... this is starting to stress me out a bit though so something's gotta give. It's time to start saying "No" again.

So let's see, where did I last leave off with you guys?  The last couple of weeks have been a blur really. My office is moving and April 1st we will officially be in our new/old digs. My group has been in a separate office from the rest of the company and are now combining with our Atlanta corporate location... in some newly renovated former storage space. Sounds super glam huh? My commute will be a bit longer time wise but I will be working from home now 2 days a weeks which is a huge blessing! I am super excited to be able to throw laundry in or pop a casserole in the oven on those days. I think it's going to help tremendously with what I was saying earlier... the boring shit. And, I personally find it easier to focus with fewer human beings all up in my grill, hanging on my cube and tricking me into going to lunch with them every day (which I don't do but I am tempted). I predict this will make me more productive all the way around. Also, time lost getting dressed, hair, makeup and driving into the office goes buh bye!! Hello leggings and messy bun. But still, it's a change in the old routine which will take some getting used to.

On that note my home office is not quite ready, like at all. Major fail. I did build my IKEA desk and clean out about half the room but have yet to paint. I am actually thinking Saturday is going to be the drop dead day. It's the first official day of Spring Break so zero activities are scheduled!! The IT guy at work seems to really like me duh and when I said I had to buy 2 monitors for my home office he said he could get me 2 on the down low plan out of office cast offs which will save me like $200. SCORE.

Let's see... what else? I have been eating pretty well, I would say a solid 80/20. Weight loss has stalled because the 20 contains too much alcohol which is the death knell of dropping lbs. for me. Toying with the idea of another Whole30 as I always am a little bit but April is actually pretty wide open for me so it could work. We'll see. I don't know why but I get to a point where I just crave the structure. As I have said before, making decisions about how to stay on track is a lot easier when your options are extremely limited. Basically I am lazy and I really don't want to think that hard about food.

The school year is winding down, next week is spring break and the realization that my oldest graduates on May 31st is sinking in. Seven more Mondays... I am not taking this well, I feel old and I don't like it. But, the announcements have been ordered, photos taken, party date set for June 17th which gives me a lot to plan for. Party planning is my jam and this will also force me to finish my big purge that is still lingering in piles all around my first floor.

In other news after a couple of nice dates and a whole bunch of bad ones I shut down all the profiles again. I want my nights and weekends back and I am tired of wasting time out in the world with strangers when I could be on the couch with my dog  and a glass of wine. If I could skip the just getting to know you part and move on to the let's be slobs on the couch together part I would be much happier. I am sure in a few months I'll get bored and get back to it again. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Happy Tuesday.  

10 Signs I Have Been Single For Awhile - AKA Secret Single Behavior

Thursday, March 16, 2017

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I hate to admit it but I just don't think I ever want to live with someone again. I like the way I run the show and I just don't see how another grown human being would fit into it very well. Maybe they could, who knows, but why would I want to give up half my bathroom and half my closet? I have a crap ton of things I do that I am pretty much not interested in sharing or changing. Here are just a few.

My Bathroom - After my ex moved out it took me about 30 seconds to take over the entire double vanity. It looks like a combination of Sephora, Athleta and Old Navy exploded in there most days. And my hair... my long dark hair is everywhere. I would make more of an effort were another human sharing the space but meh... why? The tub is currently draped with sports bras, 4 tennis rackets, 1 pair of shoes, a can of Lacroix and a cookbook. Don't even care.

I Talk To Myself - Like all the time. This has only recently started to concern me as I feel Alexa is most likely listening to every word I say. I asked her if she was listening for the CIA and she just makes this weird noise and refuses to answer. Not kidding, try it. But seriously, whenever I think of something I just say it out loud. And the dog looks at me. And then I answer myself.

Repeat Clothing - I come home from work and I may just put on the exact same clothes I wore 3 nights in a row previously. No one saw me and my kids pay no attention. The funny thing is that occasionally some rando guy I'm talking to at the moment will ask "what are you wearing" and in my mind I'm always thinking "the same  Fuck It Let's Drink t-shirt and ratty leggings I was wearing last night when you asked me".

Things I Eat - When I am Whole30/Paleo on point I tend to mix it up a bit more obviously but for those times when I get off track I basically live on some sort of cheese-bread/carb combination like 24/7. Cheese toast, grilled cheese, cheese quesadilla, naan w/ cheese, white pizza, mac and cheese... you get the idea. I can take fat ass to a whole new level when no one is looking. I like appetizers all day too. I usually have a box of something from Costco in the freezer for a quick dinner. Who remembers the movie Mermaids?

Things I Watch - I am a binge-watcher of horribly depressing bad TV. A Snapped marathon or weekend of 48 Hours Hard Evidence is the perfect background noise for my alone time when it's not music. I am fascinated by people killing other people and thinking they can get away with it. And there is just something about Keith Morrison's voice that puts me in a trance like state. I'm also a big fan of My 600 lb. Life and Hoarding: Buried Alive. My worst fear is ending up on any one of these shows. True story.

