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Friday, September 27, 2013

Well Hell... it's Friday so here we are again... thank Bobby Bowden I made it through another week cause me and Friday... we go together like cocaine and waffles, you know what I mean? So here's what...

My weekend will be once again all about the love-fest that is Coach Jimbo Fisher and QB Jameis Winston. I just can't get enough of these two. They're just so stinkin cute I wanna eat em' up. Good luck this weekend my luvvies. Kick some Beantown College ass!!!!

You know what else goes good with yours truly? Anything with pumpkin in it, around it, made out of it, in the shape of it. Which is why I will be making my way to Trader Joes this weekend as I hear they have a truly ridic selection of all things pumpkin. Well slap me silly and call me Susan. I did not know this. I'm getting this shiz fo sho....
P.S.  - What's a Macaron? Will report back.

Every weekend here lately I drop to my knees ( hey now just stop it) and pray to Anna Wintour the Lord to bring me something amaaz in camouflage because, like pumpkin, I cannot get enough into my life. I also pray for million dollar bills so I can buy these.... cause me having them is about as likely as me having a million dollar bill. Sigh.... hello lover.... But good news I hear Sketcher's makes a knock off for around $34 small that is totally doable.

And last but certainly not least, after just the Thurs. night games I am already 34 pts up in my Fantasy Football league. Now thas what I'm talkin about. Luv you Mr. Gore and Mr. Boldin ( and oh yeah... he's a Nole in case ya hadn't heard)

Venus Trapped in Mars

And it wouldn't be my fave day of the week without  #backthatazzup Friday!


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