Do we really need a provision for adult sleepovers?

Friday, June 15, 2012

I think I finally understand why divorce attorneys make so much money. It is seriously tedious business trying to dismantle a marriage and years of a life joined as one. I am both shocked and amazed at how many things have to be touched on in terms of what every possible future scenario could bring about when getting a divorce. It seems like you should just split it all 50-50 and call it done. I was pretty much willing to go that route until my lawyers got involved. I do understand that it is their job to make sure I am protected and they have been great... thinking of things I never would have. But... some of this stuff is just plain ridiculous, some just perplexing.

First I will give you my favorite example of ridiculousness: "Furniture Arbitration" Yes, you heard me. According to my settlement agreement if my ex husband and I cannot agree with in 60 days of signing the document who gets what as far as furniture, we must hire a "furniture arbitrator" and go to "furniture arbitration".
Can you believe such a thing exists? This is a real job? Talk about not looking forward to work every day!!! Is a sofa, a chair a table really that important? Now I have some antiques and family pieces that I would fight for but honestly my ex would never want them. This must be a problem for the uber rich. I think a better idea for this type of disagreement is get yourself a chainsaw and get ready for a big ole' bonfire.

This next one is actuallly complicated and I have definitely struggled with it. There is no name for it so I have dubbed it the "adult sleepover provision" but it is the classic definition of the double edged sword if you ask me. I am not sure I'll ever get married again but I am quite sure I am down for plenty more adult sleepovers! I decided that this will not be a part of my divorce decree on either side...Lol.

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