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Friday, August 16, 2013


Sooooo here's what.... I am so glad it's Friday, my favorite day of the week. I am also glad that I saw this lil linky ma jig cause that means my tiny little Polish brain has to work even less on this lovely rainy day in Atlanta. Seriously ya'll rain again, I am starting to feel like I live in London or Seattle. (I am really not complaining cause I am a rainy day kinda girl) That brings me to....

I love all of the rain we have been having because it gives me an excuse to rock the sleek pony errrr day. Hmmm did I just say that?? It sounds kinda porno but I am not going to change it cause it's funny as shit. But no, I love the 5 minute hair do in the morning!!!
Ok so you can't really see my hair but you get the idea.

I am obsessed with this breakfast. Nature's Path Organic Coconut Chia Granola. I eat it with coconut milk cause I am a teeny bit addicted to that too. I sprinkle on extra chia seeds cause they're supposed to be really good for high blood pressure which I struggle with and it really works. Also chia seeds expand and get this funky kind of gel around them when they get wet (think orbeez) so once they are in your tummy they fill you up and stave off mid morning munchies. Good stuff. Get some!

I took my daughter, 2 nieces and a friend to see The Killers last night and it rained glitter. This girl was in hog heaven. Me and 4 teenage girls was actually pretty darn fun except that my ears are still ringing from their high pitched squeals of delight at the lead singer. But I am officially the coolest Mom and Aunt on the planet. Oh and they now all know what really good pot smells like. Thanks stoners to the right.


Note to self:    Bring cash to a concert and get ready to blow some (hey now).  I was the designated driver but my 17 yr. old niece could have taken over if Chaperon Aunt Amy decided to throw role modeling out the window and chug 3 or 10 beers then squat down and pee on the ground at my the guy in front of me did and NO I am not even kidding. But Bud Light Tall Boys are 10 dolla dolla bills and ain't no single Mom got enough coin for that!
The $10 dollar beer... but it's just so good when it touches your lips!


I cannot believe I have a daughter in high school, as well as 2 beautiful nieces whom I adore. They are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. I changed all their diapers for God's sake and look at them now. Fresh faced, smart girls ready to take on the world. I feel so blessed that they think I am cool enough to hang with them!!

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!!!

And because I just like to #backthatazzup with Whitney and in honor of my daughter's first real concert experience with her Momma no less...


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