A Future Letter to My Kiddoes - Link Up with Sarah & Holly

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


After reading Holly's awesome letters to her kids I feel like s super crappy Mommy for just doling out some random advice but I am going to stick with my first inclinations. Sage advice with a bit of sass from your Mommy. Just a few musings on things I have learned the hard way because I always do everything the hard way. I hope you don't take after me in that regard. 


Try everything you want to do and don't be afraid to fail, it's what makes you grow. If your gut tells you don't do it, listen. And if it's something you wouldn't want Nana Barbara and Papa Dan to see you doing also don't do it.


It is part of life. You must accept it. When you lose someone embrace and comfort those around you. When someone else loses someone they love put aside your discomfort and be there for them.


Pay them. Jail is not a place that you ever want to go. Until the system changes it sucks but we all have to do it. And always work for cash when you can.


Get thru it. We all have to. Once you do no one can ever take that away from you and it will always set you apart from those who did not. Be kind to your teachers, the good ones will shape your life a little. And don't worry about algebra. I'm 43 and I haven't used it since 10th grade.


Drive one that you like if it matters to you. You spend a lot of time in your car. If it doesn't don't let what anyone else drives phase you. Who cares.


Do what you love when you can, always. But... if people depend on you do what you must to take care of them. Work on what you love on your time. It will come.


It makes life easier, it just does. Try to make some but be mindful of the power it has. And work for cash when you can.


Date a lot before you get married, then stop dating.


It's a beautiful thing. If you think it is for you give it your all but don't settle for less than what you deserve in it. It is the ultimate example of a two way street.


It's an amazing thing. Have lots of it.  Relax about it and Enjoy it with those you love. Or like a whole lot. Cause that's ok too. Safety first!!!


Stick to the legal stuff and possibly things created in nature might also be ok.... but I'm not sure... exactly.

Rock & Roll

Yes.  Lots of it or whatever kind of music you like. See it live and dance in the aisles.

I hope you 3 have amazing lives. Most of all find the things that make you happy and f something is not making you happy in your life you MUST change it. Life is too short. You know your Dad and I will always be there for you no matter what. If you can't get us call Uncle Dan, he is the smartest person I know and has bailed my ass out of trouble on countless occasions. Good luck Lovies!

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