Woo Hoo It's Wednesday... TFG:) Thank *&^%$#@ God

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I think Wed. is starting to become my new fave day of the week at least lately for some reason... don't know why.  I feel good and have been smiling all day. Went to bed early and was good last night. People have been smiling at me too but I think that is because my shirt is partially see through. So this is a big week for me. First real 5k this weekend and as I expected I am woefully ill-prepared. Only got half way thru my training program once football/cheerleading started. I just don't have enough hours in the day as a single mom. No... that's not true... that is an excuse. I do have enough time, I am just too effing lazy and still clinging to my poor lifestyle habits which thrive on my lazy ass! I have made some changes though and I am going to make more I swear! How can I change into one of those people who gets up at 4:00 a.m. and runs around for a few miles before going to work??? Is there an app for that?

Anywho... I am still excited about the whole race experience and we get a really cool long sleeved t-shirt to boot. Maybe this can be the start of a new tradition or regular occurrence for me and my best gal pal Ms. B.

So here's what.... I'm thinking...Next week is Halloween and we all know that this marks the start of a potentially disastrous face stuffing holiday eating season for all of us fat-arses. I need to come up with a plan to get me through it. It has to be a weekly road map of diet and exercise so I don't  finish the year in another weight class. The good thing on the exercise front is that football & cheer leading are about over so no more activities for a little bit. I can finally resume my evening runs at a reasonable hour of the day/night. This also means that we get to come home every day and eat at home, together, in our kitchen. Here I can cook clean meals, the good stuff for my fam. So this is the start of the plan I am crafting... 3 runs a week, 5 days clean eating, 2 days a little cheating ( this will allow for those holiday party snacks that I so love). I am going to also make it my goal to blog about it, photograph it... my self, my food, my running shoes, whatev.  I am excited... I can do this.

On a slightly darker crappier note (but my above plan will help me deal with this too) ex-douche meat just will not let go so we may be forced to spend more low quality time together as his business usually snails along at this time of year. I am going to do my best to run more and wine less... but we shall see.

Pic to come of  Slightly see-through blouse... I don't give a shit... I like. God I need some botox:(

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