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Monday, September 10, 2012

Another birthday in the books and this is how it began... margaritas... which I may never drink again!!! There will be no pics posted of how it ended, no one in their right mind would want to see that. It was an interesting 42nd  that's for sure. The day started out just as a pretty normal Saturday chock full of kids activities to which I had to schlep myself at the same time I would have to get up and go to work. Yes, even on my birthday I got up at 6:30, ugh. But even if their Dad was around to take them, or on the rare occasion that he does, I feel guilty for missing an event. So I am not complaining, I love watching them and they love that I am there cheering them on.
The rest of the day pretty much went by in a blur. I spent the second half with all of my girlfriends out on the lake laughing and being crazy and drinking way too much. We saw a movie being filmed, well sort of.  We saw  some guys dressed up in all black military type clothes walking around looking official. They claimed to be filming a movie, in hindsight we maybe should have asked exactly what variety of movie they were making. Looked pretty low budget. We met a group of young gentlemen with an interesting display of brands on their bodies. Yes, brands, as in set a hot poker on fire and sear my skin with  ummm... Idk... fraternity letters? My  BF was offered the chance to see a branded penis in exchange for a kiss... this is a first and will perhaps go down as the funniest moment of the night. She declined but I must admit  we were all a tad curious. I mean, who would do that??? We made it to a local bar later in the evening and proceeded to try desperately to relive our youth buy drinking rounds of shots, dancing our asses off, flirting shamelessly with random dudes and just generally having fun. Sunday was not so much fun, it was a complete waste of a day on this planet for me and undoubtedly several of my other partners in crime. My question is why do we do this?? We are grown women and we can not party like rock stars anymore but we sure as shit try to disprove this theory on every birthday or girls night out. I am not 21 anymore and drinking isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be, the hangovers are down right brutal. Sunday was spent laying around, watching Bravo re-runs, eating pizza and drinking gallons of water and diet coke in an attempt to rehydrate which was challenging to say the least. I feel like I pretty much blew all of my efforts at being healthy last week. So today I am back at it and here is my plan:

Monday - Friday:  Track every morsel on My Fitness Pal and stick to your 1210 calories oh brilliant one!!!!

Cardio: Run 3 times this week and get thru week 4 of C25K... times a wasting and Oct. 27 will be here before you know it! You don't want to look like an ass at your first real 5k.


Eat clean for 5 days straight. You know you feel so much better when you do and your body thanks you by looking fit and fabulous at 42! Well, not fit yet but working on it!
So I am pretty sucky at these in the mirror photos but no one was home and I actually thought I looked pretty cute on my birthday...  for an old bag. Loving my hot pink Capri's. These are one size smaller than the pants I was wearing at the beginning of the summer... so theres that! Here's to making this week a tone setter for my 43rd year on this planet!

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