Weekend Shenanigans Holy Halloween Hangover Edition...

Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm alive. And this creepy sweet little cookie about sums up my weekend. My co-worker who bakes made tombstones for everyone in the office over the weekend....(insert uncomfortable silence here)... I am not sure how to take that but I am pretty sure she is psychic cause I about died this weekend from eating too many gummi bears. How is this possible you ask? Well let me esplain it to ya... soak doze damn bears in vodka for 24 hours then eat em' like candy that's how. And this was my brilliant idea so I take full responsibility for my Whipped Cream Smirnoff induced coma Sunday morning. I am fairly certain that by the time I awoke at noon-thirty there was maybe about an ounce or so left of any kind of liquid/fluid in my body. It was a wonder that I made it to the kitchen without collapsing from dehydration. I am pretty sure I saw a mirage.... a giant inflatable pool full of diet coke waiting for me to jump in. My back hurts too for some inexplicable reason, I think it's my kidney's crying over all of the shit I forced them to filter this weekend. The good news is I did manage to stay upright the whole night which is more than I can say for my best friend who fell over (not tripped mind you but just fell over) twice. Damn, I'm good with the alcoholic candy concoctions. Yeah... uh huh... never again.

So here's a little pic collage of all the other stuff that went on in my corner of the universe this weekend. As usual there was food and makeup and glitter mixed in with football and friends. My first Birchbox, some new shoes and the discovery of a new pizza place with real authentic Chicago deep dish pie... the ultimate way to nurse a gummi bear hangova in case you were wondering. And it was Bowden Day at Doak Campbell Stadium and Bobby threw down the spear and we kicked NC States ass. And Peyton is still winning!!!
See how hungover I look ....

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

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