I Recycle Coffee - I am sure a lot of people will think this is gross and stupid but it comes from growing up with Depression Era parents. You don't throw shit away. If there is coffee left in the pot I nuke it and drink it about 80% of the time, or I make ice coffee. Even if it's old and been sitting out. For a day. Or 2. I'm still alive so obviously it's no biggie.

I Drink Too Much Wine - Isn't a bottle a serving? My glasses are big. Sue me. When I am super stressed I am sure the guys who pick up my recycling need a second set of earplugs.

I Leave The Pizza Out - Some people put it right in the fridge, I leave it out in the box until the next day. And then I eat it cold with my recycled coffee. College habits die hard.

Wearing Makeup - I pretty much wear some type of makeup all the time, even when no one is around and I have no plans to see anyone. I firmly believe you should get up every day and make yourself at least look like you won't scare people out in the world. It just makes me feel better, plus you never know when someone is going to stop by or call you and say "I have an emergency, get your ass to the bar"!

I Never Make The Bed Anymore - Well, virtually never, only when I put clean sheets on does it get truly "made". I am just lazy I guess and unless someone is coming over I don't really care. Even then I will likely just straighten it up and shove all of the books, magazines and remotes under the 47 pillows and call it done.

Do you have any weird secret habits? Do tell. 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Does anyone else feel like the days are just flying by? I can't believe we just sprang forward and now I turn around in the evening and it's 9:00. I know that every rational person loves more daylight hours but I hate the getting used to it part. Sunday afternoon I was so wiped out I took an awesome nap on the couch, woke up and it was still broad daylight at 7:00 p.m. I don't like that because in my mind I thought it was like 4 and then I was mad.

Anyway, last week was IN-sane-ly busy for me getting ready for my big work event on Friday. I couldn't even think about writing a blog post. But before I get to that let me just say that I had one of thee worst dates in a long time on Thursday night. It's been awhile since I have gone out with "I'm great on text but suck ass when you meet me in real life" guy but I guess my luck ran out because yeah.... that guy showed up. So I was thinking... about mid date as I was dying a slow and painfully silent death except for the sound of someone eating chicken nachos, I wish I could just snap some photos for you guys. I mean how funny would it be to just be like "Hey, this date totally blows. Do you mind if I snap a few selfies with you for my blog? Like you don't even have to be looking at the camera or anything. Mmmkay thanks." It was that bad. In all fairness I was a little worried going in and as usual my gut was correct. We had nothing in common except for being divorced with 3 kids I guess. Sometimes you can small talk enough on text to miss that but you can't hide it face to face. To top it all off at the end of the date he confessed that he was dying for a cigarette. GTFO. Bye loser. Ok maybe that's a little harsh but, it's a no from me.

reaction taylor swift eye roll loser

So the Friday work thing went off without a hitch pretty much and now the project is officially off and running. I can't even wrap my brain around how much this will consume my life, but in a very good way, for the next 18 mos. If anyone is interested or curious check it out...

Friday night tennis was freezing and a big fat ride on the struggle bus. My entire team fell apart, lost our matches and then went to the bar. Saturday morning was more freezing at Lacrosse but unlike me, my daughter killed it and her team won again. The rest of Saturday was all about the food at the Atlanta Brunch Festival. Unfortunately we got a later start than I had hoped and some vendors ran out of food super early. Majorly disappointing when the event lasts till 5 and you run out of food at 2 pm. The lines were ridiculously long but we still managed to score a few amazing dishes. I think the whole thing could have been planned a little better but we still had a great time. Since we only had samples size portions we stopped off for a little seafood and a beer on the rooftop (see that view up there) at Six Feet Under before heading home. 

Sunday I sat out in the cold yet again to sell girl scout cookies and no pictures were taken. Then I came home and did mostly 100% nothing on the couch with my dog for the rest of the day and it was absolute heaven.

Hoping to get back to some semblance of normal this week with food, cooking and managing things in my life that are not work related that have seriously been neglected. Laundry is piled high and I really need to do my taxes. Can't wait for that!!

Aaaaand.... Some snaps from the weekend. Full disclosure I did not eat everything pictured here. I do make my friends let me take pictures of their food though.

Happy Tuesday! See ya.

Weekending - First One In March

Monday, March 6, 2017
OMG yes. #funny

Good Monday morning people! This weekend went by so fast. I barely blinked and it was time to flop on the couch for the first time all weekend, watch The Walking Dead and hit the sack. Weekend over. Not much time for relaxing or sitting around. No time for getting anything done in my house or prepping meals for the week. I have come to the conclusion that now that the weather is warm I will have to make more of an effort to get these things done on the weeknights because the last place I want to be is inside my house when it's 70 and sunny on the weekend.

