I Do Know Jack Shit & I'm Not Sure I Like Him

Friday, August 23, 2013

Does anyone else have pet peeves? Or is it just this one (me)? I really think I am super easy going as a rule but there are a few things that I just can't a handle. Like take for example feet. I hate feet, they are gross. I don't want to touch any ones feet or anyone to touch mine. Blech!!! I'm not even big on the pedicure cause I once got a bit o the nail fungus and now I am completely paranoid... another gross aspect of feet... toenails...ewwww. I have to stop talking about this now before I hurl chunks of my bagel, seriously.

Getting back to the pet peeve thing... so we all have them right? What if you tell someone your pet peeve and they keep doing it, or talking about it or shoving it in your face? I am not big on the psycho babble but I think this is what the white coats call passive aggressive behavior... No?? 

I got a little ticked off yesterday at a guy friend who is always making what I refer to politely as "bathroom humor" jokes. I CAN NOT stand it. It completely grosses me out. Now I would never get mad or offended the first time someone jokes about taking a dump or something, or if it's an occasional thing, cause sometimes... let's face it, it's funny. What annoys the crap, yes I did, out of me is when someone talks about it all the time. Especially when said someone is your husband, boyfriend, significant other or potential love interest. I'm sorry but it just kills it for me. And when I say all the time I mean like daily or even weekly is too much. Put it this way, I could go months without hearing about you taking a shit or a piss or being asked about such things, maybe years, maybe ever for that matter.  I feel like I'm talking to my 11 year old son or one of his friends... not sexy. 

So my friend sends me a FB message yesterday and tells me to check it... I'm thinking it's a sweet message of some sort and I'm all excited and mushy feeling. Well it's not, it's some pic about Il Explosivo Diarrhea  and Taco Bell and a DEA agent. I would post it but I was so mad I immediately deleted it. Now let's consider the facts... I have told him at least 5, maybe 10 times it skeeves me. I don't find it funny and it makes me the complete opposite of sexy feeling towards him. And he keeps doing it. And now I'm getting mad at him and having horrible flashbacks to the things my ex used to do that I hated and completely embarrassed me. We had so much history he did do a lot of it on purpose because he knew how to push my buttons. 

So what does it mean... I keep telling him I don't like it and he does it anyway. Why do guys think this is so damn funny???

 He did apologize yesterday because he knew I was not happy but hours and hours later. I got the distinct impression that he was annoyed that I was mad.  And then of course I felt bad, like I made a big deal over something silly. I guess what I am really struggling with is committing to the idea that I deserve to be treated with respect and I have a right to say I don't like that, stop doing it, and not be called a crazy bitch. I let my ex walk all over me and treat me like crap, completely disrespecting me all of the time. Am I overreacting? In all other regards this guy is really sweet, sexy, funny... we have a great time together and I really like him. Something about this feels like a red flag and to be honest I am feeling pretty shitty about it:) Maybe I should tell him to kiss my ass.
Ba-dum-bump ching!

I know this doesn't fit in here at all but I would just love an occasion to say it. With a Dutch accent.

And cause it wouldn't be Friday without #backthatazzup with Whitney and in honor of my big pile O' pet peeves ta-day, let's back it up old school style and bust a move like you're at a 90's frat party with a little Doo Doo Brown. 

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