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Friday, February 22, 2013

Been away for a hot minute and I do miss spilling my guts a little here now and then. So 2.5 months go by and here's what....

If you stop Running you get fat... you just do. I am 42 and I am still catching on to this. And don't blame the holidays... it's 2 days and one night  Amy people!!

The holidays really really suck when you are flat broke and still... yes still... going thru a divorce. But today, February 22, I  bet my kids don't remember what they got or didn't get. All that worry for nothing!!! Remind me next year.

If you want to keep your divorce moving thru the court system keep scheduling court dates and keep them. Do what the judge tells you and if your ex doesn't... well you just might get what you want! I am getting closer, I feel it!

Beach season is right around the corner... ugh

Internet dating is still crazy as fuck, but I am still having fun. Even though I am currently chit chatting away with someone on the other side of the globe. I am honestly learning more about me thru this process which is kinda amazeballs.

I can actually live on very little money... like seriously nothing after the bills get paid. Who knew you could make your own cheeze-its???

My ex is still bat-shit crazy but he is managing too... quite well I might add. Managed a 2 week vacay to Puerto Rico... I'm stiol not getting child support... sigh... I'm gonna have to put him in jail one day soon.

I still feel hopeful and inspired to keep forging on.

Next up Krav Maga... watrch out bitches... bad ass coming.

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