Challenge Day 8 - 3 Turn Offs

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ooopsie... I guess I screwed that up! It was supposed to be  4 turn offs and 3 turn ons. Hmmm... you can take the girl outta the gutter but I guess I was just thinking about what turns me on. Sue me... I'm single now and a cougar  and that's what we single folk think about.


I really think this is decidedly a male trait. I mean really, think about it... how many women do you know that you would describe as arrogant per se? I guess maybe stuck-up would be the equivalent? This is my number one turn off for sure. There is this jackhole in my office that practically struts around here, he talks really loud and does everything with  large sweeping movements, big sighs, etc. Even drinking water involves hoisting the water bottle up high, tilting the head way back and making loud-ish chug a lug noises! Every day his lunch involves an apple or a bag of chips or something of that nature... and my ears bleed... I am convinced it's no accident either. He's one of those guys that is never wrong and knows something about everything. Ugh.... completely annoying to say the least. 


I was going to actually keep turn off number 2 and 3 as separate paragraphs but I believe I can sum it up in about 2 words... Sugar. Bear.

I can't do bad teeth... just can't. Even if they are a little yellow but still decent... dealbreaker. I mean come on, what could your excuse possibly be for not taking care of your teeth? I know the dentist isn't cheap which leads me back to my previous post about turn ons... if you have a JOB you get insurance and that helps keep your pearly whites in tip top shape. Brush, floss, rinse, white strips, peroxide straight outta the bottle... I don't care what you have to do but get that dorito chute fan fucking tastic or keep it moving.

And then  there is the clothes thing. There is nothing worse than crappy clothes. Take some pride in your appearance and ditch the cargo shorts and ripped T once in awhile. Here's the thing with that though, you can dress a guy in the clothes you would like him to wear but he has to be able to "wear" them. If he's not comfortable he will never look quite right. Dress well and you have me. Even if it's quirky and a little odd I'm down. Just don't be boring or gross. And ditch the Dad jeans guys... awful... ain't nobody look good in that!

Why do men my age still have clothing from 20 years ago?? Step it up...

It's #backthatazzup Friday!

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