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Thursday, October 24, 2013

As you all know I am a single Mom and broker than a 3 legged dog but that doesn't stop me from making poor choices and buying cute completely unnecessary things for myself like every other women on the planet. Now I try not to do this all the time but maybe every other paycheck or maybe every third. Bahahaha.... I just wanted to see what it would feel like to type that... I'm totally kidding I do it all the time. I am the most irresponsible hooker you ever met when it comes to treating my little old self to stuff. I think I am making up for all the years ex-dumb dumb didn't do shit for me for any special occasion whatsoever. He wasn't always like that but funny how things change. Anyway right now I am working my ass of to support 3 young-uns on my own and as far as I can tell I have some job sah-curr-ity so I feel pretty comfy saying that when it comes to spending the dolla dolla bills... I'll make more.  So on that note....

Here's what I am obsessed with. 

Bracelets (particularly Alex and Ani)
If you follow me on IG then you know I have a bracelet problemo. 
I tried to resist the trend for as long as I could but I just broke down and bought my first two to start a little sports theme. Ugh... now I want like 10 ...or 30. But they are not that expensive, really. They're not!

Camouflage... yes still... this week it's these boots by Nine West. Hello Lover. 

And they don't even have them in my size so my next paycheck is safe. Whew. That would be a tough one to explain when the electricity cuts off and I'm heading out in my calf hair camo over the thigh boots. Sorry kids... looks like you get cereal for dinner again! Totally kidding. Maybe.

Headbands... don't ask me why. Likely because it's like a bracelet... only for your head. And as I already eluded to... me and the arm-candy, we got issues.  This cute little number is currently on it's way to me now via Etsy

And that leads me right into the last of my current obsessions. Any and all things FSU.  

And this just happens to be camo too so it's like an obsession double whammy. Aaaaannndd.... it's reversible so it's really like getting 2 hats for the price of one. Right?

And a score shirt...
Because our game last weekend was just so un-frigging believable I want to wear it on my body. And I haven't bought a score shirt in like 20 years since I was a student so I am way way overdue!!! 

As you can see I am most excellent at justifying any old thing in the world. And tomorrow is Pay Day and I am totes obsessed with that!!

What are you obsessed with right now??

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