Put that in your jar and eat it... Goal Update!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mason Jar Salads by Dressing on bottom, hearty veggies or beans next then sprouts and lettuce on top

So I spent my whole Mon. evening  doing Mom stuff and working on my "Services" tab here which is still a little bit of a work in progress but mucho more bonita than it was before. At least it's getting closer to saying what I really want it to say.  It feels a little stiff though and not quite all me yet but better. So check it out and let me know what you think! And if you need a room redone and utterly fabulous... ask me how you can get a crazy grrrreat deal from this girl right here!

As a result of me working on my #4 November goal outlined here in the Five For 5 with my personal Biggie Smalls blogger buddy Jenn from Party of One... growing my bliggity blog... I neglected to actually write a post for Tuesday. How did that happen? I'll tell you how, by about 9:00 in the p.m. I am lazy as Fug and all I want to do is drink copious amounts of wine, play Candy Crush and watch the Real Housewives of anywhere on the planet that is not my hood. Aside from all of that my goals are actually moving along at a lazy little bunny's pace hopping around from here to there. I have serious focus issues so the minute I get on one thing something else pops into my head and I am mentally off in a different direction. But I have opened a piece of some mail (goal #1)...  and I am back on My Fitness Pal tracking away so there's that (goal #3). Need to incorporate some actual fitness this week. And... I signed back up for Plenty of Fish sticks so guess who is going to be getting hit up by every online redneck creeper in overalls residing in GA and/or the contiguous southern states (goal #5... well kinda sorta)? Oh yes I did. I figure worst case it will provide great maturrial for the blog. Oh... it will not disappoint I promise. Now if I can only convince my dates to let me instagram them too... with a nice Lo-Fi filter maybe.... Hmmmmm.

So it seems that the rest of the week has solely revolved around meal planning and work. Which is insane, work that is. I am obsessed with these Mason Jar Salads too. I have been packing everything in my fridge that is healthy into one of these wide mouth bad boys and taking them to work every day. 

Just shake them up when you are ready to eat. Dressing on the bottom and layer heaviest items to lightest. Boom.
It is kind of a pain in the arse getting all of this out but you can make several at once. This makes me very happy. And a lot less of a cranky hungry bitch to have one fun meal a day.

But I miss wine something fierce.... le sigh... soon about 15 lbs anyway.

That's about all I got for taday ladies. I am off for a little snoozefest.

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  1. So I totally pinned this because I want to remember this idea! I've seen it on Pinterest so many times but have never made it. I think you just inspired me, though...