So What... It's Winesday Wednesday

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

As much as I  want to kill myself  hate to say it I don't think I will be drinking any wine today but nonetheless it is in fact Winesday which I far prefer calling it over "Hump" day. I mean really, if it wasn't for that stupid camel commercial there wouldn't be a resurgence of people saying "hump"day all the freaking time lately. And plus "wines" sounds so much nicer than "hump". I'm sorry, the 12 year old child in me thinks of humping as a dirty sexual word so I just can't walk around my office wishing people a happy "dirty sex" day. Although there are a few folks who could definitely use it.

So I won't be drinking any wine on account of it not really being conducive to shedding some excess poundage I have been packing on here as of late. I do have one more trip to the docs today which I am not looking forward to. Except for the fact that it is my cardiologist and every time I go there I feel positively glowing with youth. And all the old folks stare at me like I'm some kind of side show freak. 

So in honor of the wine I will not be drinking today I leave you with some essential tools that every true wine lover must possess. I have been possessing a few too many of these here apparently.  


Cheese Biscuits

Cheddar cheese biscuits from Byrd's Famous Cookies in Savannah. Wine drinkers I find in general to be nibblers so these are the most perfect snack to go with your vino. My faves are cheddar and jalapeno but they come in a host of fabulous flavors both savory and sweet. Order some for your next gathering or just to keep in your pantry when someone unexpectedly pops by for a glass and a nibble. They make great teacher or  hostess gifts too! These are full fat so enjoy... this is your dinner Winos.
Byrd Signature Cookie Jar
Really... how cute is that???


There are so many to choose from here it's really a toss up. I am partial to the big glasses myself. I don't even go to a restaurant that has small glasses or worse yet a small pour... blacklisted! This particular vessel holds and entire bottle... just in case your Winesday Wednesday particularly sucked, you are drinking your dinner, you have no one to hump and/or you forgot to buy nibbles.  Hey... shit happens... me no judgey.


Well hopefully anyway cause that always makes pounding the old grape more fun. I have been known to drink alone on occasion but you must consider the fact that I am a single Mom of three so "alone" is a relative term. Let's just say sometimes I get my drank on sans adult companions. But never on a holiday. Here is my bestie last Halloween. We sat on her front porch and drank wine while we handed out the candy. She insisted on wearing this mask to try and scare the bejeezus out of many small children. We were a little tipsy and we found it pretty entertaining! Other Mom's not so much. 


So here's the deal with the grappa. I am by no means a wine snob. I usually stick to the $10 bottle range and there are lots of good choices at that price point. Right now I am on a pretty tight budget so I often get the $10 to $15  1.75 litre option... aka the biggun. Now certain situations might call for your "box o' wine" varietals and that is perfectly ok. Say if you are travelling and you don't want to pack heavy bottles, or if you are at the pool and glass is prohibited or if you are headed to a tailgate and carrying your booze in a small cardboard suitcase is just  the way you roll. It's all good. But if someone offers you the high dolla bottle you should definitely partake and enjoy. So that's about it for all of you aspiring winos out there today. Oh just one more thing...


Because there is nothing worse than a wine hangover. This helps a ton, I swear by it, over ice in a big Tervis Tumbler. Ur welcome.

Cheers Hookerbelles!

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