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Monday, July 29, 2013

Saturday morning french toast... yum

It was a fairly non-productive lazy weekend... again. I am really starting to not really feel bad about how generally lazy I have been all summer. Because every time I do I force myself to think about the pure chaos that is back to school/football/cheer leading/volleyball and homework season that  is starting in less than 2 weeks...ugh. I have been sleeping in all summer long, even on work days. I have mastered the art of rolling out of bed at about 7:05 and still making it to work by about 8:15 which I think is pretty good but I only have to worry about myself. In less than 2 weeks that is gonna get backed up an hour and a half and I am going to be making sure 3 other little people get out the door on time as well. Ugh... it's a lotta work. And I will also be kissing my lazy Saturdays and Sundays good bye for awhile. Instead we will be up at the crack of dawn and heading to the football fields and throngs of screaming cheerleaders and crazed parents. I can't wait!!!

But I digress... back to the lazy weekend re-cap. Friday night my kids cam back from spending the majority of the week with their dead-beat unemployed Dad while Mommy worked. I have been extremely flexible with the custody arrangement this summer so that my kids are not home alone all day. But they were missing me so he brought them back on Friday night in time for pizza with Mom. We had good conversation and it continues to amaze me how much information they give out when you don't ask but just listen. (Sometimes they even leave notes)
 It's not always what I want to hear but that may be for another post altogether. We played some games and watched TV and just hung out and did the relax and unwind from the week thing. It was heaven:)

Saturday morning Mommy slept till almost 10 and got up with french toast on her mind. Some weekends I just really like to cook. And lets face it, every time we go out to eat we spend way too much money which I can't afford. And my cooking is so much better, whatever it is I promise I can do it better! See above....

Olivia woke up with shrimp and grits on her mind which we made together for dinner. Just in the last year or so she has started helping me in the kitchen and we both really enjoy making things together! Me especially as I have always loved to cook with someone. I get this from my Dad. I so  miss cooking with him! Any way here is homemade dish number 2 for the day...
Only the best mother daughter shrimp and grits like ever!

And last but not least my lazy Sunday... not so lazy actually. My ladies team made it to the playoffs and we played round one on Sunday. My partner and I played tennis for over 3 hours in pretty intense heat and sun but we prevailed 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 ending in a 3rd set tiebreaker. It was a long, slow, tough match... thought I might keel over on the courts but it felt good to be back out there once again. I felt much better than I did last weekend. No more jitters about having a stroke on the courts, I was calm and focused.

Dead tired and super sweaty but winner winner chicken dinner!

Nice Weekend:)

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