#Throwback Thursday & Yee-Haw....I have a date-ish-y-thing....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I need to be Samantha Jones this weekend and I'm not sure I can pull it off. So this week has been chock full of cautious excitement leading up to what might or might not be an awesome weekend. And I am feeling nervous but happy... here's the dealio. My  "friend-boy" who works in Iraq as a defense contractor is coming home today, here....for 5-ish weeks. I am really, really looking forward to seeing his face. His face. Yes, His face. Well, I am. Yes, I am sure all 10 of you that follow me have been waiting with bated breath to hear about the triumphant return of soldier boy. I am pretty sure I have talked about him before. We've been friends for awhile but because he has been over seas we obviously don't get to hang out that often. Last time he was here my divorce was still technically not final and he was on a short visa soooo... um yeah. This girl is a little excited today waiting for my phone call from the 404 saying the eagle has landed, as opposed to the 6169087432555 area code that is Camp Taji, Iraq.

 I am kid free this weekend so should be all kinds of fun goings on at Chez Crazy. This guy is super cool, younger than me, so there's that whole Mrs. Robinson thing going on... but he's a total bad ass and I love that. He has promised to teach me how to shoot! And he has an AK47... pun intended. But he has this sweet side too.  The polar opposite  of my ex, which I also love but more importantly I think, what I need. It's such a weird thing to be dating again after all of these years as a married lady. To be honest it still feels a little like cheating. 

I did the online dating thing for about a year but I have been off of all of that since May and "the great office slutbag debacle". To be honest I haven't really missed dating. Dating at 43 blows... or maybe it just blows at any age. It's awkward and uncomfortable even when you are a fabulous dater like I am. Seriously I could talk to a wall and make it interesting and entertaining but some guys on the other hand.... ummmm No I do not want to hear about your teenage son and his knocked up girlfriend making you a Paw-Paw at 45... just No. Nor do I want to hear how you choose to live at the marina in your ski boat the size of my walk in closet and bathe and shower in the public restrooms cause "life's an adventure"!! And if you are missing a few teeth please tell me in advance of meeting you at the bar. Hmmmm... I am feeling the 25 or so unique dates I had while doing the online thing need to be a post of their own.... or 10. 

So in honor of dating I am including  photos of me circa 1986 with my High School bestie and then my date Billy Matthews  in the front yard of my parents house before "Soph-Semi". I was head to toe in lace and I itched like hell. My date wore a white tux and he got so drunk he passed out in the conversion van... yes, that's what I said, halfway thru the formal. I am still FB friends with him...yay technology! Whatever happens this weekend I can promise you a few things:

I will not be wearing any visible lace.

I will not drink beer in the back of a white conversion van with red velvety interior.  

I will not be photographed doing anything on the front lawn. Notice how I said "photographed"? Yeah... uhhhh huuuuuhhh...brown chicken brown cow. Just kidding. Not really. Ok maybe on the deck but no pics.

Cheers to successful Mrs. Robinson' ing! See... I made it a verb. 

I am so much older than most of you chickens here I'm embarrassed to post these but enjoy!!!


Aaaaannnnndddd.... you can stop laughing now:)

Linking up some 80's tunes to go with my grandma's curtains prom dress with Kristen and Megan.

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