10 Day Challenge - Day 3 - 8 Ways To Win My Heart

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

8 Ways To Win My Heart

1.    Buy me ridiculously expensive shit and lavish me with it. JUST KIDDING!!! No but seriously since that was the first thing that came to my mind the most meaningful things are the little things. Things I might mention in passing when I think no one is listening that I would love to have. The  little trinket in the antique store, the odd kitchen item at Williams Sonoma, my favorite flowers, a chai latte, anything in the shape of a heart. 

2.    Cook for me. It doesn't matter even what it is but just cook for me, a meal, a snack a dessert... anything. Food is love where I come from.
But just for the record Filet Oscar is my fave... I will marry your ass if you can cook this!!!

3.    Be amazing with my kids or any one's kids for that matter. If you can get down and dirty with the little people and make a connection with them you aight in my book. 

4.   Have passion about things in your life, goals you may have, people that you love, a cause that is important to you. Just don't be blaze about everything. 

5.   Touch me. On a regular basis. (I don't mean this in a sexual way but that's pretty dern important too.) Your hand on the small of my back guiding me, a kiss on the top of my head, hooking a finger into mine when you stand next to me. There is almost nothing more heartwarming and healing than a simple touch. I think we all need this daily. Now that my kids spend time with their Dad away from me I realize how much I miss this every day. 

6.  Love your country and respect our military. This kind of goes back to the passion thing. This one gets me every time and if you don't have that love and respect I'm prolly gonna wanna punch you in da throat.... that's just wrong. Oh and if you have served or are serving I'm prolly gonna wanna jump your bones, sorry Dad I'm not sorry.

7.    Be kind to others and cherish the one you are with. I see people all the time who are nice to everyone else but their significant other. Or the opposite, people that are completely douchey to the world but sweet to the S.O. and they are often blind to it. Be nice to me. It sounds so simple but just be nice, it's so basic and really takes very little effort. Reaps some pretty amazing rewards however.

8.    Help me out whether I ask for it or not. If you are in my life make it easier not harder. I will always do the same for the ones I love. I wish men would realize how much they could get out of simply cleaning or doing some laundry. Make the bed and I will be more than happy to help you mess it up later:)

That's it for today's installment of the challenge. Ta Ta for now:)

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