The Final Outfit - Link Up with Meagan & Erin

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ok I am seriously getting addicted to the link up thing here. Perhaps because I am inherently lazy and also you ladies come up with the greatest ideas! My brain gets super excited when it realized someone else is doing all the hard work. So when I read about Meagan & Erin's link up to choose the perfect outfit for the rest of your life I knew I was in. And then my brain said  "wait? what?? ONE outfit forever??? Hold the phone sista!" but I am going to force myself to do it.
Like so many of us women Fall is my fave season for obvious reasons too numerous to list but can you say FSU Football, Pumpkin Spice Pringles and Boots? I can and I do, but back to the point. This is pretty much my perfect favorite outfit of all time. A loose super soft sweater, white tank, infinity, scarf, stretchy jeans and boots and one or 2 great accessories. I have it in just about every color combination thank you very much Gap & Old Navy!

But I have to break the rules here just a little because the very first thing that started running through my mind was Carrie Bradshaw and all of the outfits from SATC that I would totally kill to wear for one hot minute let alone forever so I just want to say it's a total toss up for me because I could also just as easily wear this for the rest of my life and I could just die happy... surrounded by acres of chiffon and tulle Versace. Forget about the fact that I couldn't go anywhere in it... I would look amazing sitting on my bed. Sigh.......

Sorry I'm not sorry:)


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