8 Days of Sweet Freedom....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh. My. Freaking. God. I have died and gone to heaven. My kids are gone to FL for 8 days with their Dad and his family. So... is it horrible to say that I was in hog heaven all weekend pretending to be single and kid-less again? I napped, I cooked, I drank wine, I cleaned, I took long leisurely showers,I slept naked, I ran to the store for movies and more wine.... it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Am I the most horrible mommy for not really missing my kids at all??? I mean  I am with them 24/7 during the school year when I am not working that is! I barely left my house as it was pouring rain on and off all weekend. I had little contact with the outside world. Does that make me some kind of freakish hermit type? I know several of my friends would have gone mad with so little to do... not me... bring it on. I was supposed to have dinner with a girlfriend on Saturday but she never called and I was not motivated to get dolled up and spend money so I didn't either. I had 2 tentative dates set up for Sunday but the guys didn't confirm either so far be it from me to reach out to them... no way. So no dates... I'm in a dating slump actually and I am ok with that. I did talk to Mr. Chicago all weekend on and off... I so like him... wish he lived here or we could at least meet and make it a little less pathetic and catfish-y. Someday I hope we do, I always get the feeling that we are supposed to for some reason.
On another note I ate pretty poorly all weekend... not proud of that. My diet has been coming along swimmingly until no one was looking. I have been feeling well, blood pressure seems to be more under control... thank the Lord. I am taking my meds and trying to watch sodium. I have not had a cigarette in ... drum roll please....8 weeks. And this weekend I certainly could have fallen right off the wagon and no one would have been the wiser. I have an irrational fear of going to sleep in my bed and not waking up though so I won't cheat... ever... I am so serious about that. I realize it is going to take awhile to reverse the damage I have done to my poor black lungs but hey... I am trying!!! Doc still has not cleared me for anything other than walking so my fat ass is still not moving and I really want to get back to the shred. And I'm not walking either... don't ask. I did color my hair myself this weekend though since I cancelled my salon appointment last week in favor of saving $130.00. See... this is what $5.95 on the sale shelf at Ulta will get ya:)

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