Why Blogging is Like Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's all food and family and relaxing and hanging out but it's also creative genius with casseroles and pies and things crammed into birds made out of bread and nuts and herbs. It's different flavors and feelings that result in one big warm and fuzzy feeling... like blogging.

When I start thinking about a post or a big turkey day feast I kind of get a list together in my head of my initial thoughts on the subject.  I have to make a shopping list to create the most perfect and fabulous meal like ever and I have to bullett out some talking points for a decent post (sometimes). There are also the guests... who would I really most love to see at my table?...some family, some friends all coming together  watching football, eating, drinking  and just spending time together... you are never sure who is going to show up... kind of like your readers. So this meal is kind of like the blogging community. Even though we  don't really get  together very often it usually somehow all works smushed up on the same plate... like Thanksgiving dinner or sweet potatoes touching green beans.

My Bloggy Thanksgiving Analogy

Planning the Menu
 I think... whats in my head? on my mind? what sounds good?
Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing,/ Life, Sex, Divorce, Money, Fashion

I Go to the store with a long list of fancy ingredients and wander the aisles/I Sit down at my laptop with all of my bullet points and stare at the screen ... with glass o' wine

Washing, Slicing, Dicing, Mashing, Basting up that little butterball /Typing, Google Imaging, Gif-ing, Deleteing Re-Writing

Get all that shit in the oven and wait./ Save and close and think about it for awhile.

Setting the Table
Put out the China and the Waterford, Grandma's Silver/Add in the perfect selfies/photos and crop just right... maybe with a sweet filter

Pouring the Wine
It needs to breathe a bit/ Link Up if it applies

Plating the Food
Arrange that grub so it looks purrrrdy with drizzles of thick gravy and glossy sauces/ Center Justify or Left or Right, Add  a nice pic Monkey Photo Collage

Serving the Meal
Ring that dinner bell and get out the way/ Click Publish and exhale

Unbutton the Pants
Push back from the table and discreetly explode/ Slob on the couch, ur done for today

Slice a sliver of each pie and cover it with whipped cream/ Drink wine on the couch and catch up on all your other favorite blogs

The After Dinner Conversation
Shut up I'm watching football/ Wait for some adoration comments and promptly respond

Pack Ur Leftovers and Go Home
Scoop this and that onto paper plates and cover with loose foil that will keep popping off/ Think about what you forgot to add and how you could do it better next time.
(how stinking cute is this for my jar food obsession - leftovers)

Give Thanks
 for all of your loving peeps/bloggy friends.
The End.

Everyone have a blessed holiday! I am so so thankful for all of the blessings in my little slice of the universe.  I am off to stuff the pie hole and then embark on the journey back south on Friday.


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