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If you are interested in sponsoring me I promise to shamelessly plug you all over social media like you are my new BFF. I will Snapchat the hell out of you all the live long day to make sure you are happy during your sponsorship. Just kidding. I will help you create a fake online dating profile so you can laugh along with me on POF and OkCupid. Not kidding. I will live to serve and ply you with wine and Fireball until you are deliriously drunk satisfied with your sponsorship. Now get on my level.

GFC - 200
Instagram - 1267
Twitter - 1320
Bloglovin - 208
Pinterest - 183
& Growing slowly but surely!

Have a fabulous product? An event coming up? A restaurant, a coffee shop, tequila bar? I can wear it, talk about it, eat it, drink it... whatever you like. Just get at me.... what are you waiting for?

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