Pure Michigan.... What You Need To Know

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So in honor of my trip home to The Mitten I thought it would be a good time to give you some deetz on what makes this state so awesome!

We have produced some amazing music legends! Like the guy pictured above, Bob Ritchie aka Kid Rock. Whenever my Ava sees me staring at his picture she says "I don't like that guy" and I say "Too bad cause he's going to be your new Dad". Here are a few other MI favorites of mine...

Ted Nugent, Eminem & Bob Seger
They a lil cray cray but we love em:)

We have Pasties... and ya'll are probably like WTF is that???

Well, it's a delicious little pie filled with meat and veggies and potatoes covered in an amazing flaky crust. And rutabaga... gotta have rutabaga. Shut up it's good. And it's a MI thing, I am fairly certain that they don't make these anywhere else in the entire world and it's a damn shame I tell ya. It might possibly the best hangover comfort food ever. It's a pie filled with meat you can hold in your hand for God's sake!

We have dueling coney islands that are legendary....

And the food is legendary too... seriously like the best hot dogs ever.

We have lakes that look like oceans, really... like you can't see the other side. No saltwater or sharks either. And giant sand dunes too. This is at The Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan.

We have great sports traditions like the octopus on the ice at Red Wings hockey games. The animal activists are trying to stop this cause it's cruel to the Octopi but we've been doing it since 1952 so... good luck with that ya freaks. 

We have an island called Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) where there are no cars allowed and it's so beautiful you feel like you stepped back in time. Oh and they are famous for making fudge, this might be heaven, I'm not sure. Except in the winter cause you are cut off from the world, with no car and a shit load of fudge.

Michigan is my home state and there are so many beautiful things here. Most of all my family, friends and memories. You should come visit!

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  1. I love this post times one thousand!! I want a pasty in my mouth right now with a side of coney dog!!