Friday night I stayed in, drank some wine, used up the last of my winter firewood and watched bad TV. I am sure that since I did that it will snow this weekend. Saturday morning came early. Had to be at the Lacrosse field at 8:30 a.m. for the first game of our season. Ava did great. She played goalie the first half and killed it. She played middie the second half and also did great. I am so proud of her, she gives everything her all and never complains! They crushed it and won 10-5. I took her to Waffle House and we had a celebratory breakfast. If you live near one I highly recommend the new Hashbrown Bowl. Why is a meal in a bowl always so satisfying? The rest of the day was spent getting ready for  the Father Daughter dance for Ava. Nails and hair took up the afternoon and they were off to an early dinner before the dance. Pleasant surprise...My ex actually came over early and fixed the lift gate on my truck that has been broken for 2 months. Sometimes he still surprises me.  I adjourned to dinner at Marlow's and a little bar time with my fraands.

Sunday I had an afternoon tennis date. A guy I have been chatting with came over from the other side of town and we met up at my courts and played for a couple of hours. It was a first for both of us having a tennis date and I'd say it was a great success. He was an awesome player and we had a great time. We went out to a late lunch after that at Grub Burger Bar. Good thing we ran around for 2 hours before we dove into Luau Fries which I highly recommend, they were amazing! I opted for the Greek Chicken sandwich and we shared the roasted Brussels sprouts. Wow... they were absolutely delicious! My sandwich was disappointing. I hate it when they serve you a sandwich that is piled so full of stuff that there is no way to pick it up without every single thing falling onto your plate. So attractive for a first date too. Still it was a really nice afternoon. More like that please. I think activity dates might be my new thing!

That about wraps up my weekend. I have a super busy work week again but hoping to squeeze in another date, more tennis and some work on my home office project in the evenings and a small to medium size meal prep. I have still been staying remarkably on track as far as planned meals. Where I feel myself starting to slip is in impulse eating. I am far away from my Whole30 now that I am not thinking before I reach for every single thing. For me that is not an option. Once I get mindless about my food I falter. Back at it this week!

Have a great one!

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Currently March

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Let new adventures begin City Farmhouse free watercolor printable circles:

Doesn't March just feel like another fresh start? January is obviously, February is just kind of blah to me and then I feel like March starts us over again because... Spring and everything is greening up and new again.  If you live in the south, everything is also covered with a fresh coat of pollen. Ahhhhh.... breathe in! Anyway, I am feeling excited for this month. I've got the Atlanta Brunch Festival, the big kick off meeting for my next project, a hair appointment for more unicorning and my office is moving! Plus all of my spring tennis leagues start up and St. Paddy's Day! Oh, and the newest location of Sarah Donuts is opening in my hood. What's not to like? Linking up with Anne & Carrie today for a little Currently roundup...


Not much of anything at the moment. I am realizing that my TV watching binges and just TV time in general are steadily decreasing. The funny thing is that I am not 100% sure what I am replacing it with.

Still plowing thru Breaking Bad and waiting on Amazon Prime to release part 2 of Vikings Season 4 for free. I refuse to pay to stream a show that was on network TV. Come on!!! I'm already paying for Prime dammit! Release!
One favorite I am anxiously awaiting the return of:

Southern Charm - Can't wait to see what these train wrecks are up to lately.

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I feel like 90% of what I am eating is healthy and also boring me to tears. I didn't feel much like cooking this past month after the January Whole30. I am about 90% clean - 10% indulging except for that one time I ate 100% of a box of Tagalongs. #truestory They go down like potato chips. Why is that? Effing Girl Scouts.

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I think I said I was going to stop dating altogether which I lied about. I'm still Tindering away and actually having a big time. I mean really... how can I give up guys like this... pretty sure this is fake
but I "swiped up" anyway. Props for a sense of humour dude.


I hate this weather. It's 75 one day and 32 the next. Wtf do you wear? Not to mention on the warm days if I wear anything bare I run the risk of blinding someone. On the positive side my clothes over all are quite a bit looser but not enough to justify a new size or anything. I am not wearing any fun new clothes but I just bought the most awesome new eye shadow color from Urban Decay, ABC Gum. It is the perfect pale peach matte and if you are an earth tone girl get it for the perfect color to sweep over your brow bone. People keep telling me how amazing my eyes look. It could be the botox though... not sure.

Eyeshadow in color ABC Gum urban decay $19 1.5g


Not much here. I am in a blogging slump. I just feel like I do not have an original thought in my head that anyone would even be remotely interested in . Again I have a plethora of posts sitting in draft just waiting to be published. I hate it when this happens, I never know quite what to do to snap myself out of it.

I am trying to keep up with my IG though. I can manage to bang out a few pretty food pics every once in awhile . They make me happy and I feel good knowing that I am still maintaining my efforts in that arena. As far as Instagram knows anyway.

What are you up to currently?