10 Day Challenge Day 2 & Random other stuff....

Friday, July 26, 2013

9 Things About Yourself ....

  1. I am a total girly girl. I always have makeup on, and 99% of the time there is glitter involved somewhere. I just feel better when I look a little sparkly. 
  2. My worst irrational fear is that there will be a zombie apocalypse. I am completely addicted to The Walking Dead for this very reason. It could happen... I think of too many things that would be worse. Yuck zombies... gross. 
  3. If I ever get married again I want it to be on the beach somewhere. I want to wear a little lace dress and have flowers in my hair. I guess I really need to decide if I ever want to go down that path again cause marriage is hard and I am not really sure I am cut out for it. 
  4. I still wake up pretty much every day and think "how is this my life"? It is so not what I had pictured if I had really thought about it years ago. Which incidentally I did I just didn't plan very well and as I tell my kids "Mommy made some bad choices along the way" but I am still here and going strong!
  5. I am an absolutely fabulous cook and there is nothing in the world I find more gratifying than cooking a meal for someone. I also find it insanely calming to cook with someone, it just feels good. 
  6. I hate, hate, hate fake nails. Who are you fooling anyway?
  7. I really do believe that money can solve a crap ton of your problems. The key to understanding this is that having money gives you freedom to make a lot more choices... that's where we get in trouble. 
  8. Princess Diana was my childhood idol. I wanted to be just like her. I cried when she was killed. My son was born on her birthday and his name is Spencer:)
  9. I don't really know if I am doing this bloggy thingy correctly. People look at the damn thing a million times a day but I have no followers. Hmmm... maybe I should buy a book or something lol. I don't really care cause it's more for me than anything else right now anyway. 

Ok... I lied. No more random stuff but maybe later!

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